Top 10 Best Universities In Nigeria 2023

What Is The Top 10 Best University In Nigeria?

With more than ₦5 billion being allocated to the education sector every year, Nigeria is one of the best countries to get your first degree if you plan on schooling in Africa.

There are lots of affordable public and private universities in the country that charge less than $200 for tuition fees per annum. This makes Nigeria one of the cheapest countries to study on Earth.

Degrees awarded by Nigerian universities are recognized all over the world, this means that even if you schooled in Nigeria, there is a splendid chance that you can work abroad even if your first degree was from a Nigerian university.

Nigeria boasts of more than 200 tertiary institutions capable of turning over three million students into competent graduates that can revolutionize the country.

Since there are lots of universities in the country, it may overwhelm you and you may find it difficult to pick the right university for you.


Well, there’s good news for you because, in this article, I’ll be reviewing some of the best universities in Nigeria.

Aside from giving you a rundown of the best universities in Nigeria, you’ll also get to see a brief history of these institutions and a table that contains the top 100 best universities in Nigeria.

Overall Best University In Nigeria For 2023

When you pick the best university for your course of study, it has an enormous impact on your life and the career that you’ve decided to study.

Most Nigerian universities are dedicated to groom students and turn them into intelligent and industrious people ready to go into the labor market.

Believe me, some of these universities have done a fine job and produce some of the most iconic Nigerians in history. We’ve done our research and compiled a well-detailed list of the best universities in Nigeria for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

If you are ready, these are the top 10 best Nigerian universities for 2023.


The University of Ibadan sits on top of the list as the best University in Nigeria for 2023. Popularly referred to as UI, this tertiary institution is located in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Because of its excellent performance, UI is one of the most respected universities on earth and even affiliated with the University of London. This means that if you graduate from this university, you can easily get a student visa and study in the UK.

The University of Ibadan did not just become the best university in Nigeria overnight. It started as the University College of Ibadan in 1948 and became a Federal Independent University in 1963.


Since then, this tertiary institution has grown to become one of the most prestigious school of higher learning in Africa and has set a vantage for other Nigerian tertiary institutions to follow in its path,


The University Of Ilorin is another iconic institution for students that want to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria. Aside from the fact that it is one of the most respected universities in Nigeria, this institution has done some of the most impressive research and studies in Africa.

The University Of Ilorin is renowned for having facilities that shelter and preserve endangered species of plants and animals. The Institution boasts of three different campus locations, 92 departments, over 7,000 staff, and 80,000 students actively learning every day.

UNILORIN has massive halls that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to perform detailed studies and interactive classes. Some of these halls have over 13,000 seat capacity and contain more than 30% of the students.

UNILORIN is the only Nigerian University that was listed in the Shanghai Jino 1000 best university ranking and the first Nigerian university to be listed among the top 20 best universities in Africa.

Aside from being a reliable institution for students pursuing a first degree, there are programs in the schools that reward students with excellent performance.

Some of the most iconic alumni of UI include Chinua Achebe, Abdulfatah Ahmed, William Kumuyi, and Wole Soyinka.


Founded in 1962, the University of Lagos is a federal government university located in Lagos state. Its location makes students have a feel of the beautiful city of Lagos while enjoying life on campus.

UNILAG has three campuses: the main campus is surrounded by the Lagos lagoon, the second campus is located in Yaba, and the last one, the UNILAG college of medicine is located in Idi-Araba Surulere.

The University of Lagos has over 120,000 active students learning in over 12 faculties. UNILAG sits between 601st and 800th best university in the world according to the Times Higher education ranking.


UNILAG is also affiliated with other successful institutions including the University of Lagos business school (ULBS), Institute of maritime studies… Best of all, the vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo is one of the many alumni of the University of Lagos.


The University of Nigeria is the first indigenous and autonomous Nigerian University. It was established in 1955 by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, but the University was formally open on the 7th October 1960.

