Latest Ankara Styles For Women In 2020

Would you like to step into the new year in a stylish Ankara gown, dress, skirt, and blouse? If yes, then I’d advise you to read this post till the end. Ankara styled outfits are some of the most elegant outfits in the world.

The print, texture, and colors make it look as if they were made in the textile store in Heaven. But No, most Ankara prints are home-made here in Africa.  The designs in Ankara dresses are one thing but when it is finished, the true beauty of the print is revealed.

Hottest Ankara Dresses For Women

In this article, I’ll be revealing the most elegant Ankara styles for 2020. These Ankara dresses are fashionable and may come in different designs like “Fish Tail”, “ Sharwama”, “Show Case”, “dashiki” and even in “off shoulder” dresses.

If you’re looking at the image above, then I’m sure that you are now convinced that Ankara styles are too clean. This is a classic Ankara style that is both elegant and versatile. This design makes you look like a supermodel when you step out.

If you want a chic Ankara dress for work or a date, then this is the right Ankara dress for you. This Ankara dress comes with a deep blue African print that is just the right tone of perfect for work.

This Ankara Jumpsuit would make any audience give you a standing ovation. This African print makes the right statement, especially in casual events. This Ankara style is also right for dates, get together, picnics or a nice stroll in Lagos.

When I went abroad, some of my friends saw this style and wanted to rock an Ankara outfit just like this one. Too bad I lost the picture. Whatever the occasion, This Ankara style offers the perfect look for you.

No matter what design you choose, there’s always a perfect pattern of Ankara print that will surely overwhelm you. This is one of the best Ankara design for West African Women. It’s not too shabby and not too casual. It just makes the right statement.

This is also another Hot Ankara style for non-African. This Ankara style is just tailored to suit your personality as a girl boss. The woman in the image above used two distinct Ankara clothes or fabric for her Chic Ankara outfit and it is damn hot.

This Ankara dress says a lot. This is one of the most fascinating Ankara design on this list. Most Americans are intrigued by the amazing design and texture of African prints and so far this style is their favorite. It just right for a good get together.

This is one of the most popular Ankara styles for women in Nigeria. It is known as “FISHTAIL” because it pays attention to the curves at the top and is very free at the bottom. This is by far the best Ankara style for weddings.

African prints and Ankara style come in different styles. But this one, in particular, gave me a run for my money. The most notable African prints are Ankara, Dashiki, Kente, and Kitenge. But this one is just off the books. It’s perfect if you crave attention.

If you are busty or want to showcase some of your “God-given assets”, then this is just the right style for you. Although the Ankara print used by the model is very old, the design is quite new. This Ankara style is just right for Hosts and models hitting the red carpet.

African styles are 100% elegant, unique, and inspiring. But this style is outstanding. This is the perfect Ankara dress for married women. It’s ideal for visiting friends and even church service.

Are you ready to look stunning look? This Ankara dress although not ideal will make you look chic and even trend on social media. This is the hottest Ankara styles for 2020. It has bright attractive colors, an elegant design and girl power looks.

The fashion industry is another world of its own. Tailors, designers, and manufacturers of clothes always update us with fresher and amazing prints and designs. This is a cool long and casual Ankara dress that is very fashionable.

This is another amazing Ankara gown design for church service, school, and weddings. The bright colors, beautiful patterns, and alluring design will make you stand out as Ankara queen in 2020.

Ankara skirts and blouses are also some of the most amazing outfits for women. Like the model in the picture above, you can look chic in any Ankara top and blouse because it comes in single or multiple colors, looks, texture, and print.

Ankara dresses allow you to customize your looks. Ankara tops can go with jeans trousers and even Chinso trousers. But Ankara’s top and shorts are amazing. When it comes tailoring a fashionable Ankara tops is simple. Just be original.

Many Ankara gowns look awesome with open shoulders and back. These types of Ankara designs are perfect for and classic mums and events. You can meet your tailor to take your measurements and you can experiment on any style you want.

Ankara jacket styles are some of the coolest Ankara styles for students. Most of these Ankara jackets come in bright colors and attractive patterns. These Ankara jackets look awesome when worn with trousers, ¾ Jeans shorts, and black trousers.

These Ankara gowns are perfect for pregnant women. This is the right Ankara gown for women who do not too much attention to their figure but still look good. This Ankara dress will look super cute with a simple silhouette.

This is one of the most amazing Ankara gowns for work. These dresses would look smarter if they were below the knee. If you have a cute figure then this is the perfect Ankara dress for you. This Ankara style would make you look like a Queen.

This is one of the hottest Ankara lace styles for vacations, weekends and holidays. Ankara fashion just got better. If you don’t like the print above, there are thousands of colors, patterns, and African motifs prints that you can choose from.

Long Ankara gowns are some of the best Ankara styles for teenagers and little kids. When you take your Ankara designs to the next level, you’re sure to be the star attraction of any event. Long ankle Ankara gowns can also be worn to prom, parties and get together parties.

Business ladies will this chic Ankara style. This magnificent Ankara gowns for young women will fit any figure, slim or fat. This Ankara gown for businesswomen comes in different lengths and styles.

Ankara skirt and blouse also comes in different styles and colors. You can create a good looking dress with flawless designs if you can afford the right materials. You can combine other designs of Ankara skirts and blouses like off shoulders, suits, cut-outs, lace, and other urban Ankara designs.

If you are looking for the right Ankara top for women, then look no further because this is just the right Ankara design for women. I can bet that this outfit is right for any event.

Updated: 10/08/2020 — 19:32

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