20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

Are you looking for the best boy’s haircuts and styles? I’ve got you covered. There are so many good-looking hairstyles for men. But when it comes to boys’ haircuts, you just don’t know if you should go with trendy haircuts for boys or simple hairstyles, braids, or even weave hairstyles.

The latest and trending hairstyles for babies is a must-read for every parent who cares about their children’s hair. This article has detailed information on today’s famous boys’ and girls’ hairstyles.

Choosing an appropriate haircut is a very difficult task as a mother or father; you need to know precisely what suits your baby best and what will be suitable for them in the future. In addition, you need to consider the style that suits your baby’s personality.

I’ve searched over 30 blogs and Instagram handles to get the names and pictures of hairstyles for boys that are alluring, elegant, and cool. These fantastic hairstyles for little boys allow them to look and feel confident. It also helps bring out their personality and other traits they may have locked away due to timidity.

Cool Haircuts For Boys

Boys look great on haircuts such as fade, Afro, Dre, clean-cut, flat top, curly hair, Mohawk, buzz cut, low-cut, punk, and dreadlocks. So which one do you go for when picking a styling choice for your little boy?

I’ve put together the most unique, elegant, and functional Hairstyles for Boys. If you need inspiration for hairstyle choices for your little boy, these are the most attractive boy haircuts I know of.

1. Clean Punk Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This is the right hairstyle for men and schoolboys. This is a haircut for kids that are suitable for visiting exotic places and still very flexible. Clean Punk Haircut is also another business haircut and school hairstyle that your kid should try out today.

2. Octopus Braids Hairstyle

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This is another African Hairstyle that is still ok for Black American teenagers. This braid hairstyle is most attractive for black boys and teenagers. This braid style for boys makes him look responsible and good-looking. This is the right hairstyle for celebrations, weddings, and festivities.

3. Punk With Clean Patting Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

If your school doesn’t comply with strict school dress code and hairstyle policy, this is the right hairstyle for you. This boy Haircut style allows you to look functional and active in any event. This Punk Haircut is another top-notch hairstyle for men.

4. Full Dre With Fade And Curls Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

Become the center of an event with this boy’s haircut style. The elegant curls on your hair will grab attention, especially if you are the host. The fade on these styles is incredible, and this is a good haircut for casual events.

5. Curly Afro Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

Yea, for Afro Hairstyles. Afros are one of the most fabulous hairstyles for black boys. It is an excellent haircut for guys who have time to style their hair, but this style requires extra cash for maintenance and styling. But it is still a very beautiful hairstyle for black boys.

6. Shey Braids Hairstyles

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This African hairstyle would make you look good in any event. This is a box-braid hairstyle for girls and boys. This short braid is excellent for family gatherings and reunions. Plus, it’s a natural hairstyle and easy to maintain.

7. Buzzcut With Fade And Curls Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This is one of the shortest boys’ haircuts on this list. This hair is suitable for boys that are athletes or play a lot. It is Ok for white boys, black boys, and girls with short hair.

8. Cornrow Braids Hairstyles

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This is one of the best braids hairstyles on this list. This haircut is fantastic for young rock stars. The best thing about this braid is that it can be styled easily. You can style it to your liking, using styling gel or hair dye. You can even ask your hairstylist for more styling advice if you want.


9. Buzzcut With Lightening Patting Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This buzzcut is a clean, professional boy hairstyle that looks great on most kids and teenagers. This flexible hairstyle is easy to cut, maintain, and style. Plus, it makes for an excellent school haircut.

10. Blade Flat Top Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

If you are a big Blade or Will Smith fan, this is just the style for you. The form on the image above is at least 4”, which is the recommended length for a flat top haircut. If you feel you can maintain this hair, go for it.

11. Super Low Mohawk Hairstyle

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This Mohawk cut is a popular boy haircut for black kids, it’s cold, tranquil, stylish, and it works with any face shape. This hair is flexible and would work great for a formal event. If you feel like going on a date with your girl at Domino’s Pizza, Coldstone Creamery, or Shoprite, then you should try out this smart haircut.

12. Curly Mohawk With Brown Top

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This is another top-notch haircut for students going for prom or V.S. Curly Mohawk with Brown Top has a slick top, short, tapered sides, and a clean fade finish.

13. Buzzcut With Peace Patting Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

Are you looking for a cool boy’s haircut with an excellent finish and will make you stand out? This is just the haircut for you. This is easy to cut hairstyle design that is also simple to maintain and style.

14. Low Afro With Curls Haircuts

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This is one of the best hairstyles for black kids. You can make your kid the man of the event in any situation with this hairdo that calls to action. It looks good on any Ankara dress and chic outfit.

15. Buzzcut With Aeroplane Hairart

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This is one of the best boys’ haircuts with fantastic designs on this list. This lets the world know your spirit of adventure and creativity. This is another amazing hairstyle for boys.

16. Mohawk With Pulse Patting and Fade Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This is another fabulous boy hairdo with another alluring hair art by the side. The Pulse patting adds life to this elegant haircut for men. This simple haircut shows unity and balance that will look good on any guy.

17. Low Afro With Dyed Top Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This is one of the most popular black boys’ haircuts in the United States. This hairstyle grabs the most attention in any event and creates the perfect first impression.

18. Buzzcut With a Dyed Top Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

This is one of those black boys’ haircuts that do not last for long but worth it.


This hairstyle will surely add a slight adjustment to your personality and a new flair to your look. This unique Buzzcut hairdo has a classic temple fade that would give you a perfect look.