This federal University is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria in Nsukka, Enugu State. UNN boasts of 15 registered faculties and 102 departments scattered across its three campuses including the Nsukka campus, the Enugu campus (UNEC), the University of Nigeria teaching hospital (UNTH), and the University of Nigeria, Aba campus (UNAC).

UNN also has an extensive list of over 200 postgraduate programs, 1,500 active academic staff, and more than 50,000 intelligent students in different academic programs.

Most of the people that graduated from this institution are prominent politicians, business tycoons, and established entrepreneurs including Waje, Patrick Utomi, Godmin Emefiele, Peter Obi…

UNN is currently the 1001st best university on Earth according to The Times Higher Institution education ranking and 1685th on the Webometrics Web University Ranking.


Obafemi Awolowo University has also risen to become one of the best federal universities in Nigeria. This tertiary institution was founded in 1961 but officially started admitting students and taking classes on the 17th October 1962 at the University of Ife.

The name was later changed from the University of Ife to Obafemi Awolowo University. Today, OAU has risen to great highs and has over 85,000 students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

OAU has 13 highly faculties and two colleges including the postgraduate college and health Science College. The University also has other reliable facilities like a well-equipped library, state of the arts, medical and health facilities, and other technology hubs around the campus.

Obafemi Awolowo University also houses some government parastatal like the center for energy research and development (CERD), The United Nations regional center for training in the aerospace survey (RECTAS), and it was formally affiliated with the Loma Linda University in California, USA.


ABU is another fantastic institution for everyone that plans to study in Nigeria. Located in Zaria, Kaduna state, the Ahmadu Bello University was established on 1st October 1962 and stands as the first and most prominent university in Northern Nigeria.

ABU was named after the Sardauna of Sokoto, Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, and has trained outstanding Nigerians like Atiku Abubakar, Solomon Arase, and Yahaya Bello.

What makes this institution stands out from other universities in Nigeria is the fact that they offer some of the most intensive undergraduate, postgraduate, associate degrees, vocational and remedial programs in Nigeria.

The Ahmadu Bello University is currently the 2285th best university on Earth according to Webometrics University ranking and one of the best universities to study architecture and engineering in Nigeria.


Covenant University is the only private Nigerian university on our list of the best Nigerian universities of 2021. It is also one of the youngest established universities in the country.

Covenant University was established on the 21st of October 2002 by Dr. David Oyedepo. CU is a Christian university structured to raise its students to become God-fearing professionals, and it has its main and only campus at Ota, Ogun state.

Covenant University was also listed in the 2017 Times Higher Education ranking as the 6th best University in Nigeria and 833rd best university on Earth.

Covenant has won some serious awards and duly recognized for its awesome works. In 2014, CU was awarded the best Centenary ICT driven University in Nigeria.


Founded in 1981, FUTA stands as one of the best Nigerian universities of 2021. Located in Akure, Ondo state, FUTA is an indigenous tertiary institution that specializes in the study of science and technology.

One of the things that makes this institution special is its specialization in information technology. Even the school motto “technology for self-reliance” ensures that the focus is on developing the technological sphere of Nigeria in both theoretical and practical aspects.


The Federal University of Technology Akure is not as populated as most schools on this list. It can only boast of just over 25,000 students in its undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

According to Webometrics, FUTA is the best tertiary institution in Nigeria for engineering and Technology.


Established on the 13th of November 1970, the University of Benin is located in the ancient city of Benin, Edo state. UNIBEN also started as a university of technology before it transformed into a fully-fledged university.

UNIBEN is also a record-breaking institution. It is the first tertiary institution in Nigeria to have a female vice-chancellor in Nigeria. Professor Grace Alele-Williams was the first female vice-chancellor in Nigeria (1985-1991).

Aside from propagating the principle of democracy, The University of Benin is also one of the best universities in Nigeria to study arts including visual arts, cultural and creative arts.

