10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Most Developed Places In Nigeria

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the top 10 most beautiful cities in Nigeria; you’ll also get to see the most beautiful states in Nigeria, The most beautiful cities in Igboland, and the best places to reside in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a beautiful country with over 190 million residents, 36 states, and more than 480 indigenous languages, cultures, and ethnic groups. All this beauty and diversity are found within a 923,763 km² landmass.

In this diversity, there is a lot of beauty to behold. There are hundreds of beautiful cities in Nigeria that attract millions of tourists from across the world and these cities have even been nicknamed the “Gem of Africa”.

The media often portray Nigeria as an ugly, poverty-stricken, and terrible place to live in, but it’s not all true. Nigeria holds one of Africa’s most powerful economies, jaw gaping cities, places, landscapes, terrains, and scenery. 

Foreigners from Europe, North America, and Asia choose Nigeria as their top destination whenever they visit Africa. If you are wondering which cities are the best in Nigeria and worth visiting, these are by far the most elegant cities in Nigeria.

Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

In no hierarchical order, we will show you the top 10 cities to live in in Nigeria. The criteria we used to compile and list these cities were based on factors such as population, the standard of living, economy, infrastructure, growth, and cost of living. In all, these are the overall Best Cities to Live in Nigeria.


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1. Lagos, Lagos State

Lagos City is a beautiful mystery and the most popular city in West Africa. The beautiful city of Lagos is the combination of every city on the list and more.

Lagos officially stands as the best state to live in Nigeria. Located in the Western part of Nigeria, Lagos city has its capital in Ikeja and this city is one of the most industrious cities in the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Lagos state is the smallest state in Nigeria and used to be the capital of Nigeria until 1991. It is a giant magnet that attracts both Nigerian citizens and tourists from other countries of the world to her popular metropolitan area.

Being a major city in Nigeria, Africa’s financial center, and the center of Excellence, Lagos is well known for its attractive urban areas. Lagos has also been listed as one of the best cities in Africa.

Lagos houses numerous possibilities for locals and foreigners. This elegant city shelters some of the finest universities in Nigeria, five-star hotels and shopping malls, tranquil sandy beaches, ultra-modern parks, cinemas, galleries, airports, and churches.

Lagos is the home of the popular Amala and Agony Beans. Restaurants, bars, museums, and art centers offer some of the most amazing experiences in the world. If you like swimming, there are a lot of places where you can enjoy a good swim in Lagos like the Bar beach, Lekki beach, Badagry beach, Eleko Beach, Elegushi Beach, and Alpha beach.

Lagos is the top residency option for most foreigners and expatriates living in the nation. If you plan to visit Nigeria for a long stay, then visit Lagos and get the best experience.

2. Abuja, F.C.T

Located in the North-central region of the country, Abuja is a pre-planned city in Nigeria and a good example of a world-class capital state. Abuja is not just the capital of Nigeria; it is one of the most versatile states in the country.

This region houses the Niger River, the Benue River, the Aso rock villa, and the iconic Zuma Rock. Abuja is not just the most beautiful city in Nigeria; it is one of the most important cities in Nigeria.

Being the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja gets a lot of public and international attention. It is the most important city in the country.

Abuja is a well-planned city with good federal highways, international shopping centers, 5-stars hotels, breathtaking sceneries, popular tourist destinations, the Presidential Complex, the National Stadium, National Mosque, and a lot of state of the art public facilities.

Abuja is the only city in Nigeria that can compete with Lagos in terms of economic stability and development

3. Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Another amazing city from the southern part of Nigeria that is a choice location to live in is the city of Uyo. This tranquil city is one of the best cities in Nigeria to live, work, and visit if you are planning a vacation.

Uyo stands as one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria. Aside from that, this beautiful city is among the cleanest states in Nigeria and has the neatest metropolitan areas in the Nation. Uyo allows you to see the beautiful side of Nigeria,

Uyo is very planned out with good road networks without potholes, solar street lighting system, elegant hotels rated 3-5 star, a multi-billion naira ultra-modern stadium, a beautiful road roundabout in Uyo city, and a clean environment.

The land of promise is made for relaxation and will give full comfort. You can never go wrong in Uyo. Uyo stands as one of the most developed areas in Nigeria.

4. Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Port Harcourt comes in as number 5 on this list. From the southern part of Nigeria, this is a place you must visit, especially for those who like aqua life, waterfronts, and slashes. Garden City is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.

With a massive amount of crude oil deposits making an apple in the eyes of investors and the development has been constantly rising. It is the capital of Rivers state and one of the most urban and modernized places in Nigeria. People usually troop into Port Harcourt for her non-stop entertainment.

The nightlife here is simply amazing and bonfire nights are spectacular. It is one of the richest cities in Nigeria, home to big multinational companies, 3-4 stars hotels, beautiful bodies of water, and green grass.

But what tourists love about Port Harcourt is the fact that they know how to have a good time whether, in the Upper Orashi Reserve or the Finima beach, there is always fun and energy.

5. Calabar, Cross River State

The beautiful city of Calabar is a delightful haven in the southern part of Nigeria. Also known as “Canaan City”, Calabar is ever springing out modern developments. It is the best place to live in Nigeria on a small budget.

Just in case you didn’t know, Calabar is not just the capital of Cross River State the home of Nigerian art and culture. It stands as one of the best places to live in Nigeria as a tourist who loves to engage with culture-rich tribes and villages.

