Complete List Of All Abuja Postal Codes [Abuja Zipcode List]

What Is Fct Abuja Zip Code?

Some people have the impression that every place in Abuja uses the same postcode. This is incorrect because there are many areas and districts in Abuja, and each of these places has its postal code.

Abuja is one of the best places to live in Nigeria. The city of Abuja is located at the center of the country. On 12th December 1991, Abuja replaced Lagos as the capital of Nigeria. It is also the 8th most populous place in Nigeria. Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja is the central political and administrative capital of Nigeria. It is from this point the President of the federation pilots and dictates the affairs of the country.

If you reside in Abuja, it is necessary to have an accurate list of Abuja postal codes. With this information, it will be easier for you to receive and track goods and services at any location in Abuja.

In Nigeria, the zip code is the same as the postcode or postal code. Nigeria postcodes contain six digits’ the first digit represents the region, the 2nd and 3rd digits signify the dispatch district for outgoing sorting and the last three digits denote the location for delivery.



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For example, the Gwagwalada zip code and the Asokoro postal codes are 902101 and 900231, respectively.

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Abuja Zip Code List

Listing the wrong zip code in your delivery information can lead to the loss or misplacement of your item. To avoid complicated stories that touch, it is highly imperative to have the correct zip code at all times. This article contains the correct lists of Abuja zip codes.

AreaZip Code
Central business district900211
Asokoro district900231
Garki900241 – 900104
Three Arms Zone900211
Wuse900281 – 900299
Yaba district950102
Kwali904101 – 904106

As mentioned earlier, each zip code in Abuja is unique and different from another. This makes it easy for the people and government to identify each location and community of every resident.

Zipcodes are very important and may be required in filling domestic and international documents.


Having a comprehensive list of Abuja postal codes, or zip codes, is essential for seamless mail operations and location identification in the Nigerian capital. Keeping this information up-to-date is crucial for accuracy. Whether for postal services or various administrative purposes, this compiled list serves as a valuable reference for anyone navigating addresses in Abuja.

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