UNIBEN currently has two institutions, the main campus is located in Ugbowo and the second campus is situated in Ekenhuan. UNIBEN boast of almost 85,000 active students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Webometrics University’s world ranking placed UNIBEN as the 2,348th best university on Earth. UNIBEN is also affiliated with several universities in Europe and reputable organizations including USAID, UNCF, Ford Foundation, RMRDC…

UNIBEN has produced influential Nigerian businessmen, politicians, and leaders including Babatunde Fashola, Emmanuel Uduaghan, and Lilian Imuatinyan Salami.


Last on our list is the Federal University Of Technology Minna. FUTMINNA is another indigenous university of technology in Nigeria. The University was founded in 1983.

FUTMINNA was a designated institution of excellence in biotechnology and genetic engineering. It has also proved worth and vaccines and drugs to fight simple and complex parasites, germs, and diseases.

FUTMINNA is currently the 3030th best university in the world, according to The Webometrics University Ranking. Along with its strife for greatness and increase in knowledge, FUTMINNA has disciplined some of the most intelligent Nigerian scientists.

Best Federal Universities in Nigeria

Universities are of various levels, and the single answer that can be used to rate Universities in Nigeria is a big no. In recent years, there have been many attempts by different organizations and groups to rank Universities in Nigeria based on specific criteria.

Best Federal UniversitiesLocation
University of IbadanIbadan
University of IlorinIllorin
University of LagosLagos
University of NigeriaNsukka
Obafemi Awolowo UniversityIle-Ife
Ahmadu Bello UniversityZaria
Federal University of Technology, AkureAkure
University of BeninBenin
Federal University of Technology, MinnaMinna
Nnamdi Azikiwe UniversityAwka

Best State Universities in Nigeria

Best State UniversitiesLocation
Lagos State UniversityOjo
Adekunle Ajasin University
Akungba Akoko
Ekiti State University Ado-Ekiti
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (Anambra State University of Science & Technology)Uli
Ebonyi State University
Kwara State UniversityIlorin
Imo State University
Olabisi Onabanjo UniversityAgo-Iwoye
Delta State UniversityAbraka
Kogi State University

Best Private Universities in Nigeria

Best Private UniversitiesLocation

Problems of Nigerian Universities

Nigeria is one of the best places in the world to live, but some factors make Nigeria one of the worst countries for students in tertiary institutions.

I’m saying that I won’t advise the son of my enemy to study in Nigeria. Nothing is working in Nigeria, including the education sector.

There are millions of eager students that want to get admitted into the university. Still, the challenges and barriers in these institutions make it difficult for a student’s future to shine bright.

In this part of our article, we will be reviewing some disadvantages of studying at a Nigerian university.

1. Poor Infrastructure

Less than 30% of the student population has access to classrooms, laboratories, and workshops. This is because there isn’t enough funding, these institutions cannot build enough facilities to accommodate the student they’ve admitted.

2. Poor Quality Education

Let’s be honest, most of the lecturers and professors in Nigeria are not qualified to teach. They only got their jobs because their uncle or parents are food friends with a high-ranking official in the university.

Even those that are qualified to teach find it hard to cope because of the poor infrastructures and learning materials.

3. Cultism

For more than five decades, secret cults have been ravaging Nigerian tertiary institutions like a plague. Thousands of lives have been lost to the endless conflicts between rival groups on campuses nationwide.

4. Poor Funding

In 2018, President Muhammadu Buhari allocated only 7.04% of the nation’s budget to the education sector. Out of the ₦8.6 trillion, only ₦605.8 billion was allocated to the Nigerian education sector.

The amount allocated by the federal government is much lower than the 26% recommended by the United Nations. At the end of the day, most of the money would be stolen by the government and school officials before it is used to make anything decisive change in the university.

Cost Of Universities Education In Nigeria

Despite the challenges, Nigeria is still one of the cheapest countries to study in the world. There’s a long list of both public and private institutions.

Tuition fees in Nigerian public universities are usually between ₦25,000 and ₦350,000 per academic session. Private institutions on the other hand can charge high as ₦2 million per year.

