Details & Prices of Bus travel: Abuja to Enugu

How Long Is The Bus From Abuja To Enugu?

If you intend to travel from Abuja – Nigeria’s capital city – to Enugu, the coal city-state, either for a business trip, leisure, or for a visit to relatives, there are two ways to go. It’s either you go by air, or you take a bus.

Traveling from Abuja to Enugu means moving from one part of the country to another. And it’s a very far journey, but you should know that already – if you live in Nigeria. 

Taking a flight for this journey is the ideal thing to do, but if you especially enjoy road trips, then you can take a bus.

And also, you get to save some money since traveling by bus is significantly cheaper than going by air. Traveling from Abuja to Enugu by bus is a very easy and straightforward journey.

It only requires that you find out the transport companies making the trip, the bus terminal, that is closest to your residence, the cost of the bus ticket, and the time of departure.


This trip usually costs between  ₦10,000 to  ₦30,000.

If you have ever traveled from one state to another by bus, then you should be able to go from Abuja to Enugu.

It is as easy as pie, although the lack of relevant information can make you feel overwhelmed – which is very normal.

So, let’s get right to it. How do you travel from Abuja to Enugu? First, you have to find out the road transport companies making this trip.

In Nigeria, there are several road transport companies, and most of them have buses traveling from Abuja to Enugu.

Bus Tickets From Abuja To Enugu

Below are the popular road transport companies in Nigeria traveling from Abuja to Enugu alongside the prices of their bus tickets.

God Is Good Motors(GIGM)

God is Good Motors is among the leading transport company in Nigeria with popular bus routes for Abuja to Enugu travelers. GIGM has only one bus terminal in Abuja which is situated at Utako, Abuja.

The transport company offers cheap bus tickets. Bus tickets at this park starts around ₦20,000 

Address: Utako, Abuja: Plot 114, Utako District, FCT Abuja.



ABC Transport

The Associated Bus Company is one of the largest transport companies in Nigeria.

It is also among Nigeria’s foremost indigenous executive passenger bus service that offers outstanding services to its customers within and outside Nigeria.

One of its popular bus routes is the Abuja to Enugu. Bus ticket at this park is between 18,000- ₦25,000. ABC transport company has two terminals in Abuja, and their addresses are given below;


  • Utako Abuja: Berger Junction, No. 36 A.E. Ekukinam St, Utako, Abuja
  • Kubwa Abuja: Bash Karm Plaza 227, Kubwa Abuja, Gado Nasko Road close to first Bank Kubwa, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory,
  • Website:

Peace Mass Transit Limited

PMT is a popular transport company in Nigeria, providing excellent services in travel, courier, and inter and intrastate transport services.

The transport company is another viable option for Abuja to Enugu travelers. The bus ticket from Abuja to Enugu is around 15,000 – 20,000.

Peace Mass Transit has about six bus terminals in Abuja and you can find their addresses below;


  • Bwarri, Abuja: 9 Shagari Road, Opposite Market, Bwarri, Abuja, 
  • Utako, Abuja: 39 Ajose Adeogun Street, Utako, FCT, Abuja
  • Zuba, Abuja: Near Fruit Market, Zuba, Abuja
  • Kuje, Abuja: Gwagwalada Road, Near Secretariat Junction, Kuje, Abuja
  • Kubwa, Abuja: Opposite Kubwa Market, Kubwa, Abuja
  • Gwagwalada, Abuja: Along Abuja/Lokoja Expressway, Opposite Brifina Hotel, Tagiri, Gwagwalada, Abuja.
  • Website:

Factors that Affect Prices of Bus Tickets From Abuja To Enugu

It is often difficult to estimate the exact bus fare from Abuja to Enugu. This is because the prices of tickets vary and are affected by some specific factors. They are;


  • Cost of Fuel: The cost of fuel during the period of travel causes a change in the price of a bus ticket.
  • The number of available buses: The number of buses available also determines the price of bus tickets.
  • Festive periods: Usually, bus tickets are costlier during festive periods like Christmas and New Year or Vacations. Prices of buses are usually on the upsurge because a lot of people are transiting and the demand for bus tickets is exceptionally high.
  • Routes and Duration: Some of the possible routes from Abuja to Enugu are fast while some others are very slow. And the duration of the whole trip can affect the price of the bus tickets.

How long Does it take to travel from Abuja to Enugu?

The duration of the entire trip from Abuja to Enugu by road varies. The duration depends mainly on the speed of the vehicle and the routes.

On average, the duration from Abuja to Enugu is between 7 to 11 hours. And this depends on the take-off terminals and conditions of the vehicle.

Abuja to Enugu Bus Travel Routes 

There are different possible routes when traveling from Abuja to Enugu by bus. While some of these routes are fast, others can be very slow.

Let us consider the estimated trip duration from Abuja to Enugu for various routes.

  • Duration from Abuja to Enugu via Abuja – Lokoja route: Estimated time – 7 hours 13 minutes
  • Abuja to Enugu via Makurdi – Jos route: Estimated time – 9 hours 18 minutes
  • Duration from Abuja to Enugu via A2: Estimated time – 9 hours 56 minutes

The fastest bus from Abuja to Enugu takes about 7 hours. However, some buses can take up to 12 hours from Abuja to Enugu on the road. This depends on the bus route, stopovers, condition of the vehicle, and bus driver.

10 Interesting Places You May Love To Visit in Enugu

  • Enugu Museum
  • Awhum WaterFall and Cave
  • Milken Hills
  • Ngwo Pine Forest/Ngwo Cave
  • Bona Gallery, Enugu
  • Awhum Cave and Waterfall
  • Nike Lake Resort
  • Udi HillsEzeagu Tourist Complex
  • Silicon Hill

Final Thought

To make your travel even more comfortable, head over to the websites of any of the transport companies above, choose the trip that best suits you, make your payment, and select a seat.

Doing this is very simple, you only need to provide answers to the questions you’re asked. Once this is done, the next thing is for you to pack your bags and show up on time at the bus terminal, so you don’t miss your bus. 

If you booked online, you’d probably need to print your ticket at the bus terminal. This doesn’t take time, and you won’t have to do it yourself because the staff will help you with it.

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