How To Borrow Data From Airtel Using USSD[Easy Guide]

How To Borrow Data From Airtel Using USSD[Easy Guide]

Every one of us has experienced running out of airtime without a method to recharge. Possible network issues might prevent you from using your bank to recharge. On the other side, it can be that you might be trapped without a way to obtain airtime. Regardless of the cause, you will need to know how to top off your mobile phone at that moment. 

You don’t need to be concerned; Airtel Nigeria has provided a workable solution to such a situation. You may now borrow Airtel airtime as a customer. This service is referred to as Extra Credit. Using the Airtel extra credit code, you may borrow airtime or data and pay it back when you reload.

How To Borrow Data From Airtel

Customers of Airtel may also borrow data to use for internet browsing in addition to airtime. You can use these procedures to borrow data and pay it back afterward if you run out and are unable to subscribe to another plan for whatever reason. 

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to borrow data from Airtel.


  • Dial *303# on your mobile device
  • A notification will then appear. To borrow data, respond with 3.
  • If you complete this properly, a list of data bundles that you are eligible for will be shown. This might range from 10MB to 1TB in size.
  • You may now choose the package of your choice. They range in size from modest (10MB) to huge (1.5GB) in size. Naturally, they are all priced differently.


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How Much Data Can I Borrow From Airtel?

Utilizing the Airtel credit loan program, you may borrow up to 1.5GB of data. Data loan offers are included in the table below. Remember that a 15% service charge fee is applied to any quantity of borrowed data and is due with your next Airtel sim recharge.

DataPriceValidityAmount To Be Repaid 
10 MB#501 Day#57.50
50 MB#1001 Day#115.00
200 MB#2003 Days#230.00
350 MB#3007 Days#345.00
700 MB#50014 Days#575.00
1.5 GB#1,00030 Days#1,150.00

Who Is Eligible To Borrow Data From Airtel?

The list of users in each category that qualify for the Airtel Credit Loan Service is shown below. Before requesting Airtel’s data loan service, verify your eligibility carefully.

  • You must have a registered SIM and be an Airtel prepaid user.
  • They evaluate customers based on the frequency and the average cost of mobile phone recharges.
  • Additionally, you cannot still owe Airtel money from past loan transactions.

By contacting *500#, you may find out if you qualify for the Airtel Credit Loan Service.

How Do I Repay My Airtel Borrowed Data?

The data loans have corresponding amounts of airtime. This airtime sum will be taken out of your airtime balance when you wish to pay your network provider for the loan. Loan payments are always made automatically. Upon your subsequent recharge, your network provider will deduct the airtime amount from your data loan.

The whole top-up will be credited to your network provider if your subsequent recharge falls short of what you owe, and the remaining balance will be immediately subtracted from your subsequent recharge.

How Long Will The Airtel Borrowed Data Last?

There are due dates for the data loan. Loan alternatives are always displayed with their expiration dates. Some loans are only good for one day, while others are good for two, three, five, or thirty days.


The loan will no longer be usable if you do not use it up before the due date, but you will still be required to pay your network provider the entire loan amount.

Things To Take Note About Airtel Loan Service

The following are important tips that should be noted by all Airtel customers while trying to borrow data from Airtel. 

  • Active network customers benefit more from the Airtel Credit Loan Service.
  • The quantity you may borrow depends on the quality of airtime you recharge daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • The more you recharge, the more MB you may borrow.
  • Any additional data you borrow from Airtel is subject to a 15% charge.
  • There is no connection between data borrowing and using an Airtel 4G LTE SIM, 3G, or 2G. If you meet the requirements, you can borrow data.
  • Before obtaining a new loan, you must repay any prior ones.
  • You can utilize this service if you have an active SIM card and are an Airtel Prepaid customer.


Airtel introduced the “Airtel Credit Loan Service” to enhance the quality of its service offering. With this service, subscribers may borrow data anytime they run out and repay it later on their subsequent recharge.

This post has given a simple and accurate method of borrowing data from Airtel. Once your eligibility status has been confirmed, dial the USSD code stated in the article, borrow your desired data amount, and keep surfing the internet. 

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