The beautiful city of Calabar is always lively and is indeed the ‘Nation’s paradise’ foreigner troop in all year round to catch a glimpse of the beautiful landscape, festivities, carnivals, botanical garden, museums, and amusement parks, hotels & resorts, seaports & aquarium, food and mouth-watering cuisines, ranches, fashion shows, dance parties, boat regattas and of course art and history that can only be seen in this city.

Calabar is always on point and undeniably clean. The level of organization and security in this city is top-notch and deserves a place as one of the best places to live in Nigeria.

6. Enugu, Enugu

Located in the eastern parts of Nigeria is the beautiful city of Enugu. Enugu has proudly tagged the coal city. But there is nothing dark about the city you’ll get non-stop entertainment when you reside here. The nightlife in Enugu is amazing.

The Coal City was formed from Anambra State on the 27th of August 1991 and ever since Enugu has been in a phase of constant development. Enugu has very nice topography and attractive structures, breathtaking waterfalls, hills, rocks, and a serene environment.

Did I mention the sunrise? Enugu has one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world. Because it is the capital city of the state, it is the center of development and attention in the state. There are lots of things that you can do in Enugu city.

You can also visit the Uli hills, Ngwo cave, Ogelube Lake, the Aniozalla Lake, and the Iheneke Lake and get a different view of nature. You can also see other jaw-dropping wildlife parks and game reserves, impressive recreational centers, amusement parks, public coal mines, museums, and art galleries scattered all over the city.

7. Akure, Ondo State

Located in the western region of Nigeria, Akure is the capital city of Ondo State and home to the Yoruba tribe. It is often said that the air is cleaner in Akure because it is the dwelling place of nature.

Akure has a natural beauty which includes the presence of rocks. It has an interesting rock history with engraved details dating back to 900BC. Akure also has some of the most amazing waterfalls, forests, captivating hills, cocoa, corn, tobacco, and cotton farms all in an urban environment.

Although Akure is not major tourist attention, it has a lot of fascinating sights that leave you wanting more. There’s no way the list of the top 20 most beautiful cities in Nigeria would be complete without the name Akure.

8. Kaduna, Kaduna State

Another city sharing its name with its state is the beautiful city of Kaduna. The northern part of Nigeria has not been left out on this list. This is the first city from the northern part of Nigeria on this list.

Kaduna comes in at number 8 on the top 10 most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Being the third-largest city in Nigeria by landmass, the beautiful city of Kaduna has a very spectacular view.

Kaduna has a lot of short trees, shrubs, and green pastures. Kaduna is a place you must visit if you want to get up to date with the Hausa/Fulani culture.

Although terrorism gave them a bad reputation, they stood up to this evil and defeated it and the people in the state are still thriving. The beautiful city of Kaduna is one of the best places to live in the northern states of Nigeria.

Kaduna is one of the few cities in Nigeria that appreciates arts and history like the Amalgamation house, which housed Lord Lugard and his personnel during colonialism.

There’s also the famous Zaria City wall of Queen Amina, the ancient Nauru castle, and the iconic Fulani markets that are known for small scales production of original leather products. Kaduna also plays a big role in Nigeria’s local and international trade.

Urbanization in Nigeria also resulted in Kaduna’s population growth and industrialization over the past decades.

Kaduna has all the features of an urban city including state-of-the-art shopping malls, airports, cultural centers, and a polo club with an impressive 1.6-kilometer racecourse, five stars restaurants, hotels, and other exciting sights and places to visit.

9. Awka, Anambra State

The eastern part of Nigeria is the capital of Anambra state. The beautiful city of Awka has seen its ups and down but this led to perfection. All over Nigeria, there is no sight as natural as those found in Awka.

Dominated by the Igbos, you’ll learn a lot even on a short visit to the capital city of Anambra state. Tourists from all over the world crash here to see heart-melting sights like the Ogbunike Caves, and tourist attractions in Anambra.

There are also a lot of natural lakes and streams all over the city of Awka, and this makes Awka one of the best cities to live in Nigeria. Aside from the fact that Awka allows you to enjoy life with the Igbo cultural group,

With over 6,000 hectares of land in a smooth terrain and a breathtaking landscape with an exceptional view in a clean and secure environment, this is one state that will leave you with a memory.

One of the special parts of Awka is the Nnamdi Azikiwe University. This federal institution stands as one of the most impressive universities to study law in Nigeria. Aside from UNIZIK, Awka boasts of clean federal highways, a developed marketplace, and industrious people.

10. Warri, Delta State

Coming as #10 is Warri City straight from the southern part of Nigeria. Warri is always tagged as the most notorious place in Nigeria, especially by comedians but the truth is told; the elegant city of Warri is home to diverse cultural groups.

Warri is home to different cultural groups like the Tribes in Delta. These cultural groups have a lot of values and beliefs that will leave you speechless. Aside from housing some of the most influential minority groups in Nigeria, Warri has a very stable economy.

Warri is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria and has large reserves of oil deposits around its borders. In Warri, you will find beautiful beaches, top-notch recreation facilities, road networks, zoos, museums, and state of malls.

Warri is regarded as the commercial capital of the state and gets more attention and developmental focus than Asaba. After all, “You know say Warri no dey carry last“. What we also like about Warri is its local cuisines.

If you ever plan to visit Nigeria or are a Nigerian looking for a pleasant city to reside in, these are officially the best places to live in Nigeria.

These are the Top 10 most beautiful cities in Nigeria. There are also beautiful areas to live in Edo state, Anambra state, Kano state, Delta State, and Ebonyi State. When it comes to the best and most beautiful cities in Nigeria, these 10 cities also you to enjoy yourself throughout your stay.

Would you like to share an idea or give a recommendation? Please do so in the comment section below.

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