Best Trade Schools In Mexico

best vocational schools In Mexico

Many people want to learn a new skill in today’s global economy. The best way to gain new skills and knowledge is by attending a trade school. But with so many trade schools available, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best for you.

Finding the right trade school in Mexico can be challenging. There are many trade schools and educational centers to choose from, but with so many options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you’re searching for the best educational institutes, then there are things that you need to consider before enrolling in any trade school.

When enrolling in a trade school in Mexico, it’s essential to consider its curriculum, accreditation, and licensing. These three factors play a huge role in selecting an institution that will assist you through your education. This guide will help you learn about Mexico’s top trade schools and determine which is right for you.


Mexico is one of the world’s most important economic centers, and as a member of the G-20, it is also a desirable area for German firms to do business. Competent worker training and recruitment are becoming increasingly important, given the worldwide competition in the industrial sector.

A successful technique for training skilled people in line with economic needs is vocational education and training that includes a blend of theory and company-based training. Mexico has constructed a training system based on the German dual model, customized to match the “tropical” nature of the country’s general conditions.

This article describes the characteristics of Mexican dual VET and compares and contrasts it with the German Vocational Education and Training system.

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What is a Trade School, and How Does It Work?

A trade school, also known as a vocational school, is a specialized educational institution concentrating on a single skill. Read this article to learn more about trade schools and see if one suits you.

Any post-secondary educational institution that provides training for a specific job is known as a trade school. Students enroll in a trade school program to learn the skills they’ll need for a particular professional route, such as welding, business administration, or computer repair. Trade schools are dedicated to educating students to enter the workforce in a skilled trade as rapidly as possible.


best trade schools in Mexico

Trade schools aim to provide students with a specialized education that prepares them for a particular career. These are frequently hands-on professions, such as cosmetology, automotive repair, or construction. Students learn everything they need to know from the ground up at trade schools; thus, no prior experience or training is required in most circumstances.

The average length of a trade school program is two to four years. Their curriculum focuses mainly on a technological career and its skills. Those interested in attending a trade school have a range of possibilities.

Some trade schools, for example, focus on vocations in personal service and entertainment, such as culinary arts, filmmaking, music creation, and radio and television broadcasting. Others have business administration or paralegal studies programs. Commercial art schools, such as graphic or Web design, are also widespread.

What is The Difference Between a Trade School and a College/University

Trade schools aim to provide training for a specific job in the shortest time, allowing students to enter the industry in their chosen field immediately.

On the other hand, most college programs are far more general and provide education in a wide range of subject areas, both to assist students in discovering what fields of study they might be interested in and lay the groundwork for more advanced college study. You will study only the topics required for the vocation you desire in a trade school; in college, you will take a broader range of classes in your major and coursework in other subject areas.

College or university, on the other hand, maybe the best option for those who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree or want to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in the future; a trade school may be the best option for those who want to train for a specific job or specialty and enter the workforce fast. It’s also worth considering the expense of trade school vs. college; college is often substantially more expensive than the average trade school program.

What is The Difference Between a Trade School, Technical School, and a Vocational School?

Simply put, trade schools are secondary institutions where skilled crafts are taught. They usually concentrate on hands-on jobs that require a minimum degree of certification or a particular amount of hours on the job to qualify.

A technical school is an institution that provides certifications and associate’s degrees to people who want to work in technical professions. Tech schools follow standard classroom lectures and job training, but trade schools tend to give more hands-on instruction. In some situations, they may provide a broader education, concentrating on occupation-specific abilities. This, however, varies from school to school.

Vocational School: The phrase “vocational school” is often used to refer to both technical and trade schools. Vocational degrees are meant to give students the skills they need to start working in their chosen industry immediately or within a few years.

These three terms are frequently interchanged. However, knowing the differences and how programs will help you make an informed decision.



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Best Trade Schools In Mexico

There are a variety of good trade schools in Mexico on the list, but just like the caption says, ‘Best Trade Schools,’ we listed out the ones topping others on the list. They include:

1. Cinearte

Location: Puebia, Mexico

Cinearte trains people who are pursuing a career in film and video production. They offer many courses and programs and provide internships, workshops, and seminars covering all artistic aspects of filmmaking.

