Best Sites and Apps To Download Nollywood Movies For Free

Best places To Download Nigerian Movies Online

Are you a big fan of Nigerian movies? Are you looking forward to watching the Nigerian film online? Well, I have over 30 sites that will allow you to watch videos online for free.

Most Nigerians are big fans of Hollywood and Blockbuster movies starring superstars like Sylvester Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, or Will Smith. In contrast, others are fans of superstars like Pete Edoche, Jim Iyke, Ramsey Noah, Mercy Johnson, Chinedu Ikedieze, and others.

The Nigerian movie industry, otherwise known as Nollywood, is one of the most significant movie industries in the world. Second to Hollywood in popularity and Bollywood in production.

Even as big as Nigerian movie entertainment, it is still a growing industry. In this article, I’m going to show you the top 20 best places to watch Nigerian movies online and for free. These websites will leave you with the best movie experience and low data consumption.

Download Nollywood Movies Online

Most Nollywood movies try to show it was a preview of African culture, tradition, lifestyle, and reality using different scenes and actors. These movies are also accessible on channels like Africa Magic, Iroku TV, WAP TV, and TVC.

You can also preview your favorite Nollywood movies using satellite TV, GOTV, DSTV, or your TV local stations. If you’re looking for where to watch Nollywood movies online, these are the best places to start.

1. 9ja Rocks

9ja Rocks is officially the best place to download Nigerian movies for free. 9ja Rocks was where I downloaded the movie “Chief Daddy.” It was super bright even before it was released in cinemas nationwide. 9ja Rocks is not just a Nigerian movie site. You can also download Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, and Nigerian soap operas.

Almost any movie that you can think of is available on 9ja Ricks. Most of the film is placed in categories. 9ja Rocks allows new users to find any film of their choice quickly. You can smoothly go to the comedy section, and you will see a whole collection of funny videos brought on your screen exciting right?

The best thing about 9ja Rocks is that you can download all these movies for free without any subscription and in HD seamlessly across all devices. It is available on PC, Apple phones, and Google-enabled Android devices.

If you don’t like 9ja Rocks, then check out this guide from Droidvilla on how to watch DSTV for free.

2. Iroko TV

Iroko TV app is a lifesaver when it comes to watching Nollywood movies online. This app allows you to stream watch, save, and download Nigerian movies instantly. The app is also easy to download so you can keep the date, be lightweight, consume small memory space, be data conservative, and easy to control the user interface.

Iroko TV app is by far the best way to watch Nollywood movies online. Iroko TV app is available on Android and IOS devices. Iroko TV app allows you to stream Nollywood movies seamlessly across all devices.

You can download the Iroko TV app on your Android device by going to the google play store and searching for your Iroku TV, or you can download it directly from their website. Simply head to their website, select your device, pick a movie, and click download.

3. Nollyland

Nollyland is another fantastic app that allows you to watch, stream, and download Nollywood movies online for free in Nigeria. One of the best features of this app is that it doesn’t show you annoying ads.


Nollyland allows you to watch Sweet Nollywood movies undisturbed, as long as you have data.

Nollyland has a wide variety of Nollywood movies available for you. You can watch comedies, tragedies, tragicomedies, biographies, autobiographies, or even your favorite occultist movie.

One of the best features of the Nollyland app is that you can watch Nigerian movies, Ghanaian movies, TV series, soap operas, and reality TV shows, and even search for any movie or upload it for others to view.

4. Nollywood movies

Just as stated in the name, Nollywood movies is another good website that gives you access to watch Nollywood movies online for free.

You can find a vast collection of Nollywood movies brought to your mobile device for free on this website. On this website, you can find any Nollywood movie you’re looking for from the classics to the latest.

All movies published on this website are legal. These films are original movies and you have the legal right to download them. The only downside is that you have to be a registered member before you can watch or access any movie. Once you register, you are free to download any video you want.

5. Ibaka TV

I know you’ve come across this name at one point. Ibaka TV is another great place to start your search for your favorite Yoruba movies online. Ibaka TV saves you a lot of stress when it comes to downloading your Nigerian movies for free.

