How To Use Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria: Redeem a Gift Card Today

How Do I Redeem An Amazon Gift Card In Nigeria?

Are you one of those people with gift cards but you don’t know how to redeem or use them? Have you been trying to use your Amazon gift cards but it’s not going through? Perhaps you are not using the right method.

Amazon is American electronic commerce and the largest internet retailer in the world. The company is the brainchild of Jeff Bezos and was founded on July 5, 1994. Its onsite office is in Seattle, Washington. The store is your go-to site if you want to buy anything from anywhere in the world.

Gift cards are prepaid-stored value card that serves as alternatives to cash within a store. Amazon gift card is a card from Amazon, and it can also be an alternative to cash when buying things on the Amazon store or Amazon App store.

Apart from using the Amazon gift card to buy things on Amazon, it can also be converted to Naira or Bitcoin. The card can bear any amount, but the minimum is 15 cents, impressive, isn’t it?

Did someone give you an Amazon gift card you need to use it urgently, and you don’t know how to? Keep reading this post for all you need to know about using Amazon gift cards in Nigeria.


How to Use Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria

Using the Amazon card in Nigeria is possible in two ways. It is either you use it for the real deal which is buying on the Amazon store/Amazon app store or converting it to Naira or bitcoin by selling it to people online.

When exchanging Amazon gift cards in Nigeria, you don’t have to redeem them yourself. People buy it from themselves in Nigeria, and the buyer can redeem it or sell it to another person. When you agree on the payment, the transaction will go very smoothly, but you need to be vigilant. If you check out social media pages such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, among others, people make adverts to buy and selling of gift cards. Such people are willing to purchase gift cards from you without stress.

However, if you want to use your gift card yourself on Amazon, you must have an account. Check out their website for more information on creating an Amazon account.

Shopping with Amazon Card

If your choice is to use the gift card on Amazon to shop or buy an app, you will need to create an account; after which you will add your gift card to it. Then you can use it for anything you want. However, Amazon delivery depends on the product of purchase.

There are some products that they don’t deliver straight to Nigeria, while there are some that come into Nigeria directly, you will need to sort that out differently after shopping.

Exchanging Amazon Card for Cash

If the second option is what you are going for, which is selling the gift card for cash or bitcoin, you will need to look for buyers, and that is not stressful in Nigeria. I barely open my social media without seeing adverts for people wanting to buy the card.

However, if you want to exchange your Amazon gift card for Bitcoin, you will need a wallet as, without that, you cannot receive Bitcoin. If your choice is cash, the buyer will give you the equivalent of the card value in the Naira Exchange rate. However, this affects what you can get with your gift card since it is not in Naira initially.

How to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Buying things on Amazon or exchanging them for cash can never be possible if you don’t have gift cards. So, it is essential to know how the gift card is gotten for people who don’t have or want more of it. If you have Amazon cards, you can shop for a year freely, so read this part carefully.

There are different ways to earn Amazon gift cards aside from getting them from people. You can get an Amazon card by answering surveys and using the following sites and apps online for your activities.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Ibotta
  3. Answering Survey through American Survey Opinion
  4. Inbox Dollars
  5. Harris Poll Online
  6. Mypoints
  7. Opinion Outpost
  8. Prize Rebel
  9. Amazon Trade-In
  10. Product Report card
  11. Survey Junkie
  12. Ebates
  13. DOSH
  14. Honey Chrome Extension
  15. Credit Card Reward
  16. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  17. JOANY

Numerous sites and apps can give you as much as $25 worth of Amazon cards, while some give smaller than that. Nevertheless, the minimum you can get is $5. Isn’t that mouth-watering? Yes, it is. So don’t just surf the internet, make money while you do things on the internet.

Aside from the apps and sites above, you can also use the drop app, which will enable you to see apps that will make you earn points or get some percentage back after use.

Getting Amazon Card at Local stores

Another way to get Amazon gift cards aside from earning them online is by buying. The card is readily available at stores around. In fact, many prefer to buy things using this card, especially in Nigeria, where the billing will be low compared to using credit cards.

You can get Amazon cards at electronic stores, drug stores as well as department stores. You can pick the one you want, design it how you want, and also choose the amount you wish although there is a limit on that. After which you can gift it out to people or use it personally.

There is the digital and physical Amazon gift card, but whichever it is, it remains a gift card.

Redeeming Amazon Gift Card

When redeeming an Amazon gift card, you will need to pick the Amazon account to add it to. If you’d like to use Kindle Fire, you will need to add the card to the account you registered on Kindle Fire with. After that, when you are ready to use the card, turn over your card, scratch off the seal, and get the code.

After receiving a gift card from Amazon, the next thing is redemption. There are several ways to do that including:

To redeem the card from your browser.

  • Visit
  • Select gift cards
  • Select redeem Amazon gift cards and log in.
  • After that, a page will pop up, which requires you to enter the code at the back of the card.
  • Then select Apply Account. The balance will afterward reflect on the screen.
  • You can also redeem and see the balance under the “Payment” section when viewing the details of your Amazon account.

Secondly, you can redeem your card on Kindle Fire. The process to follow is below:

  • Turn on the Kindle Fire,
  • Tap apps
  • Click on the Amazon App Store
  • Tap the Menu,
  • Tap “Gift card and promo.”
  • Then enter the code on the back of your Amazon card. You are done.

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

Checking the Amazon gift card balance is very easy. Whenever you enter the code of the card, the card is automatically updated. You can check the balance on the “Games and Music”. You can also redeem cards from the section.



Now that you know how to get, redeem, and use Amazon gift cards, what are you waiting for? Earn that card, redeem it, and shop as much as you want.

I hope you find this post useful. You can drop your comments as well as questions below and also recommend it to your friends.

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