Airtel Money: How to Get Airtel Cash Loan in Nigeria

How Do I Apply For Airtel Loan?

Have you ever wondered how to get the Airtel cash loan in Nigeria? Perhaps, you never knew that Airtel offers loans to its customers. If you are an Airtel customer or use an Airtel SIM, this article will be great for you to read.

In this guide, we will provide you with details on how the Airtel cash loan works. Also, we will provide you with the requirements and loan eligibility and how you can apply for the loan.

Many financial companies and organizations in Nigeria offer loans to individuals and MSMEs in Nigeria. Likewise, some foreign companies that extended their business to Africa have made it possible for Nigerians to get loans and credit facilities.

It is not easy to get a loan in Nigeria. Some loan offers are attached with high-interest rates, and you need to get collateral before becoming eligible for the loan. This has made it difficult for people to access loans and credit facilities in Nigeria.

However, the Airtel Cash loan is a great way to get money when you don’t have enough funds. Right now, anyone with an Airtel SIM can access the Airtel cash loan and get money at any time of the day.


Again, if you are looking for where to get instant loans in Nigeria, you may have to try out the Airtel cash loan option. This post provides you with information about the Smart Airtel Loan offer.

What is Airtel Cash Loan?

Airtel is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Africa. Apart from offering telecom services, they now offer mobile money services to people.

Airtel Money has made it possible for people to make payments quickly, recharge their phone lines, and use cash for daily expenses.

The Smart Airtel Cash Loan is a microloan lending service made by Aledin Nano Limited in partnership with Access Bank Plc and Airtel Nigeria. This joint venture created this mobile money service known as Access Money.

The Smart Airtel loan allows you to secure quick online loans without collateral. Loans are disbursed after approval and made accessible to you at your fingertips. Unlike other online loans, this loan doesn’t have crazy interest rates. Typically, the loan comes at decent interest rates, and applicants can receive it in less than 60 minutes after their application is approved.


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What are the Requirements For The Airtel Cash Loan?

There are specific requirements you must have to get the Airtel Cash Loan. These requirements are the benchmark that qualifies you to get this loan offer.

Take note of the following requirements if you are considering getting this loan:

  • You must be 18 years and above.
  • You must be an Airtel Customer. Your Airtel SIM card must be registered and must have been active for more than 90 days.
  • You must be an Airtel Mobile Money customer and have an active mobile money account.
  • You must not owe any outstanding loan to ALEDIN Nano Ltd. Hence, if you have previously borrowed loans from ALEDIN Nano Limited, make sure that these loans have been repaid before applying for the Airtel Smart loan.
  • Furthermore, ensure that you have a good credit history. If you had previously obtained loans from ALEDIN Nano Ltd, ensure that these loans are repaid as at when due.

How To Apply For Airtel Loan

how to get airtel money

You can get the Airtel smart cash loan by dialing *903#. After dialing the USSD loan code, follow the prompts and select your preferred loan in the menu.

airtel cash loan

Press ‘3’ to get a loan from Airtel. Then press ‘2’ for “Get SmartCredit”. To complete your loan application, enter your Airtel Mobile Money PIN.

From the options on the menu, you can decide to apply for a loan, pay back the previous loan you collected, or find out more details about the Airtel loan.

If you wish to get a loan, simply enter the amount you wish to get. Next, choose the number of days/time duration to repay the loan. Confirm the loaned amount and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the loan.

After doing this, your loan application will be submitted and reviewed. You will have to exercise some time and wait for the application status. If your application is declined, they will provide you with reasons. On the other hand, if your application is approved, the funds will be sent to your Mobile Money account.

Interest Rate

The Airtel cash loan has one of the best interest rates. They charge an interest rate of 1% daily on your loans. Make sure your Mobile money account is funded because when it is time for you to repay, the loan will be debited from your Airtel Mobile Money account.


The Airtel cash Loan is a smart option for you to secure instant loans in Nigeria. The interest rate is favorable, and the repayment schedule is flexible. Airtel customers are advised to get a mobile money account and Airtel smart loans.

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