9Mobile Night & Weekend Plan – 1GB For ₦200

9mobile Data Plans And Prices

9mobile proudly sits as one of the best telecommunication companies in Nigeria for Nigerians and is to be enjoyed by Nigerians. With a 9Mobile SIM card on your smartphone, you are sure of having the best network reception when browsing and better AWUFs for calls and texting. The 9Mobile night plan brings you so much more.

Etisalat has officially switched its brand name to 9mobile, but night browsing codes and bundles should work on your line without any issue. With many networks giving night browsing data to their subscribers,

9Mobile users also enjoy massive night data plans for pocket-friendly rates. If you are a valid subscriber, you can also begin to enjoy as much as 1GB for ₦200. You can check out the Best VPN for Nigerians here.

We’ve got you covered if you are interested in knowing more about the Etisalat night browsing packages for new and existing subscribers. This guide will see the 9Mobile night browsing subscription codes, validity, and balance check.

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Before you can request night browsing data on 9Mobile, you must be on the MoreCliq prepaid tariff plan. In essence, only registered 9Mobile subscribers on the MoreCliq plan can enjoy the night browsing data offered by 9mobile.

Don’t be discouraged; you can easily migrate to the MoreCliq prepaid tariff plan in less than a minute. If you just bought your Etisalat SIM, simply dial 200 and then press 2 to migrate to the MoreCliq prepaid tariff plan using voice call.

Alternatively, you can dial *244*1# on your mobile phone to join the  MoreCliq plan using USSD codes. Existing 9Mobile users can also join this plan using the same process.

You should receive a confirmation message alerting you of the changes made on your SIM. If you received the message, it’s a good thing, and it means you’ve successfully migrated to the MoreCliq tariff plan and are ready to enjoy 1GB night browsing.

If you didn’t receive any confirmation message, don’t be alarmed, it may just be a minor error. Try the same procedure again, check which tariff plan you are using by dialing *228#, or try calling the 9Mobile customer care center.

Once you are on the MoreCliq tariff plan, you can quickly request any 9Mobile night plan of your choice by dialing *229*10*10# to activate your 250MB midnight plan or *229*3*11# for the 1GB plan.

Your line will be credited with 1GB of data or 250MB, depending on the one you requested. Etisalat night browsing subscriptions cannot be requested via SMS. To subscribe to the 250MB midnight data plan, you must have at least ₦50 on your 9Mobile balance.

You can request the 250Mb night plan by dialing *229*10*10#. But if you want to request for 1GB midnight data plan, dial *229*3*11# to activate it. You must have at least ₦200 airtime balance between activating your 1GB midnight plan.

All 9Mobile midnight data are valid for just five hours. Due to the cheap price tag, they don’t last beyond 12:00 AM and 5:00 AM. This means that you have to exhaust your data before 5:00 AM. It will expire if you fail to finish your data before this time. 9Mobile midnight data plans cannot be rolled over or auto-renewed. You pay for it and use it up instantly.



9mobile N1000 for 2GB

The 9mobile N1000 for 2GB is a new data plan that offers two gigabytes of data for only N1000. While the validity is only 30 days, this plan is sold at a low price and can be topped up or recharged whenever you want. The validity period of 30 days is just right—you don’t have to worry about expiring it before you’ve used it all, but it’s also enough time to get a lot done online. You can use this 9mobile data plan weekly from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. This makes it an excellent option for nighttime use, as you won’t have to worry about wasting your time waiting for the sun to go down so you can get online. Not only does 9mobile offer this 2GB data plan at a low price, but it includes unlimited access to social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These are popular sites that many people use regularly. Accessing these social media sites from your smartphone will make it convenient and easy to share photos and keep in touch with friends while using this data plan.
To activate your N1000 for a 2GB 9mobile data plan, dial *229*3*12#.

9mobile N2000 for 5GB

This weekend plan is available to all 9mobile subscribers, and the validity runs from 6 pm on Friday till 5:59 am on Monday. You can activate the plan on any device, giving unlimited data access for your mobile phone, tablet computer, or modem. The weekend plan also powers up your Whatsapp access anytime throughout the activation period. This plan is one of the best plans ever offered in Nigeria, and it’s an ideal option that would take you by surprise.

As a 9mobile subscriber, you can now enjoy unlimited evening and weekend data for just N2000. This is another plan that the telecommunication giant recently introduced. To activate the plan, you must top up your SIM with N2000 and dial *229*3*13#.


It’s essential to know how much is in your Etisalat night browsing plan so you can track where your data is going and know how to efficiently utilize your remaining midnight data.

To check your midnight data, dial *228#, and your data balance will be immediately displayed on the onscreen prompt and sent to your phone via SMS. It is that easy.


For sure, yes. There is nothing wrong with this data plan other than it is valid for just 5 hours and deprives you of any sleep for that night. If you don’t feel like sleeping that night, try the 1GB midnight plan and get up to date with the latest online trend in your location.

Are you going to subscribe to any 9Mobile midnight plan? Which midnight are you going to buy, and what are you using to download? We’re interested in knowing. Tell us using the comment box below.

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