How To Buy Paula’s Choice In Canada

How To Get Paula’s Choice Orders In Canada

Everyone wants a nice, soft, silky, and shining skin that will make people wonder as you pass them by. Many, especially women, have invested in creams, soaps, and many beauty products to bring out the beauty of their skin. Some undergo various skin care routines but still don’t get the perfect skin tone they desire.

Paula Beagoun, founder of Paula’s choice, didn’t just join the beauty industry; she changed it. In her quest to end her struggle with acne and eczema, she desperately sought remedies that wouldn’t worsen the matter.

Because of this, she started a lifelong research career and formulated effective skincare products that would be one of the most sought skin care products today – Paula’s choice.

Many people in Canada are experiencing difficulties in having their Paula’s Choice products shipped to their Canadian address. We have highlighted this product and have provided you with the solutions in this post.

Is Paula’s Choice as Good As The Ordinary?

No, the Ordinary appears to have excellent evaluations, but remember that each product only has one active ingredient. Paula’s Choice addresses skin issues such as exfoliation, hydration, and clinical care. The ingredients are more thoroughly researched, and the brand has received more accolades than The Ordinary.

Even while Paula’s Choice is a little more expensive than the Ordinary, the difference isn’t significant, and you get a lot more bang for your buck with Paula’s Choice.

Is Paula’s Choice Worth The Money?

How To Get Paula’s Choice Orders Shipped To Canada

Yes! Paula’s Choice is a great skincare brand that is reasonably priced. People adore Paula’s Choice because the goods deliver results. The products have been meticulously researched, and their website has an ingredients dictionary that lists all of the most popular skincare compounds.

Paula’s Choice has consistently received rave reviews, prompting calls for the company to expand its presence in Canada. Also, Unilever bought Paula’s Choice and now owns it. Do you think a large firm that Unilever, will buy a company without doing their study?

Where Can I Get Paula’s Choice?

You can get any of Paula’s Choice products through any of the following websites:


Why is Paula’s Choice Not Available In Canada?

Due to regulatory laws, certain Paula’s Choice items cannot be sold outside of the United States. Within duos, trios, sets, and kits, shipments to European addresses are not available.

Because of these recent changes in customs charges and taxes, when imports into Canada are placed in Canada and transferred to Canada Post, there is no longer a tax for orders of $32 or more. Destination provinces will calculate import fees using the checkout system. Paula’s Choice gives clarity and simplicity by charging import fees upfront.


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Can Paula’s Choice Be Made Available In Canada?

It depends on the shipping carrier you’ve chosen. Although you will not be charged as an advantage, we have scheduled meetings with each carrier to strive toward that aim. Upon passing through the Canadian border, customers often purchase basic delivery through Canada Post.

Can you only buy Paulas Choice online?

You can purchase Paula’s Choice products online through various platforms, including their official website, Amazon, and other authorized retailers.

What are Paula’s Choice’s Best Selling Products?

Paula’s Choice is known for its high-quality products, but a handful of them has gone popular on TikTok and are suggested by big skincare gurus, including Hyram’s skincare. If you’re unsure whether Paula’s Choice is a good brand, keep reading to learn about its best-selling products.

If you’re ordering from Canada, here are the best Paula’s Choice products to get:

  • Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Replenishing Moisturizer.
  • Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant.
  • Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Serum.

How Can I Get Paula’s Choice Products In Canada?

If you’ve heard of Paula’s Choice, you’re probably looking for a fragrance-free, budget-friendly skincare line that addresses anything from acne to rosacea. Paula’s Choice has a treatment for every skin type and is dedicated to helping you overcome your skin problems. They’re also known for their high-quality products.

Here’s how you can get your Paula’s Choice Orders shipped to Canada:

1. Choose a Reliable Package Forwarder

Why is Paula's choice not available in Canada

Choosing the right package forward when shipping and delivering your Paula’s Choice orders to your Canadian address is important. Typically, your package forwarder determines how quickly you will receive your order.

If you are looking for a package forwarding service to use, here are some factors you must consider:

  • Monthly/Annual Fees: Do they have monthly or annual fees? If yes, how much is it?
  • Speed: How fast will they process your parcel or package?
  • Service Fees: How much do they charge for their main service of receiving and shipping packages, coupled with other services such as re-packing, long-term storage, package consolidation, and more?
  • Customer Service: How responsive is their customer support team? How satisfied are other users with their service?

One of the reliable shipping forwarders you can use is Planet Express. They send you photos of your package when it gets to their warehouse for free. They have a tax-free warehouse in Oregon, so you may not pay sales tax on your orders. Also, their pricing for storage is incredibly cheap. Every parcel or package gets ten days of free storage, and then Planet Express charges one cent per pound daily on the package.


2. Ship Your Order To Planet Express

When you have signed up with this shipping company, they’ll send you a unique mailing address at their warehouse. Once you have selected the products you intend to buy and want to check out, enter your Planet Express mailing address instead of your Canadian home mailing address.

Moreover, you don’t have to use your home address as your credit card billing address; you can use the Planet Express warehouse address without hassles.

3. Forward Your Package

As soon as your parcel gets to the Parcel Express warehouse, they inform you of the arrival of your package by sending you some photos. Then, you will be given some shipping options with different prices. Choose the option suitable for your package’s value, size, and weight.

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Receive My Order?

You do not have to wait for long to get your products. It takes about 3 – 14 working days for your order to arrive.


As you can see, shipping your Paula Choice orders to Canada can be quick and easy – if you follow the right process. Even if you are buying from another retailer or store that doesn’t ship to Canada, you can use this method to receive your order.

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