How To Buy Land On The Metaverse: The Definitive Guide For Nigerians

How Much Does Land In The Metaverse Cost?

Tech enthusiasts, investors, and crypto aficionados are becoming interested in the metaverse. Virtual land has become extremely popular in the 3D digital world, and the market resembles that of real-world real estate. Buying and selling metaverse NFT land is a simple process that our content will walk you through.

Several politicians and celebrities have made headlines for buying land through Metaverse and getting a high return on it. Yet, there are still a lot of people who don’t know the ins and outs of the virtual world. This guide will enlighten you on what Metaverse is, how you can buy onto their platform, and get started.

There are different apps and sites to buy land on Metaverse with a few clicks. But to avoid being scammed by several sites and apps, make sure you follow our process to the end.

Before we go on, what is the Metaverse?

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What Is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a public blockchain project that aims to lower the barriers of entry for real-world applications on the blockchain. They are creating an ecosystem where digital assets can be issued, exchanged, and transferred quickly and cost-effectively.

Metaverse is a blockchain that aims to be the “decentralized platform of smart properties and digital identities” according to their white paper. Their blockchain provides an infrastructure for the creation and use of digital assets and digital identities.

The metaverse is the internet’s next generation. It’s difficult to put into words because there is no commonly agreed definition. The term was originally used in Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash, which was published in 1992. The novel described the metaverse as a virtual realm populated by real-world people who may or may not be in the same physical place as others.


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Ready Player One, a brilliant novel that was adapted into a blockbuster film, expanded on the notion. Consider the metaverse to be a network of virtual and augmented reality-connected 3D simulated environments. Essentially, rather than using a computer to access the internet, the metaverse will allow you to interact with it.

Metaverse is a public blockchain project that provides a foundational infrastructure for social and enterprise needs. It aims to provide decentralized solutions for individuals and organizations by establishing a web of Smart Properties and forming a value intermediary network.

The vision is to create a web where each individual has complete control over their digital identity and assets, a system where there is complete transparency and trust in all transactions.


How Does The Metaverse Work?

Metaverse works a lot like the real world. It’s a place where you can buy, sell, trade, and build just like in real life. Metaverse is the perfect companion to the real world.

The metaverse is a virtual, augmented, and physical reality hybrid that blurs the lines between online and offline activities. But, to put it another way, it’s a collection of platforms like the Sandbox, Mirandus, and Decentraland where people can communicate in various ways.

Since Mark Zuckerberg declared that Facebook would change its name to Meta and spend at least $10 billion on the metaverse, interest in it has exploded. Businesses have already begun to start new ventures in this digital area as more people continue to make their bets on a future embedded in the metaverse.

Anyone can issue digital assets (including stable coins) on the Metaverse blockchain but it isn’t just for issuing tokens. By enabling people to register their digital identities on Metaverse, they make it possible for anyone to access identity-related services like credit scoring or mortgage financing.

It also enables other developers to build applications with these digital identities as a foundation making it easier than ever to bring real-world use cases onto the blockchain.

How To Own Property On The Metaverse

If the metaverse is designed to embrace everything that exists digitally, from digital art to virtual worlds, then the real estate plots that are being picked up might be considered a sort of lucrative business or investment, with NFTs being one of the most common.

Users can choose from various virtual worlds, including The Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, Earth2, Nifty Island, Superworld, and Wilder World, which all provide hyper-realistic graphics game options and communities of specific types of early adopters.

Snoop Dogg, for example, has a house in The Sandbox, while Paris Hilton has an island in Roblox.

So, in the metaverse, how do you buy land?

Acquiring land on the Metaverse is similar to purchasing any other NFT. To get started, all you need is a wallet and some cryptocurrency. Make sure you do your homework before taking any risks, just like you would with any other investment.


Buying land on the Metaverse is very easy. You only have to pick a Metaverse platform and link the platform to your wallet. With that said, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your piece of land on the Metaverse.

You must first choose a metaverse platform before purchasing metaverse property. Your motivations for purchasing the land will have an impact on the project you choose, which we shall discuss later in our tips section.

When looking for your piece of Metaverse, you have to decide what kind of land you want to purchase. Each virtual world has different types of terrain and they will have different properties to choose from. There is no right or wrong way to go about this process; it is all a matter of preference and what type of property you would like to get in the end.