Instead of rushing to Google to look for your favorite movie, actor, or producer, you can go to Ibaka TV and view your favorite movie, download it, and start watching.

The best thing about Ibaka TV is that you can download it to your local dialect such as Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Efik, or TIV.

6. Buzz Nigeria

Buzz Nigeria is one of the most renowned websites in the country. It is an entertainment site that also does news broadcast in the most entertaining and informative manner. Buzz Nigeria doesn’t just upload music, gossip, and engaging content.


They also upload Nollywood movies every week on their website.

Buzz Nigeria has one of the most beautiful collections of Nigerian movies for you. You can watch the most excellent Nigerian film from the comfort of your home. You can comfortably sit down and download Nigerian film on your phone and play it using your VLC or ML player.

7. Afrinolly

If you’re looking for Nigerian movies that you truly love and you want to re-watch, you can easily find them on Afrinolly. Afrinolly is another remarkable website where you can start your search and quickly detect any Nollywood movie of your choice.

You can also stream, review, or download them to your smart device.

This website gives you unlimited access to any Nigerian movie of your choice. You have the choice to watch them online or download them to your system or device.

This platform supports all operating systems from Linux to Windows, Java, IOS, and Android. Afrinolly means you can access this site and any Nollywood movie of your choice on any device

8. Tvnolly

 Tvnolly is another good website that allows you to download Nollywood movies for free. Nigerians based in Ghana, the UK, the United States, China, Australia, and even India can also access this site.

The site doesn’t have too many ads so that you can be sure of unmetered streaming. As long as you have sufficient data, I’m sure you can download as many blockbuster Nollywood movies from their massive collection of Nigerian movie menus.

9. Okiki

Okiki is another top-notch website that allows you to watch Nollywood movies online for free. You don’t just have access to watch Nollywood movies. You can also stream and view diverse African cultures, lifestyles, and biographies in the form of film.

The movies uploaded on this website are grouped into categories, which makes it super easy to find your favorite movie and decide if you want to stream online or download it straight to your phone. This app is only available to Android and iPhone users.

They currently do not have an official website where you can watch free Nollywood movies using your system.

10. Nigerian movie network

Nigerian movie network is a boss when it comes to watching or downloading Nollywood movies for free. This platform allows you to watch any Nollywood movie of your choice, download it to your device, and share it with friends.

NMN also has a column that allows you to gets news updates and entertainment trends without opening a new tab or pausing your movie. So you can easily enjoy watching movies and still be updated with what is happening in the outside world.

This website also has a category of popular Nigerian TV series in case you have any you want to catch up on.

11. Realnolly TV

Do you know that Realnolly TV is another excellent website hosted in Nigeria that also allows Nigerians to download Nollywood movies for free? The only downside to Realnolly TV is that only registered subscribers can access the film posted on their site.

In essence, they have a vast collection of Nollywood movies, but you have to register and subscribe to Realnolly before you can enjoy Nigerian movies for free.

To register, you simply go to Google, type in Realnolly TV, click the first website, register, and enjoy an extensive collection of Nollywood movies available on their website.

12. 9jarocks

Are you looking for a website where you can download Nigerian music and movies, Indian movies, Chinese movies, and even the latest Western movies? Then you should head to the 9jarocks videos collection.

The movie library on this website is massive. You can find almost any Nigerian film, and you can even download the HD version also before they are premiered live in cinemas.

One of the best things about 9jarocks is that it has a data-saving feature that allows you to watch high-quality Nigerian movies. You can also comment, highlight, and share your view about a Nollywood video, trending issue, and even recommend a film. You can also watch live TV like Supersport, Nat Geo Wild, Nickelodeon, and E-entertainment on this website.


13. NaijaTube

 Similar to YouTube, this is a Nigerian-based video website that allows you to watch any Nigerian movie of your choice as long as you’ve connected to the internet. It can be accessed using a PC, smartphone, or an embedded link.

One of the best things about this website is that you can upload your videos. You can share your thoughts on a particular movie, you can even share the film on your social media handle, and access it later or recommend it to a friend if you want.

14. Nollywood Movie Hub

Do you like Yoruba movies? Yes, this website is on fire when it comes to Yoruba movies. They have a vast collection of Yoruba movies ready for you to watch. They also have famous and popular Nigerian and Ghana films for you to watch free of charge.