Top 100 Best Universities In Nigeria

Here’s a table that contains some of the best Nigerian tertiary institutions. These are the top 100 best universities in Nigeria at the moment. Pick anyone, check out their admission requirements, and apply for any one of your choice.


University of IbadanIbadan
University of IlorinIlorin
University of LagosLagos
University of NigeriaNsukka
Obafemi Awolowo UniversityIle-Ife
Ahmadu Bello UniversityZaria
Covenant UniversityOta
Federal University of Technology, AkureAkure
University of BeninUgbowo
Federal University of Technology, MinnaMinna
Federal University of Technology, OwerriOwerri
Lagos State UniversityOjo
Federal University, Oye-EkitiOye
University of Port HarcourtPort Harcourt
Nnamdi Azikiwe UniversityAwka
University of AbujaAbuja
Redeemer’s UniversityMowe
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu UniversityUli
University of MaiduguriMaiduguri
Imo State UniversityOwerri
Ambrose Alli UniversityEkpoma
University of CalabarCalabar
University of JosJos
University of UyoUyo
Abia State UniversityUturu
Kwara State UniversityIlorin
Afe Babalola UniversityAdo-Ekiti
Landmark UniversityOmu-Aran
University of Agriculture, AbeokutaAbeokuta
Olabisi Onabanjo UniversityAgo Iwoye
Bayero University KanoKano
Ekiti State University, Ado EkitiAdo-Ekiti
Delta State University, AbrakaAbraka
Enugu State University of Science and TechnologyEnugu
Michael Okpara University of AgricultureUmuahia
Babcock UniversityIlishan-Remo
Veritas UniversityAbuja
Ladoke Akintola University of TechnologyOgbomoso
Tai Solarin University of EducationIjebu-Ode
Kaduna State UniversityKaduna
American University of NigeriaYola
Rivers State University of Science and TechnologyPort Harcourt
Federal University, Dutsin-MaDutsin-Ma
Pan African UniversityLagos
Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida UniversityLapai
Adekunle Ajasin UniversityAkungba Akoko
Usmanu Danfodio UniversitySokoto
African University of Science and TechnologyAbuja
Baze UniversityAbuja
Bowen UniversityIwo
Federal University of Petroleum ResourcesEffurun
Ebonyi State UniversityAbakaliki
Abubakar Tafawa Balewa UniversityBauchi
Osun State UniversityOshogbo
Igbinedion University OkadaOkada
Lead City UniversityIbadan
Ajayi Crowther UniversityOyo Town
University of Agriculture, MakurdiMakurdi
Bells University of TechnologyOta
Nasarawa State UniversityKeffi
Niger Delta UniversityWilberforce Island Yenagoa
Umaru Musa Yar’Adua UniversityKatsina
Bingham UniversityAuta Balifi
Benson Idahosa UniversityBenin City
Paul UniversityAwka
Nigerian Turkish Nile UniversityAbuja
Benue State UniversityMakurdi
Modibbo Adama University of TechnologyYola
Madonna UniversityOkija
Federal University, Ndufu-AlikeNdufu-Alike
Ondo State University of Science and TechnologyOkitipupa
Federal University, OtuokeOtuoke
Crawford UniversityFaith City
Caleb UniversityImota
Achievers University, OwoOwo
Elizade UniversityIlara-Mokin
Oduduwa UniversityIle Ife
Joseph Ayo Babalola UniversityIkeji-Arakeji
Kano University of Science and TechnologyWudil
Salem UniversityLokoja
Federal University, DutseDutse
Wellspring UniversityBenin City
Kogi State UniversityAnyigba
Al-Hikmah UniversityIlorin
University of MkarMkar
Crescent University, AbeokutaAbeokuta
Cross River University of TechnologyCalabar
Yobe State UniversityDamaturu
Renaissance UniversityEnugu
Adeleke UniversityEde
Federal University, LokojaLokoja
Fountain UniversityOshogbo
Akwa Ibom State UniversityUyo
Western Delta UniversityOghara
Federal University, LafiaLafia
Obong UniversityObong Ntak
Federal University, WukariWukari
Bauchi State UniversityGadau
Caritas UniversityEnugu
Gombe State UniversityGombe
Wesley University of Science and TechnologyOndo City
Kebbi State University of Science and TechnologyAliero
Adamawa State UniversityMubi
Novena UniversityOgume
Federal University, KashereKashere
Sokoto State UniversitySokoto
Kwararafa University WukariWukari
Samuel Adegboyega UniversityOgwa
Tansian UniversityUmunya
Taraba State UniversityJalingo
Godfrey Okoye UniversityUgwuomu-Nike
Al-Qalam University, KatsinaKatsina
Rhema UniversityAba

