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Nigeria is blessed with different cultures, ethnic groups, and tribes. Apart from the fact that each tribe in Nigeria has foods peculiar to it, the cost of foodstuffs varies across location and time of the year.

One of the commodities with unstable price in Nigeria is foodstuffs. The price of foodstuffs keep fluctuating due to many factors, but Nigeria needs to know the prices of foodstuffs as this will assist them when shopping for food.

There are various foods available in Nigeria, and they include rice which is the chief of all, beans, yam, noodles, beverage and many more. All these foodstuffs come in different form and brands; therefore, their prices differ.

If you have been looking for the current cost of foodstuffs in Nigeria then are on the right page. We bring to you cost of various foodstuffs in Nigeria.

Cost of Foodstuffs in Nigeria

There are different types of foodstuffs in the country, and they include rice, beans, yam, noodles, beverage and a lot of them. Each of these foodstuffs also come in brands and kind. Below is the cost of each foodstuff.

Price of Rice in Nigeria

There are different brands of rice in Nigeria, and their price varies although the difference isn’t that much their prices differ. These brands of rice include:

Mama Gold 50kg Rice₦15,000 to ₦18,000
25kg Mama Gold Rice₦7,500 to ₦9,000
Mama Gold 10kg Rice₦3,500 to ₦4,000
Mama’s Pride 25kg Rice₦8,750 to ₦9,500
Mama’s Pride 50kg Rice₦17,500 to ₦19,000
Caprice 25kg Rice₦7,000 to ₦9,000
Caprice 50kg Rice₦14,500 to ₦16,000
50kg  Royal Stallion Rice₦15,000 to ₦17,000
Royal Stallion Rice of 25kg₦8,200 to ₦8,700
Royal Stallion 10kg Rice₦3,100 to ₦3,700

Ofada rice of 5kg sells within the range of  ₦2,500 to ₦3,000. While the 50kg pack of the Mama Africa rice goes for about N17,000 and the 25kg sells around ₦8,500.

Cost of Beans Available in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are different types of beans available in the market, and their prices also vary. They are:

50kg Oloyin Beans₦30,000 – ₦40,000
Oloyin (25kg)₦15,000 – ₦19,000
50kg Olotun₦29,000 – ₦36,000
Olotun (25kg)₦14,000 – ₦17,500
50kg Butter Beans₦33,000
Butter Beans (25kg)₦16,500
50kg White Beans₦32,000
White Beans (25kg)₦16,000
50kg Brown Beans₦32,000
Brown Beans (25kg)₦16,000

Price of Yam in Nigeria

The yam available in the market is basically two types. The usual yam and the one we refer to as Abuja Yam which comes bigger. You can also use pound these type of Yam with your mortar and pestle for your favourite Iyan as Yoruba’s say. Their prices are explained below:

Regular Yam (Medium)₦350 – ₦500
Regular Yam (Large)₦500 – ₦800
Abuja Yam (Large)₦3700 – ₦3900
Abuja Yam (Medium)₦3500 – ₦3650

Cost of Cooking Oil in Nigeria

In Nigeria, we have two major oil for cooking, they are palm oil, and vegetable oil is one of them. The prices of these oils vary across brands, and they are :

5 litres of local Vegetable Oil Local₦2,300- ₦2,500
30 litres of local Vegetable Oil₦13,500 –₦14,000
5 litres of Kings Vegetable Oil₦2,900- ₦3,000
5 litres of Wesson Vegetable Oil₦4,500 – ₦4,700
3.8 litres of Mamador Vegetable Oil₦3,000 – ₦3,200
3 litres of Power Vegetable Oil₦2,400- ₦2,600
5 litres Gallon of Palm Oil₦2, 200 – ₦2, 500
20 litres of local Vegetable Oil₦9,000- ₦9,500
20 litres of Palm Oil₦8, 800-₦9, 000
30 litres Gallon of Palm Oil₦12, 800-₦13, 000

Prices of Gaari in Nigeria

A bag of Garri₦13,000 – ₦17,000
A paint bucket of Garri₦650- ₦900
80kg Ijebu Gaari₦10,000 – ₦16,000
50kg White Gaari₦6,000 – ₦12,000
50kg Yellow Gaari₦6,000 – ₦8,500

Price of Flours Available in Nigeria

There are different flours consumed in Nigeria, and they are yam, semo, plantain,poundo yam, wheat and ordinary flour. Their prices are:

Semolina or Semovita₦400- ₦5,000
Poundo Yam₦500- ₦5,000
Yam Flour (Elubo)₦300 upwards
Plantain Flour₦300 Upwards
Wheat Flour₦3000
Flour₦300- ₦3,500
Cassava Flour₦200

Price of  Noodles in Nigeria

In Nigeria, we have many brands of noodles although Indomie is the most popular one. The prices of these noodles vary as the sizes. Prices of Noodles in Nigeria comes below:

Indomie Chicken (70g x 40ps)₦1,900 – ₦2,100
Indomie Onion (70g x 40ps)₦2,100 – ₦2,200
Superpack (120g x 40ps)₦3,300- ₦3,400
Hungry Man (200g x 24ps)₦4,300- ₦4,500
Indomie Belleful (305g x 16ps)₦4,300- ₦4,500
Chiki Noodles (100g x 40)₦3,000- ₦3,200
Golden Penny Noodles (70g x 40ps)₦2,200

Price of Spaghetti in Nigeria

There are various brands of spaghetti in the market; they are :

Golden Penny₦200 – ₦250
Dangote₦200 – ₦250
Power₦200 – ₦250
Bonita₦250 – ₦300
Honeywell₦250 – ₦300

