10 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria

Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria

In this article, I will be showing you the best courses to study in Nigeria. These courses are both profitable, easy to understand, and suitable for any Nigerian. Even before you finished secondary school, you must have been thinking about what you would like to be when you grow up or which profession would make you successful in a country like Nigeria. 

Yes, we understand. That a lot of thought for a little man like you and sometimes these though may overwhelm you. We’ve taken out some of our time to review some of the most outstanding courses to study in Nigeria and how much you can make as a Nigerian practicing that profession.

Top Courses To Study In Nigeria

All courses available in this list are taught worldwide and work systematically. You should know beforehand that there nothing as a bad course, each course complements the other. No course is useless whether it’s sociology, human kinetic, or micro-biology.

Their small roles play a big difference in society and how the world behaves. These courses work both individually and collectively in both theory and practice to foster development. The only issue is that the society we live in gives some academic studies preferential treatment over others and people who study some of these courses are open to more opportunities.

So try to understand, I’m not trying to undermine any academic field or course, we live in a fast-growing, ever-changing, and complex world. In other to survive, you must adapt. With that said, these are the top ten most profitable courses to study in Nigeria.

1. Medicine and Surgery

Aside from being one of the most profitable professions in Nigeria, there’s a lot you get to gain by saving lives. Studying Medicine and Surgery has already proven to be profitable in the 20th century and I believe that it will be worth more in the coming years and centuries to come.

In a world where over 3 billion people live, sicknesses and contagious diseases are inevitable. Medical practitioners and surgeons should be able to limit the mortality rate.

Although predictions have been made about the inventions of machines that would be able to regenerate tissues, cells, organs, or even body parts, this would make your job a whole lot easier. In all, medicine and surgery is the best science course to study In Nigeria.

2. Agriculture

There’s a lot to agriculture other than planting seeds and rearing animals. A lot of Europeans countries are looking for skilled Nigerian agriculturist that can help the modify they seeds to grow on the soil available in the country. It’s only here in Nigeria that we don’t value, people in this field of study.

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Just in case no one told you, agriculture is not the worst courses to study in Nigeria.

Agronomists have a fairly wide salary range in Nigeria but the top earners are the inventors and pioneers. One thing I like about agriculture is that it is more stable than most of the career choices on this list.


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You can be a self-employed agriculturist. Most of the career choices on this list insist that you must more for a company or organization but with Agriculture, you are your boss.

Just like I said earlier, Agric is so much more than planting and rearing, there are so many fields, jobs, and dimension in this field of study that you can’t even possibly imagine in this field. If you ask me, I’d advise you to study agriculture. It’s easier compared to medicine and surgery.

You should check out our list of profitable agric products in Nigeria, if you plan to study Agriculture in Nigeria.

3. Parasitology and Entomology

Do not make the mistake to classify Parasitology and Entomology under Medicine and surgery. This field of study is on a different level. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the COVID19, it’s that we need more people experienced in this field in Nigeria.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been able to gain the trust of the U.S. government and support because of their rapid action and techniques used in combating diseases that take pose a risk to the U.S. populace. A parasitologist can research several areas in humans, animals, and plants. There’s just so many potentials in this field.

Sending soldiers to battle is a little bit old school, Viral weaponry and diseases are already being studied. Learning how to create antigens and vaccines that would be able to save millions of lives from diseases like COVID19 or worst is a course worth studying if you ask me.

4. Law

These days a lot of people have lots of a lot of life-changing court cases because they don’t have a good lawyer. There are still millions of people that are spending millions of Naira retaining their lawyers. With this said, I think the law is among the best courses to study in Nigeria.

Sociologists have been able to prove that a significant amount of crime is essential for a productive society. Laws were made to keep anarchy in check. Lawyers and attorneys can act as solicitors, advocates, or/and advisors in delicate legal matters.

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Lawyers that can win court cases with ease are in high-demand in Nigeria and the USA. If you plan to study law abroad, I recommend studying in the USA. If you plan to study Law in Nigeria, you should take a look at the best universities to study law in Nigeria here.

5. Computer engineering:

computer engineer and software engineer is responsible for developing, testing, and evaluating the software that makes computers work. Studying and developing computer programs is one of the best professions that you can take up as a Nigerian.

Just n case you didn’t know, the world is going digital. This poses a lot of potentials for you as a programmer, computer engineer, and technician. Hardware and software engineering have already made a solid foundation as a source of both fortune and fame.

CSC is one of the best courses to study in the world.

One of the richest men in the world as we know it was computer engineering/programmers. This is one of the few courses that you don’t have to study to attain success but truly practice what you’ve learned.

6. Mechanical Engineering:

If you are looking for a profitable course to study in Nigeria, look no further than studying how the machine works. Mechanical engineers design power-producing machines and other machines inside buildings, such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines as well as power-using machines.

In mechanical engineering, you can see problems and create a machine to provide solutions to that problem. Studying this course as a Nigerian, make you as important as a surgeon, lawyer, and even farmer. Remember what I said earlier about the coexistence of disciplines? We’ll most disciplines rely on your work.

7. Accountancy

Accountancy is another important subject of study in Nigeria. Accountants ensure all financial records and statements, taxes, revenue, are in line with federal laws and regulations and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

 I believe that in the nearest future, everybody would have their accountant and stop depending on banks for holding all their assets and finances. At the moment, there are a lot of big multinational companies looking for accountable people to manage their finances.

8. Architecture

We live in a world where people are marveled and wooed by tall buildings, big houses, and flashy cars. Architects are the brains behind every construction because he/she first lays down these wonders in two-dimension before any contractor or civil engineer can bring it to life.

Architects are responsible for creating man-made beauties, elegant, and amazing figures worldwide. Studying architecture will defiantly guarantee your intellect to be appreciated and your bank account to stay full at all times.

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9. Mass Communication

It may seem like it has outlived its usefulness but mass communication remains one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. In a futuristic world where everything is advanced various methods of communication will be used to reach millions of people no matter their sex and location.

Studying mass communication much more than learning how to pass the information on the evening news. These days, mass communications are mostly about advertising. Millions of companies all around the world are spending billions of dollars on online and offline advertising and promotion.

The ability to spread a message and pass information across large broadband and demographics is usually appreciated by a lot of companies. Media directors need to research and analyze the need for a specific audience and then determine what type of communication. So, don’t be deceived there’s more to mass comm than what you think.

10. Builders and Civil Engineers

The builder is regarded as the man on the ground on-site, while the engineer inspects what the builder does from time to time, the priorities of the people in this profession mingle and even clashes so I chose to put them together. 

Statistics have been able to prove that the world’s population is going to rise with a big bang, over a 15% increase before the next decade which means there would be an increase in construction to accommodate this increase in growth. If you ever what to study sometime that will sustain you for life, try out civil engineering.

These are the most profitable and valuable courses to study in Nigeria. But there are other important subjects of study in Nigeria like psychology, geology, political science, education, and the best of all creative arts.

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