How To Gain Admission Into Nigeria University

Gaining admission into a Nigerian university is a highly competitive process that requires careful planning and preparation. To succeed in the application process, it is important to understand the requirements and steps that are necessary to secure admission

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to gain admission into Nigerian University

Step 1: Getting an O’Level Result 

O’Level results are one of the major requirements before gaining admission into any prestigious Nigerian university. The three types of O’level results are WAEC, NECO, and GCE. 

These results can be obtained by taking exams involving certain subjects and every Nigerian university require you must have at least 5 credits in subjects including Maths and English language. 

There are other exams you can take to get admission also. These exams are called A’level. With A’Level, students can get admission into the 200 level. The A’Level exams are IJMB, Cambridge A Level, JUPEB

Step 2: Applying for UTME/JAMB

Applying for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), also known as the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (Jamb), is an essential part of the process for gaining admission into a Nigerian university.

Jamb is the only standardized body accredited to taking entrance examinations for universities at a Nigerian university and it also serves as the qualifying test for admission into the tertiary examination. Students are expected to pass with at least 180 before they can be considered to be admitted by any Nigerian University 

The UTME/JAMB examination is a computer-based test held annually in April and May. The test covers a range of different topics, including the English language, and other subjects related to the student’s preferred course of study. 

Step 3: Applying For Post Utme

After successfully passing your JAMB exams, the next step is to apply to the university of your choice’s Post UTME examination. The POST UTME is an examination conducted by the university and it’s a requirement in some universities.

It is designed to assess applicants’ knowledge, skills, and general aptitude, and is an important step in applying for admission


To apply for Post-UTME, applicants must first meet the minimum entry requirements set by JAMB. This includes passing the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), obtaining the required credit passes, and obtaining the required pass score when writing JAMB.

However, it’s important to note that it’s not all universities that do POST UTME examinations for their applicants. Some universities, prefer using a screening method in which the student will upload his O’Level results and Jamb score alongside other details.

Any successful student who passes both UTME and POST UTME will be considered for admission. Students who excel in JAMB and also get high ratings in the screening methods will be considered for admission by the institution.

Can I Get Admission Through Predegree?

Yes, most students opt for predegree if they fail to get admission and want to stay busy before another JAMB starts. Predegree is a university program created for students who just graduated from secondary students. It’s a 6 – 9 months program and students who apply for predegree in any university have more chances of getting admitted than regular JAMB students.

Can I Get Admission Without Writing JAMB?

Yes, it’s technically possible to get admitted without having to write JAMB. You have to write another exam called IJMB. however, the IJMB process is longer than that of JAMB. IJMB is a program that runs for twelve months, and it’s divided into 2 semesters.

Upon completing the IJMB program, applicants will be offered admission into 200 level of any institution of their choice via direct entry.

What’s The Minimum Score To Get Admitted To JAMB?

The minimum score to get admitted with JAMB into a Nigerian university is 140. However, this score varies according to the institution. You have a higher chance of getting admitted into a federal university if you have a jamb score of over 170.

So that’s our ranking. Do a little bit of personal research into the ten schools above, and you’re sure going to know the one to pick as an undergraduate or a postgraduate student.

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