3.5kVA Generator in Nigeria: Price & Specs

What Can A 3.5 Kva Generator Power In Nigeria?

Power blackouts are prevalent occurrences in Nigeria, halting business operations and making life quite unbearable for the citizens.

Due to the erratic power supply problem affecting Nigeria for decades, generators have become the most popular power supply choice of most Nigerians.

Generators are very common mechanical equipment found in Nigerian households. Several workplaces whose business operations and running depend largely on electricity have at least one generator.

Depending on your needs and the number of appliances you wish to power, you will need a generator with higher power output to suit your needs.

Today, Nigeria has emerged as one of the biggest markets for generator brands with almost every generator brand claiming a percentage of the generator market in Nigeria.


Besides, these brands offer various generators with different capacities and features with the hope of satisfying the user’s needs. There are various types of generators based on brands, sizes, fuel/gas type, (carrying capacity), etc.

Based on carrying capacity, 3.5KVA generators are considered as one of the most popular and preferred types for users who wish to power their homes, businesses, and even places of worship.

We have discovered over time, that some of these generator brands do not live up to their expectations as their models tend to fall apart during long-term use.

Also, some brands may consume more fuel, which could cost you a lot more. It is in light of this, we compiled a list best 3.5KVA generators available in Nigeria as well as their prices.

 3.5KVA Generators and Prices in Nigeria

Nigeria is among the largest markets in the world for generators. This means you will find many brands offering a 3.5KVA generator with different features and prices.

Below, are the top 3.5KVA generator brands in Nigeria as well as their prices.

Lutian LT3600E 3.5KVA Generator with Key Starter (₦150,000 – ₦250,000)

The Lutian LT3600E 3.5KVA generator is a 100% copper generator and is also among the best 3.5KVA generators on the market.

It has a key starter that allows easy ignition. Other features include low noise production and low fuel consumption.

Also, the generator has a 15L tank capacity. It is designed to power all necessary home appliances, including refrigerators, pressing irons, and electric cookers.


Key Specs of Lutian LT3600E 

Fuel capacity15L
Max A.C Output3.5KVA
Rated A.C Output3.2KVA
Oil capacity0.6L

Elepaq SV5200E2 3.5KVA Key Starter Generator (₦180,000 – ₦250,000)

This generator is another powerful generator on the list. The generator is made of 100% copper, a battery, tyres for mobility, a key starter and also a recoil starter for ignition.

Also, the SV5200E2 produces low-level noise and runs on a 15L tank capacity.

Key Specs of Elepaq SV5200E2

Noise level (7 meters)68dB
Fuel TypePetrol
Starting SystemRecoil (Manual)/Electric
Running capacity3.0VA
Starting capacity3.5KVA
DC Output12V

Elepaq EC5800CX 3.5KVA Manual Starter Generator (₦250,000 – ₦300,000)

The EC5800CX is another model under the Elepaq brand with a power output of 3.5KVA. The major difference between the EC5800CX and the SV5200E2 is that the SV5200E2 comes with a key starter for easy ignition.

While the EC5800CX comes with the manual rope (recoil) starter method. This difference also affects the price as the EC5800CX is much cheaper than the SV5200E2

Key Specs of Elepaq EC5800CX

Noise Level (7 meters)63dB
Fuel TypePetrol
Starting SystemRecoil (Manual)
DC Output12V
Running Capacity3.0KVA
Starting Capacity3.5KVA
Frequency50 Hz

Haier Thermocool-Hustler ELECT Generator-3500E2 3.5KVA (₦180,000-₦250,000)

Haier Themocool is also known to produce one of the most fuel-efficient and durable generators on the market.

However, you need to splash some cash to get it, which is expected, given its high-quality brand. And this is the only downside when getting a Haier Thermocool generator.

Haier Thermocool – Hustler ELECT Generator has a 15L tank capacity and is fuel-efficient.


The most exciting feature of the Haier Thermocool–Hustler ELECT Generator is its unique button to start the ignition of the generator.

Moreover, you don’t have to use a key or pull a rope; press the button, and you are good to go. Awesome stuff!

Other Reliable 3.2KVA – 3.5KVA Generators Making Rounds In The Nigerian Market

Lutian LT3600E 3.2KVA₦250,000 to ₦280,000
Lutian LT3990E 3.2KVA₦260,000 to ₦290,000
Honda EG4000 Generator 3.2KVA₦300,000 to ₦330,000
Elemax SH39000EX Generator 3.3KVA₦280,000 to ₦310,000
Sumec Firman Generator SPG38000E2 3.2KVA₦270,000 to ₦300,000
Senci SC5000 3.2KVA₦280,000 to ₦310,000
Maxi E33K 3.3KVA₦290,000 to ₦320,000

Where to buy a 3.5 KVA Generator in Nigeria?

3.5KVA generators are available at Jumia, Konga, or other electronics stores in the country.

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying a 3.5KVA Generator

When making buying decisions from a range of similar brands, there are a few things to consider to make the right choice.

What are the Unique Features of a 3.5KVA Generator?

What differentiates a model from another is centered on the features they both possess. It could be the starting method; (manual starter, key starter, or button starter), fuel efficiency, and noise level.

In as much as most 3.5KVA generators come with a 15L tank, it is imperative to inspect the generator to ensure it indeed possesses the features it portrays.

Moreover, the more features a generator has, the more expensive it will be. For instance, a generator that uses the recoil starter will be cheaper than its counterparts that possess the key or button starter option.

Therefore, it is essential that your choice of generator aligns with your pockets.

Availability of Spare parts

In the course of servicing and maintaining your generator, you might be required to replace one or two damaged parts. So, as a user, you need to get a brand of generator that has its parts accessible in the market.

This prevents you from being left stranded.

Noise Level

Noise emanating from generators can cause some serious discomfort. Most generator brands try to convince everyone who cares to listen that their generators are less noisy compared to their competitors.

Therefore, as a user who has several options at your disposal, there is only one way to know. Test-run the generator and make your choice!


When looking for a 3.5kVA generator in Nigeria, explore the various options considering both price and specifications. Find the right balance that meets your power needs and budget. By comparing prices and understanding the specs, you can make an informed decision to ensure a reliable power source tailored to your requirements.

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