Alh. Aliko Dangote Wives & Children – What The News Won’t Tell You

Aliko Dangote First Wife

Aliko Dangote is arguable the most successful black investor in the whole wide world. I’m sure would have come across his name at one point in your search, Yes, you must have. But how many times have you searched for Aliko Dangote’s wife or children?

Would you like to know if the success story of Aliko Dangote extends to his wives and children? Yes, this is one thing I would very much like to know. In this article, we’ll be looking at the family background of the richest man in Africa, especially his wives and children.

Who is Aliko Dangote?

Simply put, Aliko Dangote is the greatest magician in the world, He was able to turn a ₦500,000 loan from his uncle into a $15 billion empire, making him the richest man in Africa.

He is one of the few men that can turn cement into gold. You only see this kind of magic trick in the movies.



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Born on the 10th of April 1957, Dangote is currently 65 years old and is still a very active investor. He is currently working on the biggest petroleum and fertilizer refinery in Africa situated here in Lagos state.

Before he became a badass investor, he went to Al-Azahar University, Cairo to bag a degree in business and he put all that he learned to good use. He also lost three of his siblings to a plane crash in Kano around 1996.

Dangote has played a very significant role in building the nation’s GDP. His personality and success have attracted a lot of speculative investors to invest in a key aspect of the nation’s economy even when they know the risks involved.

Meet Aliko Dangote’s Wives and Partners

Aliko Dangote has been very smart enough to keep his marriage from the social media spotlight and detectives. The media have not been able to fully identify the names, locations, and dates of his wives and marriages.

Aliko Dangote is a Muslim and can marry as many wives as he wants. Even at his current age, he has been engaged to three different women. Although his first two marriages did not work out, he looks happier after he divorced the first two and remarried the current one.

Aliko was first engaged to a family friend named Haija Zainab, a family friend in 1977. He married her and they were together for a long time before he divorced so he can keep a close eye on his business.


After a while, Dangote made up his mind to remarry, this time he put the rings on the fingers of Mariya A D Muhammad Rufai. 

Mariya A D Muhammad Rufai is the daughter of the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Human Services, Bauchi state. They were only married for a short time, then the divorce papers came flying in and the marriage was put to an end.

We’re not sure if Mariya A D Muhammad Rufai got any alimony from the divorce but I’m sure she will be somewhere crying now if she didn’t.

Anyways, I’m sure it was the right discussion for her at that time. There’s a win though, Mariya A D Muhammad Rufai is the mother of the beautiful Fatima Dangote.

In less than three years later, Aliko Dangote admitted that he was in love with Nafisat Yar’adua, the daughter of Late President Umaru Musa Yar’adu.

However, Nafisat Yar’adua rejected his marriage proposal on grounds that she was too young to be his wife and good friends with his daughters.

This way leads to unnecessary household conflicts. It was a pretty smart move if you ask me.

Nafisat dumped Dangote for Alhaji Isa Yuguda, the Governor of Bauchi State at that time. Nafisat Yar’adua became the first lady of Bauchi State and the fourth wife of Alhaji Isa Yuguda at the age of 21.

They were also rumors that Aliko Dangote was engaged to Sylvia Nduka, the Queen of Beauty 2013. She secretly announced their marriage on Instagram by adding the acronym AD to her name.

Her name became “Sylvia Nduka AD”, with the AD meaning Aliko Dangote. But like his previous unions, this one crashed shortly after.


There’s no need to laugh at the guy or judge him. This phenomenon is almost normal in the life of everybody. Aliko Dangote is an amazing businessman, manager, father, and investor but terrible at keeping marriages and other marital commitments.

Some people are brilliant students but have no atoms of wisdom in them. Others are wonderfully motivational speakers but their lives are a mess. Yes, there are people like that. So I guess it’s kinda normal. Dangote still gets 5 stars for being awesome.

Since Aliko Dangote is not married, he is a 65 years old bachelor probably looking for love again. The richest man in Africa has also tried his best to make sure his children live healthy and happy lives.

Aliko Dangote Children

Aliko Dangote Wives & Children

Where Aliko Dangote fails in marital commitment or being a player, he makes up for it by being a great dad. Yes, Aliko Dangote has worked so hard to make sure that all of his children have a firm stand in life.

Aliko Dangote is the father of 4 children [three daughters and an adopted son], but they are all adults. The youngest in the family should be in his early thirties. One thing I like about the Dangote family is that they are not show-offs.

Even as rich as their father is, it is super hard to see them on the news or on Instagram stories flaunting a new car, house, phone, or spraying money like mad people. Even the female counterparts, are so gorgeous but still covers their body from head to toe.

You can’t find any of Aliko Dangote’s daughters moving without Hijab or her hair not properly covered.

These women are not eager to show themselves on social media that’s why they are not so popular. They all seem so calm, humble, and respectful.

Aliko Dangote made sure that all of his children have a share in his company worth over ₦100,000,000. He also made sure that all his children attended only the finest and most renowned schools and colleges in the world.

Halima Dangote

Halima Dangote is Aliko Dangote’s oldest daughter who studied marketing in American Intercontinental University, London. She is currently married to Sulaiman Sani Bello and a proud mother of two daughters.

Halima is alady with high business insights, exceptionally good at managing and marketing and also a leading executive in the Dangote group.

Mariya Dangote

 Mariya Dangote is the first daughter and child of billionaire, Alh. Aliko Dangote. Mariya Dangote schooled in one of the best colleges abroad, bagging a Bachelor’s Degree and she’s also a Master’s Degree holder from Coventry University, United Kingdom. She’s a key player in the policies implemented by the Dangote group. 

Unlike her sisters, she is living a private life, keeping everything on a low profile. there are no reports on her private or marital life.

Fatima Dangote

The last child and daughter of Alh. Aliko Dangote, Fatima Dangote is the CEO of her cupcake factory as she enjoys baking and a key player in the Dangote Group. 

She is a learned lawyer, an amazingly smart woman and Dangote has described her as a human-computer whose brain always delivers prompt solutions to serious problems. She is married to a pilot, Jamil Mohammed Abubakar who is the son to a former Inspector General of Police, Alh. Abubakar Dikko Mohammed.

Abdulrahman Fasasi Dangote

Aliko Dangote also has an adopted son who bears the name “Abdulrahman Fasasi”. This lucky kid is not Aliko Dangote’s biological son but an adopted son that beats the name Dangote and became Dangote’s flesh and blood.

Dangote has put a lot of resources in place to make sure that his family is not at the center of any social media backlash or crossfire. This is all there is to know about Aliko Dangote’s wives and kids.

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