Nollywood Movie Hub is one of the best places to watch Nigerian movies online for free. On this website, you can also watch popular Christian films, traditional films, romantic movies, and even your favorite comedy.

Once you’ve connected to the internet and your login to this website, you simply use the search bar to locate the movie, download it, get your popcorn, and enjoy.

15. Codedwap

Codedwap is another fantastic website and one of the best places to download Nollywood movies online. Codedwap has a vast Nigerian movie collection and resources. You can find any Nigerian movie here in HD, Blueray, 3GP, and mp4.

If you don’t have enough data, there’s a data saver section, where you can stream unlimited music, funny videos, skits, celebrity gossip, and live news.

16. Naija On Point

Are you still looking for where to download Nollywood movies online for free? Then head to Naija On Point is one of the best websites to download 9ja home videos anywhere in Africa.

It has a vast collection of Nigerian movies, South African films, Tanzania, Ghanaian, Hollywood, and Bollywood films. Naija On Point is one of the best places to download the latest Nollywood movies for free anywhere in Nigeria.

17. NaijaPals

Naijapals is another excellent place to download Nollywood movies for free. You can easily download Nollywood movies from this website into your smartphone, laptop, iPod, or Macbook.

Founded in 2007, Naijapals is one of the biggest entertainment sites in Nigeria. It has even grown to become 9ja based entertainment community and micro-social networking site.

Naijapals allows you to download Nollywood movies in full HD, MP4, and 3GP. One of the best things about Naijapals is that they’ve already sorted out their movies into easy-to-find categories.

Naijapals makes it very, very easy for you to find any film of your choice.

As usual, the website will not charge you any money for downloading movies. So rest assured because you can download Nollywood movies for free on this site. They also have a section for popular Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

18. Nigerian films

From the name of this website, you know that they offer one of the best deals when it comes to downloading Nigerian movies online for free. This website allows you to stream, watch, and download any Nigerian movie from their server, straight to your mobile phone or smart gadget.

One problem with Nigerian films is that the website didn’t correctly sort the movies. That means if children are scrolling on the website can easily download adult-rated videos. That aside, Nigerian film is a great place to start downloading Nollywood movies online for free.

19. Video Moja

Unfortunately, Video Moja doesn’t have a website. It only comes in a mobile app, which means it is only available for smartphone users. But this notwithstanding, this is an excellent app that gets you free access to download Nigerian movies. Using the Video Moja mobile app, you can easily download any Nigerian film straight into your device.

The Video Moja app also has a data saving function that can help you save or minimize data you use when downloading your favorite Nollywood movie. Another advantageous feature of using this app to download Nigerian films is that the app is updated daily.

Video Moja allows you to find the latest Nollywood movies for free, unmetered and uncaged. This app also allows you to trim and preview Nollywood movies before you download them.

20. NigerianFilmz

NigerianFilmz is another fantastic website that allows you to watch your favorite Nollywood movies in a precise, neat, and exciting interface. Labeled as the “Online Movie Database for Africa”, it has a humongous collection of Nollywood movies.

You can quickly look for your favorite movie by searching the titles, genres, categories, trailers, biographies, actors, date modified, news, detail, director, producer, or photographs. NigerianFilmz is a movie destination for Nigerians looking for movies to download.

These are the 20 best websites & apps where you can download Nollywood movies for free online. Search for any of these websites on Google, find your favorite movie, download it, and enjoy.

You can also find top-notch Nigerian movies on websites like Waploaded, Naij, 123movies, Nigerian Nation, 9jadownload, Nollywoodone, and Watch Nigerian Movies Online.

You can also look up popular Nigerian movies on Nollywood By Mind Space, Nollywood Pictures TV, Nigerian Movie Channel, U Nollywood, Youtube, My Nollywood Movies, Download Nigerian Movies, Naijaprey, Wapaz, Sureloaded, Spobam, and Gi Trends.

All the websites listed above give you access to download both Nollywood and foreign movies online. You can download and upload videos to some of these websites. Are you still looking for where to download Nollywood movies online? Well, you know where you go.


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