There are currently three worlds that have been created on the Metaverse:

  • Decentraland – Decentraland is a virtual world owned by its users. You can purchase land, build anything you want, and monetize your creation. You can also trade your LAND with other users on the marketplace.
  • Cryptovoxels – Cryptovoxels is a decentralized virtual world built on Ethereum where players can buy, build and explore. It’s like Minecraft but running on Ethereum instead of servers controlled by a single entity.
  • The Sandbox – The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain using SAND, the platform’s utility token. Players also use SAND as ‘fuel’ to explore, play, and create games within The Sandbox metaverse.

Before making any decisions, it’s important to do some research on the Metaverse market so that you know what type of prices you should be paying for your virtual property.

You’ll need to establish a wallet that allows you to access your cryptocurrency. You can use a mobile wallet or a browser-based wallet, depending on your preferences. On the other hand, using a browser-based wallet will usually result in fewer issues.

Metaverse is a blockchain-based platform for digital assets and digital identities, which allows for the creation of decentralized digital communities and more. Users can register as avatars (their virtual representation on Metaverse) and engage in various activities such as trading, exchanging, lending, and crowdfunding.

Both MetaMask and Binance Chain Wallet are good choices because they support different blockchains, but make sure the wallet is recognized by your Metaverse platform.

You’ll get a string of words known as your seed phrase when you set up your wallet. Keep it safe because this is how you’ll be able to get your wallet back if you lose it. It’s ideal for keeping it somewhere that’s always online.

How To Buy Land On The Metaverse: The Definitive Guide For Nigerians

Buying real estate on Decentraland is easier than you think. If you plan on buying property on Decentraland, sign in or sign up if you’re a new user, go to Decentraland’s marketplace to click on “Parcels and Estates” to see available properties.

By purchasing real estate in Decentraland’s marketplace, you gain access to the streets, neighboring areas, and other urban centers near your virtual neighborhood.  Once you’ve seen a piece of land you like, connect your wallet, purchase it, and confirm your land.

If you plan to purchase property in Sandbox, simply head over to Sandbox. Navigate to the Sandbox map to see all available tracts of land and real estate. You can also find other available properties on the Sandbox marketplace or through third-party exchanges like OpenSea.

You must connect your wallet before you can bid on anything. Click on the “Sign In” in the top right corner of The Sandbox map. Make sure your wallet is set to the same blockchain as the project.

For this example, we’ll be using MetaMask Wallet. MetaMask will prompt you to link your wallet with Sandbox, once connected, enter your email address, nickname, and password to finish setting up your account.

Sign on the MetaMask signature request to finish your account and your funds and profile picture will become visible on the top right corner of the website once you’ve successfully connected.

If you don’t have any crypto, you will have to purchase some to continue. Head over to Binance or your favorite exchange to buy SAND or ETH, then transfer it to your wallet.

You’ll need either SAND or Ethereum (ETH) in your wallet to buy or bid on the land. With your Binance account, you may buy SAND or ETH with a credit or debit card.

You’ll need to transfer your cryptocurrency to your crypto wallet once you’ve purchased it from an exchange. Once you have crypto, you can start browsing available properties that you can bid on or buy.

After you’ve found some land you wish to buy, you can either place an offer by clicking the “bid” button or buy it for a fixed price by clicking the ETH amount. Since OpenSea links are embedded in the UI, the SandBox map is also the best way to ensure that you’ve purchased genuine real estate. Once you complete and confirm your order, your virtual land will become yours for the taking

Is Metaverse A Big Deal?

This question always bothers most people to take a bold step into the metaverse, I will answer this question in a few sentences and clear your doubt.


It’s a virtual reality platform that allows users to play games, chat with friends, hold meetings, and even attend virtual concerts. Metaverse is a Blockchain-based public platform designed to provide financial services for users through the use of digital identities, such as digital assets and smart contracts.

It is not just a big deal, it is the future.

Interest in metaverse real estate has soared when Facebook declared it would change its name to Meta and focus on creating its digital realm and it will continue to progress.

The digital real estate ecosystem has exploded in popularity in the bitcoin realm. As you can see, purchasing and selling land is pretty simple. On the other hand, current pricing can make it more expensive than a tangible real estate investment. If you decide to buy NFT metaverse land, be careful to think about the hazards and stick to safe crypto activities.


Navigating the virtual landscape is no longer a distant concept but a tangible opportunity. From understanding the intricacies of virtual real estate to practical steps for making your purchase, this guide serves as a definitive roadmap. So, whether you’re an aspiring virtual landowner or just curious about the Metaverse, the possibilities are as real as the pixels on your screen.

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