Art Of Life – An Everyday Approach To Success

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Ever wondered how life would be if you knew the past, present, and future? Yes, Ossai Donald Chimnecherem compiled a complete list of everything that you’d face as a human begin and how you can use sheer will power as a compass to success.


Product Description

Art of Life explains the real facts of human existence. It presents a picture of our life sojourn and what is expected of us if we really need to pass through the path to get to the end of the tunnel.

It’s inked in motivation, expectations, coming alive, happiness, and naturality of the human folk. The book puts you through every step, aids you find yourself and love yourself, accept the challenges, and help you to push through. It presents the true painting of life.

It didn’t end at discussing success,  but creates a bond between work and goal getting (an approach rare in many self-help books). Each chapter takes a clear grasp of the everyday reality of our continuous toiling and eagerness to succeed. Each line worth a rereading, take on it!