Alaska ZIP Code List – List of Postal Code in the State of Alaska

What Zip Codes Are In Alaska?

Alaska is the largest state by area in the United States. It has 663,267 square miles of land, making it larger than all but 18 countries including France. Brazil, Iran, and an at-large parking lot. Alaska is twice as large as Texas and takes up one of every three states in the U.S. Alaska is the largest U.S. state by area, the 7th least populous, and the most sparsely populated state, with about 60% of Alaska’s inhabitants concentrated along the mainland’s southern coast.

Here’s a list of all 971 ZIP codes in Alaska. This list contains all ZIP codes for cities, towns, and census-designated places that exist in Alaska. Population figures are as of the 2000 Census and so slight differences might be noticed between the old ZIP code numbers and the new ones due to the changes in some of their boundaries.


Here’s a complete zip code list for the state of Alaska.




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Common CitiesCountyZip CodeLand Area
AdakAleutians West Census Area9954636,786,100
AkiachakBethel Census Area995515,859,160
AkiakBethel Census Area995522,615,880
AkutanAleutians East Borough9955335,823,300
AlakanukWade Hampton Census Area9955455,708,800
Alatna, Allakaket, New AllakaketYukon-Koyukuk Census Area99720113,031,000
AleknagikDillingham Census Area9955547,404,100
Aleknagik, Dillingham, Koliganek, Portage CreekDillingham Census Area9957621,447,200,000
Anaktuvuk PassNorth Slope Borough9972112,521,200
Anchor Point, Diamond Ridge, Fox River, Fritz Creek, Halibut Cove, Homer, Kachemak, Nanwalek, Port Graham, Seldovia VillageKenai Peninsula Borough996032,774,350,000
Anchor Point, Diamond Ridge, Happy Valley, NikolaevskKenai Peninsula Borough99556917,025,000
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality9950117,980,500
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality9950245,702,900
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality, Bethel Census Area9950353,574,100
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality9950416,479,900
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality9950559,277,900
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality9950645,853,600
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality9950756,762,900
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality9950817,974,800
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality9951336,058
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality9951527,456,200
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality99516111,280,000
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality995178,508,870
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality995189,781,980
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality99540131,549,000
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality995671,594,950,000
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality99577556,132,000
Anchorage municipalityAnchorage Municipality99587627,578,000
AndersonDenali Borough997042,494,460
AndersonDenali Borough9974485,862,700
Anderson, Cantwell, Ferry, Healy, McKinley ParkDenali Borough9974313,926,700,000
Aniak, Chuathbaluk, Lime Village, Stony RiverBethel Census Area9955734,786,100,000
AnvikYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9955818,324,700
Arctic VillageYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9972230,974,100
Arctic Village, Chalkyitsik, Fort YukonYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9974023,599,000,000
AtkaAleutians West Census Area9954722,213,800
Atmautluak, Bethel, Kongiganak, Napaskiak, Newtok, OscarvilleBethel Census Area99559149,595,000
Badger, Eielson AFB, Fairbanks, Moose Creek, North Pole, SalchaFairbanks North Star Borough99705277,514,000
Badger, Fairbanks, Farmers Loop, Fox, Goldstream, Pleasant Valley, Steele Creek, Two RiversFairbanks North Star Borough997129,140,180,000
BarrowNorth Slope Borough9972353,780,600
BeaverYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9972452,461,800
Beluga, TyonekKenai Peninsula Borough9968216,316,000,000
Bettles, EvansvilleYukon-Koyukuk Census Area997265,947,540,000