Their programs include:

  1. Arts, Design, and Crafts
    a) Acting.
    b) Photography.
    c) Sound and Image Design.
    d) Arts.
    e) Animation.
    f) Visual Arts.
  1. Communications
    a) Image and Sound.
    b) Media Communication.
    c) Communications.
    d) Audiovisual Communication.
    e) Audio Digital.
    f) Sound Direct.
    g) Sound Professional.
    h) Film TV, and Video.
    i) Culture and Audiovisual Communication.
    j) Screenwriting for Television and Film.
    k) Audiovisual Entertainment Production.
    l) Video.

3. Technology
a) Visual Effects.
b) Digital Photography.
c) Sound and Image.
d) Dubbing.
e) Translation and Subtitle.

2. Centro Universitario de Medios Audiovisuales CAAV

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

This school was primarily created to train people in audiovisual media such as television, film, multimedia, video, animation, design, radio, advertising, writing, and art, using newly developed modern technologies. They provide their students with courses, workshops, and practical seminars and turn them into professionals.

Their programs include:

  1. Arts, Design and Crafts
    a) Photography.
    b) Art Studio.
    c) Visual Arts.
    d) Painting.
    e) Graphic Design.
    f) Drawing and Illustration.
    g) Animation.
  2. Communications
    a) Culture and Audiovisual Communication.
    b) Cinema/Film Studies.
    c) Film TV and video.
    d) Radio/TV/Video.
    e) Audio Digital.
    f) Multimedia Creation and Design.
    g) Multimedia.

3. Mexico Lindo Cooking

Location: Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico


This school is a culinary school that trains people in the art of culinary mastery. They have some of the best chefs who cook delicious Yucatan dishes. Aside from that, their restaurant is recommended for adventurous travelers looking to enjoy the best Mexican meals.

Best Trade Schools In Mexico

Mexico Lindo Cooking is located in the heart of Riviera Maya in Puerto Morelos, and they also have another restaurant in Valladolid.

They offer different cooking classes such as

  1. Yucatan Delights Cooking: You learn to cook Yucatan dishes such as black beans, lemon soup, pulled pork in pibil sauce, red onion with cornbread, habanero pepper, and handmade tortillas.
  2. Mexico Delight Class: Learn to cook local Mexican dishes such as beef salad, hominy, pork potage, traditional sopes, rice pudding, and green sauce tamales.
  3. Coast Cooking Class: Learn to cook local Mexican food, including Veracruz-style beans, seafood ceviche, Veracruz-style fish, Veracruz-style green rice, and coconut flan.
  4. Mexico Best Selection Cooking Class: Learn to cook local Mexican food such as cactus salad, pork confit, refried beans, green salsa, sweet tamales, and stuffed poblano peppers.
  5. Mexican Antojitos Cooking Class: Learn to cook chicken tinga, green sauce tamales, charro beans, Flan Napolitano, quesadillas with mushrooms, and more.

4. Mariano Moreno School of Gastronomy

Location: Roma Norte, Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

This school has different venues in Buenavista, San Juan, and Roma Norte. They provide culinary education to students and degrees in gastronomy, bakery, cooking and pastry, and many more. It was founded in 1963 and has been active for over 50 years. They also offer a diploma in Sweet Arts and a Diploma in Culinary Arts.

Moreover, they offer short courses and virtual classes for students. This school is for you if you are passionate about learning everything about culinary and kitchen education.

5. Instituto Superior Mariano Morena

Location: Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

culinary schools in Mexico

The Superior Institute Mariano Moreno has teachers with a wealth of experience in kitchen management and culinary. They have more than 50 years of experience and have a physical presence in over seven countries.

They offer the following programs:

  1. Bachelor of Gastronomy (4-year duration)
  2. Cook and Pastry Chef Career (2-year duration; 3 times weekly)
  3. Professional Pastry Chef Career (1-year duration, one time per week)


Now that we have gone through the complete list of schools, it’s up to you to choose a school that best suits your needs. You get the chance to take advantage of the excellent training and knowledge these schools offer and make a difference in your life and career.

These are the best trade schools rated by students, faculty, alumni, and employers. Some of the best trade schools in Mexico are located in the same cities where Mexicans want to find jobs. However, there will be more trade schools in Mexico City and Guadalajara because of the larger populations.

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