Online Check-in for airlines operating in Nigeria.

Can You Online Check In For International Flights?

Check-in for airlines – There are certain stages involved when traveling by air. The steps start with making a flight booking, payment, and check-in up to the moment you alight from the flight.

Check-in is a stage that all passengers must go through while seeking to move by air. Check-in is done before an individual boards a flight.

If the check-in is successful, the passenger is given a boarding pass which will allow him/her to board the flight.

Some years back, check-in was done only at the airport. Passengers are to queue up at a section, called the check-in counter for the respective airline.

However, in the ever-growing world of technology, the aviation industry is not left behind. The growth in technology has led to a more convenient and time-friendly means of check-in.


Passengers can now check-in online when due. This online check-in has become the norm in the modern world. It is available on the website of the various airlines.

Moreover, it makes life easy for both the passengers and the airlines. Also, it saves time for both parties and as well reduces the workload of personnel for the airlines.

Benefits of Online Check-in for Airlines

Online check-ins help to save airlines a lot of money by reducing costs. They make use of fewer papers, the fewer staff at the check-in counter at the airport.

Moreover, online check-in helps to save time (also money). And this enables them to provide cheaper flight fares.

Why Passengers Must Check-In Online

There are dozens of reasons passengers should check in online. Online Check-in makes life easy for passengers by saving them time and stress. Also, it provides opportunities for passengers to improve their flights.

You can select any seat of your choice during the online check-in.  The earlier you check in online, the greater the choice of available seats.

Moreover, some airlines will make you pay a fine if you haven’t checked in online or if you don’t have a printed copy of your boarding pass.

Also, note that if you fail to check in early, you can be denied boarding. And you will be eligible for compensation for boarding denial. This is because it will be seen as your responsibility.

So, do not let any airline staff stop you from your lovely trip! Ensure you check in at the due time.


How to Check-in for Flight

The process involved in online check-in differs from one airline to the other. However, there are some things that are uniform to all airlines.

Do not be alarmed by the name or procedure; the check-in process is very easy. The first procedure is to visit the website of the airline of your choice.

Then, you check if there is a flight available to your destination and book the flight.

After booking the flight, look for the link to check in. When you click on the link, you will be directed to a check-in web page.

Once you are certain that you are on the check-in page, you will need to fill in your reservation confirmation number, and your frequent flyer number.

You may also need to fill in your full name depending on the airline of your choice.

In most cases, travelers can change their seat number on this page. When the traveler has completed this process, he or she will need to print out the boarding pass.

The boarding pass serves as evidence that the traveler has indeed checked in. The boarding pass is the document to be presented to gain entry into the aircraft.

In any event, where the flight is not a direct flight to the destination of the traveler, he or she would print out as many boarding passes as the flight he or she will take.

Having explained the general check-in process, we shall now look at the specifics of some of the notable airlines in Nigeria.


Online check-in for Dana Airlines

The first thing to do when checking in for Dana Air is to visit the website. After opening the home page of the site, the next thing is to click the flight booking menu. Among the options that will appear is the check-in link.

If the tab for the check-in is red, it is advisable to click again. Then you fill in the surname and the confirmation number of the traveler.

Once this is filled, the traveler can go ahead to print out the boarding pass.

Online Check-in for Aero Airlines

When trying to check in online for an Aero Air flight, the first step is to visit the website of the airline. The next thing to do after the web page has been opened is to click on the bookings menu.

There you will find the online check-in link, click on this link, and you will be taken to the online check-in page. You will have to input your last name and your booking reference which would have already been sent to you.

Travelers are urged to read the terms and conditions associated with online checking before clicking on the next button to get their boarding pass.

Online check-in for Arik Air

Alas, one of the top dogs in the aviation ministry does not offer an online check-in service for domestic flight travelers in Nigeria.

Arik Air, which is arguably the most popular airline in Nigeria’s aviation ministry does not offer online check-in. They offer this service in other countries, but they are yet to provide this option for Nigerian travelers.

One will expect that it won’t be long before they also evolve, given that most of the other airlines have adopted it and it is time-saving.

However, it is of note that they offer an online check-in service for international flights. For international flights online check-in, the first thing to do is to visit the website(

After opening the home page, you will see the plan and book menu. Then, click on the book a flight link under this menu, and you will get a couple of options which include the online check-in option.

After clicking on the online check-in option,  you will have to supply your surname, booking reference, flight number, and the departure airport.


From the above, we can see that online check-in is beneficial to both the travelers and the airline. Due to this new feature, passenger can check in from wherever they want, be it their home, office, car; you name it.

It also helps the airline to reduce the number of staff needed and the burden on the existing staff. The online check saves time for both the airliner and the flyer.

However, travelers shouldn’t fall into the trap that most travelers fall into. Most travelers become too relaxed after completing their check-in process online.

They often show up late at the airport. There is no doubt that the online check-in will save you time at the airport. However, you must be present at the airport on time to have enough time for luggage check.

It is advisable that you get to the airport a few hours before the flight departure.

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