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How Much Is Bobrisky Net Worth Naira?

Are you familiar with the popular online distinguished personality called Bobrisky? Even a newlyborn child will know who Bobrisky is.

Bobrisky has been a popular figure in Nigeria in recent years with a net worth of $3 million, because of his transgender personality and has been highly criticized by many Nigerians, home and abroad as much as he has received thumbs up for his courageous act for switching his personality.

Many have tagged him as a homo-s*xual because of the way he acts on social media Snapchat. After many mixed-gendered comments flooded his Instagram page, he decided to announce to the public that his pronouns are “her” and “he”, this is very absurd.

She is also into the sales of cosmetics, bleaching creams, and other beauty products aside from his activities on social media.

Many Nigerians yearn to know more about the life of this popular figure, and that is why Informationngr has done a lot of research about the life, net worth, and career of Bobrisky and presented it to you in this article.

Full Name    Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju
Nationality  Nigerian
Birth Place   Ebute Meta, Lagos
Birth Date    31 August 1991
Age     31
Profession   Entrepreneur, Online Personality, Social Media Influencer
Sexual OrientationBi-sexual
Marital Status         Single
Net Worth$3 Million

Bobrisky Biography & Early Life

Bobrisky, whose real name is Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, was born on August 31st, 1991 to Alhaji Musibau Okuneye and Alhaja Bollington in Ebute Meta in Lagos State. He was enrolled at the University of Lagos where he studied accounting. His family was a polygamous one and he was the youngest. His mother was the third wife of his father and right from the age of 16, Bobrisky had already begun fending for himself.


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The journey to gender transformation of Bobrisky didn’t start today. Right from when he was a teenager, Bobrisky had always fantasized about becoming a female and he had begun acting in that direction. One might begin to wonder what his parent did when they started noticing his behavior. Well, his mother never welcomed it. In fact, she would beat him anytime she observed him acting like a woman or wearing female accessories.

As of 2016, Bobrisky was reported to have been the most searched individual on the internet, according to the Communications and Public Affairs Manager for West Africa.

Before his transformation, Bobrisky was originally a dark person before he went on to shade his skin from dark to bright or fair complexion, which was the result of constant use of whitening lotion cream which is fetching him a ton of money today as he is also selling such creams.

Bobrisky later took to social media where he started advertising himself and his product which was received with mixed feelings by many. Most people criticized him while others admired and accepted him even becoming his fans, when he was asked during an interview, how much each of his whitening creams cost, he said his whitening creams cost N200,000 each.


Bobrisky strongly kicks against the use of the pronoun “he” when addressing him, he even warned the public on social media that he should be addressed as a” she” as the rumors of him being a homos*xual were on the increase.

What also endears him to his fans is his courage and his ability to not allow all the negative rumors to get to him. He even said that “as long as he is counting his money, he is very okay”. He currently has over 20,000 fans, and he has also left the public wondering who his “boyfriend” is.

There have been so many controversies about Bobrisky’s transgender. Some admire him for that and even say that he looks beautiful in his transformed looks while others strongly disagree and condemn him for that, saying that he has desecrated the culture of Nigerians.

Cross-dressing didn’t begin with Bobrisky. His predecessors like Charlie Boy are known for their cross-dressing nature (the act of dressing like the opposite sex and possibly behaving like them), so Bobrisky’s nature is nothing new, just that in Bobrisky’s case, he took it to another level and standard even publicizing himself which made him popular.

Bobrisky Net Worth

Through his Snapchat videos and his cosmetics business, Bobrisky has been able to acquire a fortune for himself along with fame. He even claimed that his cosmetic business is worth N30 million. He is currently worth $3 million.

Bobrisky is not only a popular online personality but also he is a very successful business mogul who owns one of the most expensive cosmetic shops in Lagos. Through his business, he has been able to acquire a Range Rover 2019 Model. He also got a Benz as a gift from his “Bae” (according to him).

Bobrisky owns a duplex in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State, which he purchased in 2017. As usual, he did a Snapchat video of his multimillion-dollar mansion, showing various aspects of the building.

Bobrisky has been featured in movies and some music videos like “Report Card” which was sung by Harrysong. He also featured in Ojuloge Obirin, a Yoruba movie he acted in in 2015.


And there you have it—a glimpse into the flamboyant world of Bobrisky! We’ve covered the ins and outs of Bobrisky’s net worth, delved into the captivating details of the biography and Wiki, and acknowledged the significance of family in this unique journey. Whether it’s breaking stereotypes or setting trends, Bobrisky continues to be a fascinating personality, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment scene. Here’s to the glamour, the controversies, and the unwavering self-expression that make Bobrisky an icon in their own right!

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