Cost of Brick Wall Per M2 in South Africa 2022/2023

What Is The Going Rate For Bricklaying Per Square Metre?

We all like to do some rough calculations before we go ahead and build a brick wall. It is just polite to know how much it is going to cost to build the brick wall before you start building it. Of course, these rough estimates are seldom accurate and they are almost never 100% correct. This can frustrate builders, but this is the reason why they do not like to give quotes because they know that they will always have to change the original quote and therefore they will not have any clients.

Brick Walls are an essential part of South African construction. These walls are usually found between neighbors’ houses and provide a space between two buildings. Brick Walls can be used to separate gardens from driveways, or different levels in a house. Brick Walls can be built in whatever style, color, or height the owner wants. The average cost of a Brick Wall per M2 is R3500, but this varies depending on the quality, size, and complexity.

Did you know that brick wall cost per m2 in South Africa can go from as little as R 30/m2 to over R 600/m2 for different types of brick walls? The costs of brick wall per m2 in South Africa depends on factors such as:

  • The size (Length and Height) of the wall
  • The type of bricks used
  • The construction technique
  • Location of the project

While there are an estimated 1,000,000+ brick walls in South Africa, calculating the cost of brick walls per m2 is more difficult. The standard size of a brick wall is considered to be 0.9m in height and 1.8m in length. While the exact costs of brick walls vary depending on the material, size and style, you can use the following equation to estimate your own costs:(M2 x Cost of Brick Wall per m3) / (0.9 x Length) + (0.01 x Height) = Estimated Cost of Brick Wall per m2

Average Brick Wall Cost for Gardens

Putting up a wall for your garden is important as the house itself. You wouldn’t want starting animals and little humans invading your precious garden.
There are several factors that will affect how much it will cost on average to build a brick wall for your garden. But there are two main factors that you should bother yourself with, the first is the size of the wall; secondly, the type of bricks you choose.

If the bricks to be used are machine-made, a garden wall of 5m x 1.2m can cost as little as R1,830. But then, the same size wall can cost as much as R3,600 if the bricks are handmade.

And if you’ll want your garden to have a thicker wall made, automatically means you will be paying twice for the cost of the same wall with a single layer of bricks.

On average, with the cost of labor and project management, you can expect to pay around R7000 – R9000 per m2 of a garden brick wall.

Know that this price can vary and this is determined by the company you’re letting out your project to.

Average Brick Wall Cost for Houses

Again, remember that costs can vary and this is determined by the area you live in, the company you’re letting out your construction job to, the type of brick you want among other factors.

And there’s also the factor of local authority policy for boundary walls and fences, make sure to put this into full consideration so that you don’t get to spend money on a wall that would have to be tumbled down in the long run.

Calculating the average cost for your houses’ brick wall will cost you nothing short of R55,000. This will include the cost of materials and labor.

Cost of Materials

To calculate the materials needed to build up a brick wall, you will have to sum up the cost of cement, block, and sand
You do not have to worry yourself about all of these materials though, well, except you’re building your brick wall yourself.

And if you’re not the builder but you’re letting out the project, all of these material costs have to be in place too.

Consider, for instance, your wall is proposed to be at 200m2 high, this will require at least 40 bags of cement for each m2, that’s 160 bags at R66 per bag, making R10,560.
The price of a block, aggregate, and sand is determined by where you’re getting them from, but you should budget at least R8,000 for these. These bring the cost of materials to plus or minus D20,000

Cost of Labour

Even if you’re building your wall all by yourself, you can’t do it all. There might be a need for you to hire a hand or 2.
The average earnings of a hired hand are R22 per hour, if you’re employing the services of 2 or more, then you calculate their pay by the hour and total of the number of persons you’re hiring. For labor, you can make a budget of R700 – R900. Better to have in excess than not enough.

Cost of Tools

Building a wall, brick, or block, the tools are very important. And these tools include trowel R65, brick chisel R1,500, shovel R500, hammer R250, spade R200, wheelbarrow R12,500, bolster R3500, dry brush R79 among others. If you calculate the cost of all of these it’s accrued to a little below R20,000. Now that’s a huge amount but it’s worth it for your brick wall revamping.

If you have all of the tools you need for your building project, that’s fortunate. But if you don’t, then adding up the cost of it all is very important, too.

Also, note that the prices of all of these items can vary, but them, its always better to plan your cost at excess, this will even help cover up for miscellaneous and every other unprecedented expense.

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