Cost of Vegetables Available in Nigeria

A basket of Tomatoes₦8,000 –₦10,000
A bag of Scotch Bonnet Pepper (Rodo)₦5,000 – N7,000
Basket of Red ball pepper (Tatase)₦6,000 – ₦8,000
A bag Onion (white)₦18,000 – ₦20,000
A bag of Onion (Red)₦15,000 – N18,000
Melon Seed (Egusi)₦200- ₦250
Irvingia (Ogbono Seed)₦200- ₦300
Okro₦50 upward
Onion (1kg)₦250-₦500
Water Leaf₦50- ₦100
Lettuce (1 head)₦200-₦400
Green Peas₦100
Sweet Potato₦200- ₦400
Irish Potato₦200- ₦500
Curry Leaf₦50 – ₦100
French Peas₦50
Bitter Leaf₦20- ₦100
Spring Onion₦200
Spinach (Green)₦100- ₦300
Scent Leaf (Eferin)₦50- ₦100
Pumpkin leaf (Ugwu)₦50- ₦100
A bag of Groundnut₦5,000- ₦6,000
A bottle of fried Groundnut₦500- ₦600

Cost of Potatoes in the Nigerian Market

A  big basket of Sweet Potato₦500 – ₦650
The Small basket of Sweet Potato₦300 – ₦400
Irish Potato in a Big Basket₦1,900 – ₦2,200
A medium Basket Irish Potato₦ N1,100 – ₦1,300
Irish Potato Small Basket₦500 – ₦700

Price of Beverages in Nigeria

A Tin of 400g Peak Milk₦1, 100- ₦1, 200
 Nescafe Classic 50g₦1, 600 – ₦1, 800
 Nescafe Gold Blend₦1, 600 – ₦1, 800
500g Ovaltine Plastic₦900- ₦100
Coca Cola (Plastic Coke)₦1700- ₦1800
Ovaltine Refill 500g850- ₦950
1 Bottled water₦50
 500g Refill Bournvita₦900 – ₦1,000
Bournvita Plastic 500g₦950 – ₦1, 000
900g Bournvita Plastic₦1, 600-₦1, 800
Coca Cola (Fanta)₦1100 -₦1300
A 900g of Tin Peak Milk₦1, 800- ₦1, 900
500g Refill Peak Milk₦950- ₦1, 200
Three Crown Milk Refill 380g₦800- ₦1, 000
400g Tin Loya Milk₦800- ₦1, 000
Loya Milk Refill 400g₦750- ₦900
Coast Refill 500g₦700 – ₦800
Dano Tin 500g₦900 – ₦1, 000
900g Tin Dano₦1, 650- ₦1, 700
Dano Refill 500g₦800 – ₦, 1000
Milo Tin 500g₦800 – ₦, 1000
900g Milo₦1, 900 – ₦2, 000
Milo Refill 500g₦900 – ₦1, 000
Pap₦50- ₦200
Custard₦200- ₦1500
1 Carton of Bottled Water₦700
Bigi Drink₦900- ₦1100
Pepsi₦900- ₦1100
Hollandia Yoghurt₦400- ₦500
5-Alive Juice₦500
Chi-Vita Juice₦350- ₦500
Viju Milk₦150- ₦250
Soya Milk₦150- ₦300

Cost of Various Spices Available in Nigeria

Annapuna Salt₦100-₦200
Black Pepper₦300- ₦400
Chili Powder₦100- ₦1000
Locust Beans (Dawa-Dawa)₦50- ₦1000
Mr Chef Salt₦50- ₦100
Nutmeg₦20- ₦100
Potash (Akanwu)₦20-₦50
Powder Ginger₦80- ₦120
Garlic powder₦50- ₦100
Grinned Pepper₦300- ₦1000
Curry₦70- ₦200
Dangote Salt₦70- ₦150
Thyme₦120- ₦200

Price of Other Foodstuffs

50 kg Dangote Sugar₦17,000- ₦17, 500
Sugar St’ Louis Sugar (Cube)₦350- ₦400
Sugar Golden Penny Sugar (cube)₦300- ₦400
A Crate of Egg₦700 – ₦1200
Mayonnaise₦150- ₦500
Butter₦70- ₦500

Price of Meat and Fish in the Market

Assorted (Intestine, Liver, Kidney, Stomach skin)₦500
Tilapia₦600- ₦1500
Croaker₦1000- ₦3,000
Gizzard₦300- ₦1000
Cray Fish₦50- ₦1000
Kpomo (Cow Skin)₦500 Upwards
Ram Meat₦500- ₦5,000
Goat Meat₦500 Upwards
Beef₦300 Upwards
Chicken (1Kg)₦1,200
Catfish₦1000- ₦3000
Chicken (0.5Kg)₦600
Turkey (1Kg)₦1400
Turkey (0.5kg)₦650
Prawn₦50- ₦500

Cost of Fruits in The Market

African Pear₦100- ₦400
Apples (1kg)₦1,000-₦1,200
Avocado₦50- ₦150
Banana (1kg)₦400-₦600
Cashew₦100- ₦400
Cherry (Agbalumo)₦50- ₦100
Cucumber₦50- ₦100
Garden Egg₦50- ₦200
Guava₦50- ₦150
Lemon₦50- ₦200
Local Strawberry₦500
Plantain₦300- ₦500
Rose or water Apples₦500-₦700
Tropical pepper₦50-₦100
Lime₦50- ₦100
Mango₦50- ₦100
Orange (1kg)₦200-₦700
Paw-Paw₦150- ₦300


Food is part of the necessities of life, therefore, knowing the cost of foodstuffs is essential as it helps to plan ahead of shopping and you will have the idea of the cost of foodstuffs in the market.

After knowing the prices of foodstuffs, their purchase can be made at both local and modern markets as well as online and grocery shops in Nigeria. You can also get some from vendors in your neighbourhood.

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