Big Delta, Delta Junction, Deltana, Dot Lake, Dot Lake Village, Dry Creek, Fort Greely, Paxson, WhitestoneSoutheast Fairbanks Census Area, Valdez-Cordova Census Area9973711,117,800,000
Big Lake, Fishhook, Gateway, Houston, Knik-Fairview, Lakes, Meadow Lakes, Point MacKenzie, Tanaina, WasillaMatanuska-Susitna Borough996541,289,460,000
Big Lake, Houston, Meadow Lakes, Susitna North, Trapper Creek, WillowMatanuska-Susitna Borough996884,149,710,000
Big Lake, Houston, WillowMatanuska-Susitna Borough99652300,922,000
Birch Creek, CentralYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9973019,409,700,000
BucklandNorthwest Arctic Borough997271,424,510
Buffalo Soapstone, Butte, Farm Loop, Fishhook, Gateway, Knik River, Lakes, Lazy Mountain, Palmer, Sutton-AlpineMatanuska-Susitna Borough996451,143,040,000
CantwellMatanuska-Susitna Borough, Denali Borough997291,541,450,000
ChefornakBethel Census Area9956113,886,300
Chena Ridge, College, Ester, Fairbanks, Farmers Loop, Fox, Goldstream, South Van HornFairbanks North Star Borough997091,313,750,000
Chenega, CordovaValdez-Cordova Census Area995746,405,930,000
ChevakWade Hampton Census Area995632,562,640
ChickenSoutheast Fairbanks Census Area99732847,515,000
ChignikLake and Peninsula Borough9956429,494,100
Chignik LagoonLake and Peninsula Borough9956535,672,300
Chignik LakeLake and Peninsula Borough9954822,279,200
Chistochina, Gakona, Gulkana, Mentasta Lake, Nabesna, SlanaValdez-Cordova Census Area995865,016,200,000
Chitina, McCarthyValdez-Cordova Census Area9956624,371,700,000
CircleYukon-Koyukuk Census Area99733276,963,000
Clam Gulch, Cohoe, NinilchikKenai Peninsula Borough9956849,997,400
Clark’s PointDillingham Census Area9956918,644,100
Cohoe, Funny River, Kalifornsky, Kasilof, Ridgeway, Soldotna, SterlingKenai Peninsula Borough99669627,775,000
Cohoe, Kalifornsky, KasilofKenai Peninsula Borough996102,400,870,000
Cold Bay, Nelson LagoonAleutians East Borough9957176,206,600
Coldfoot, Fairbanks, South Van Horn, WisemanFairbanks North Star Borough, Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area9970111,061,200,000
Cooper LandingKenai Peninsula Borough99572358,778,000
Copper Center, Kenny Lake, Silver Springs, Tazlina, Tonsina, Willow CreekValdez-Cordova Census Area995739,110,330,000
Crooked CreekBethel Census Area99575258,518,000
Crown Point, Lowell Point, Primrose, Seward, Cooper Landing, Bear CreekKenai Peninsula Borough996646,647,660,000
Crown Point, Moose PassKenai Peninsula Borough996311,102,530,000
DeeringNorthwest Arctic Borough997364,311,280
Eagle, Eagle VillageSoutheast Fairbanks Census Area, Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area9973818,585,500,000
EekBethel Census Area995782,360,330
EgegikLake and Peninsula Borough9957967,039,700
Eielson AFBFairbanks North Star Borough9970241,797,400
Eielson AFB, Harding-Birch Lakes, SalchaFairbanks North Star Borough99714902,238,000
EkwokDillingham Census Area9958024,136,000
ElimNome Census Area997393,509,210,000
EmmonakWade Hampton Census Area9958116,434,200
Eureka Roadhouse, Glacier View, Glennallen, Gulkana, Lake Louise, Mendeltna, Nelchina, Tazlina, TolsonaMatanuska-Susitna Borough, Valdez-Cordova Census Area995885,299,710,000
FairbanksFairbanks North Star Borough9970322,690,700
False PassAleutians East Borough9958333,061,400
GalenaYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9974145,896,500
GambellNome Census Area9974228,230,100
Goodnews BayBethel Census Area995897,701,530
GraylingYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9959028,332,200
Happy Valley, NinilchikKenai Peninsula Borough99639571,399,000
Healy LakeSoutheast Fairbanks Census Area99706172,911,000
Holy CrossYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9960266,896,400
Hooper BayWade Hampton Census Area9960420,425,100
Hope, SunriseKenai Peninsula Borough99605789,110,000
Houston, Meadow Lakes, WillowMatanuska-Susitna Borough9969452,372,200
HughesYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9974510,212,100
HusliaYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9974619,893,800,000
Iliamna, Kokhanok, NewhalenLake and Peninsula Borough99606539,658,000
Ivanof BayLake and Peninsula Borough9969510,860,700
KaktovikNorth Slope Borough9974715,524,500
KaltagYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9974847,283,300
KasiglukBethel Census Area9960931,290,200
KianaNorthwest Arctic Borough997492,865,630
King CoveAleutians East Borough9961230,280,400
King Salmon, NaknekBristol Bay Borough99633211,213,000
KipnukBethel Census Area9961451,773,700
KivalinaNorthwest Arctic Borough99750482,226
KobukNorthwest Arctic Borough9975114,961,800
Kodiak, Womens Bay, Larsen Bay, Karluk, Kodiak Station, Chiniak, Aleneva, AkhiokKodiak Island Borough9961511,053,100,000
KotlikWade Hampton Census Area996205,959,860
Kotzebue, Red Dog MineNorthwest Arctic Borough9975210,266,800,000
KwethlukBethel Census Area9962124,626,600
KwigillingokBethel Census Area9962239,878,100
Larsen BayKodiak Island Borough9962439,561,900
LevelockLake and Peninsula Borough996252,064,580,000
Lower KalskagBethel Census Area996262,389,970
Lower Kalskag, Upper KalskagBethel Census Area996072,034,560,000
ManokotakDillingham Census Area996283,800,720,000
MarshallWade Hampton Census Area99585127,811,000
McGrath, TakotnaYukon-Koyukuk Census Area9962710,434,000,000
MekoryukBethel Census Area9963016,491,500
Mountain VillageWade Hampton Census Area9963265,089,600
NapakiakBethel Census Area9963410,101,000
New StuyahokDillingham Census Area9963654,239,700
Newhalen, NondaltonLake and Peninsula Borough996407,875,100,000
NightmuteBethel Census Area99690250,945,000
Nikiski, Salamatof, Ridgeway, Kalifornsky, Kenai, Point PossessionKenai Peninsula Borough99611845,422,000
NikolaiYukon-Koyukuk Census Area996913,987,020,000
NikolskiAleutians West Census Area9963849,689,500
Nunam IquaWade Hampton Census Area99666220,701,000
NunapitchukBethel Census Area9964111,551,900
Old HarborKodiak Island Borough9964353,175,000
OuzinkieKodiak Island Borough9964442,214,800
Pedro BayLake and Peninsula Borough99647566,191,000
PerryvilleLake and Peninsula Borough9964828,892,600
Petersville, Trapper CreekMatanuska-Susitna Borough996836,938,450,000
Pilot Point, UgashikLake and Peninsula Borough99649261,986,000
Pilot StationWade Hampton Census Area996504,382,290
Pitkas Point, St. Mary’sWade Hampton Census Area99658107,253,000
PlatinumBethel Census Area9965151,419,000
Point Possession, SterlingKenai Peninsula Borough99672738,923,000
Pope-Vannoy Landing, King Salmon, IgiugigLake and Peninsula Borough, Bristol Bay Borough996139,571,770,000
Port AlsworthLake and Peninsula Borough9965358,650,500
Port HeidenLake and Peninsula Borough99549131,838,000
Port LionsKodiak Island Borough99550233,488,000
Prudhoe BayNorth Slope Borough995103,928,220,000
Prudhoe BayNorth Slope Borough9951933,144,900,000
Prudhoe BayNorth Slope Borough99734521,315,000
QuinhagakBethel Census Area996556,926,510
Red DevilBethel Census Area99656178,527,000
Russian MissionWade Hampton Census Area996572,105,930,000
Sand PointAleutians East Borough99661460,666,000
Scammon BayWade Hampton Census Area9966218,512,100
Seldovia, Seldovia VillageKenai Peninsula Borough99663296,688,000
ShagelukYukon-Koyukuk Census Area996655,011,110
Skwentna, SusitnaMatanuska-Susitna Borough9966712,073,700,000
SleetmuteBethel Census Area9966837,270,600
South NaknekBristol Bay Borough99670268,026,000
St. GeorgeAleutians West Census Area9959190,002,700
St. MichaelNome Census Area9965946,064,500
St. PaulAleutians West Census Area99660103,540,000
StebbinsNome Census Area9967168,930,200
Sutton-Alpine, Glacier View, Chickaloon, Eureka RoadhouseMatanuska-Susitna Borough996742,888,620,000
Talkeetna, Susitna North, ChaseMatanuska-Susitna Borough996762,614,430,000
TatitlekValdez-Cordova Census Area9967718,808,300
Togiak, Twin HillsDillingham Census Area996785,767,480,000
Toksook BayBethel Census Area9963778,156,500
TuluksakBethel Census Area996793,971,620
TuntutuliakBethel Census Area99680300,297,000
TununakBethel Census Area9968185,705,000
UnalakleetNome Census Area996841,774,750,000
UnalaskaAleutians West Census Area99685153,665,000
UnalaskaAleutians West Census Area99692698,071
Valdez, WhittierValdez-Cordova Census Area996868,181,620,000
WhittierMatanuska-Susitna Borough, Valdez-Cordova Census Area99693312,431,000
YakutatYakutat City and Borough99689532,423,000

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