19. Dreadlocks

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

Bring out your inner black spirit with this “Rastaman” and rockstar hairdo. You can choose any color for your locks and still look amazing.

20. Lowcut With Signature Haircut

20 Trendy Hairstyles Ideas For Kids & Little Boys

Finally, a very simple boy haircut, Low-cut, is one of my favorites. This low-cut hairstyle is super duper simple and suitable for work, school, and other casual events. There are different hairstyles for boys you can try out, but these 20 are my personal favorites.

What Can I Use For My 1-Year-Old Baby Hair?

When it comes to taking care of a 1-year-old baby’s hair, gentle products are key. It is important to use products that are specifically designed for infant and toddler hair, as these are formulated to be mild and free of strong chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

Baby shampoos are one of the most important products to use, as it is formulated with a gentle and non-irritating formula. Additionally, using a gentle conditioner can help keep the baby’s hair healthy, and shiny. 

However, it is important to avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain fragrances or dyes, as these can be too harsh for a baby’s delicate scalp. The products you should use on your baby’s hair should be hypoallergenic and made from natural ingredients. 

What Can I Style My Baby’s Hair With?

There are a few options to consider when styling your baby’s hair. Overall, it is best to use products specifically designed for babies’ delicate scalps. Use products labeled as “tear-free” and “hypoallergenic” and avoid those that contain harsh chemicals.

However, depending on your baby’s hair type and length, some good styling products to consider include baby-safe detanglers, leave-in conditioners, mousses, and pomades. If you choose to use hair accessories like bows or headbands, make sure they are also made specifically for babies, as regular adult accessories can cause irritation or tugging.

At What Age Can I Start Braiding My Baby’s Hair?

It is generally recommended to wait until your baby is at least six months old before you start braiding their hair. Before this age, a baby’s scalp is still very delicate and their hair is too short to braid. 

After the baby is six months old, you can begin to braid their hair, but be sure to use a gentle touch. The baby’s scalp and hair are still sensitive, so take care to use a light hand and use products that are specifically designed for babies.

However, if your baby has long, thick hair, you can use styling products such as oils and gels to make the braiding process easier. Make sure to use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair before braiding to avoid the baby’s hair breaking.

Can I Do My Baby’s Hair At 3 Months?

No, you cannot do your baby’s hair at 3 months. This is due to the fact that the scalp and hair are still developing at this age, and could be easily damaged by the use of styling products or tools.

However, small amounts of oil can be lightly applied to the scalp to provide moisturizing benefits. It is also important to remember that a baby’s hair may grow quickly in the first year, so frequent trims are unnecessary. As the baby gets older, you can gradually introduce more styling products and tools, but it is recommended to wait until at least 6 months before attempting to make the baby’s hair.

What Should I Do With My 6-Month-Old Baby’s Hair?

When caring for a 6-month-old’s hair, there are various steps you should take to keep it looking healthy and manageable. 

First, you should use a gentle shampoo and conditioner, as the baby’s scalp is still developing and more delicate than adult scalps. When washing the baby’s hair, use lukewarm water and a soft-bristled brush to help remove any knots or tangles. 

After washing the hair, you can apply a light conditioner and gently comb out any remaining tangles. To help keep the hair moisturized, use a leave-in conditioner and brush through it daily. Finally, you may want to consider using baby oil or hair serum to protect the hair from any further damage. 

How Can I Style My Baby’s Hair Naturally?

Styling your baby’s hair naturally can be a fun and nice way to bond with your baby. To do this, you will want to make sure your baby’s hair is clean and free of any product buildup. You can use a gentle, natural shampoo for this purpose.

After washing, you can use a natural conditioner to provide extra hydration. You can also use natural oils, such as coconut, olive, and argan oil, to add moisture and softness to the hair. Once the baby’s hair is clean and hydrated, you can try out different styles you like on your baby’s hair.

How to style baby girl hair

  1. Keep It Simple: Baby hair is often fine and delicate, so it’s best to keep styling simple. Avoid using heat styling tools, like curling irons or straighteners, as they can damage the baby’s hair.
  2. Gentle Washing: Use a mild, tear-free baby shampoo to wash your baby’s hair. Be gentle while rinsing to avoid any discomfort.
  3. Detangling: After washing, gently comb your baby’s hair with a soft-bristle brush or a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles. Start from the tips and work your way up to the roots.
  4. Use Soft Hair Accessories: If you want to add some style, opt for soft and baby-friendly hair accessories like bows, headbands, or tiny clips. Make sure they’re not too tight and won’t pull on the baby’s hair or cause discomfort.
  5. Cute Ponytails: Create cute and loose ponytails. You can use small, soft hair ties or even baby-friendly scrunchies. Avoid tying the hair too tightly.
  6. Adorable Braids: For longer baby hair, you can try simple and loose braids. These are not only cute but also help keep the hair from tangling.

Should You Wash A Baby’s Hair Every Day?

There’s no definitive answer to if you should wash your baby’s hair every day. Some experts recommend washing a baby’s hair every day, while others suggest washing it only every few days.

Ultimately, the decision of how often to wash a baby’s hair should be based on the individual needs of the baby. If a baby has especially dry or oily hair, frequent washing may be necessary. On the other hand, for babies with normal hair, it is usually recommended to wash their hair two to three times a week.


It is important to use a gentle shampoo that is designed specifically for babies to avoid irritating their delicate scalps and skin.

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