DStv Explora Price and Review 2023/2024

What Is The Difference Between Dstv Explora And Dstv Explora Ultra?

The journey of Multichoice in Nigeria has been a mind-blowing one. They keep up with evolution talking about cable TV in Nigeria.

It is no news that DStv has a new package which comes with a variety of packages for their viewer. DSTV Explora is the top of the line when DStv packages are mentioned today.

Many Nigerians want to use this particular cable TV, but they think it is expensive. While some others using it are not using it maximally. This implies that the level of awareness of Nigerians on  DStv Explora is simply not enough.

This post, therefore, seeks to enlighten Nigerians on both the features and Prices of DStv Explora decoder in Nigeria.

DStv Explora is a fantastic cable tv which makes everything possible as it gives room for recording, catching up with favourite channels and programs for up to 220 hours, HD Viewing, and so on.


This cable TV is built to help you ensure that you never miss your favourite shows and get the full value of your subscription. In case you miss the latest episode or interesting series, all you need to do is to connect your decoder to the internet and have it downloaded.

The Box-Office on Explora allows you to rent blockbuster movies for 48 hours. There are also features like organized playlist and crystal clear picture quality to be enjoyed.

Features of DStv Explora

Full Features of DSTV Explora are listed below

  • Record your favourite shows.
  • View your favourite shows in HD format.
  • A dedicated playlist to arrange your recordings.
  • Box Office that shows you your favourite movies.
  • More movie recording time of up to 220 hours of content.
  • New DSTV Explora remote control.
  • Internet access that will enable you to stream and download media contents online.
  • The DSTV Catchup feature enables you to catch up with your favourite shows you might have missed.
  • Rent and download available movies.
  • Store your rented movies for 48 hours.
  • Unlimited series recording with priority functions.
  • Access over 20 blockbuster movies from the box office.
  • Record content even when you are away from home.
  • Hundreds of titles on DStv Catch up plus.
  • Search button that allows you to search for your favourite movies across an 8-day TV guide.
  • HD User interface and apps like news Supersport active and weather apps.
  • View one channel while recording another simultaneously.
  • Pause live TV for up to 2 hours.
  • Parental control functions.
  • Widescreen compatibility.

Explora Decoder Prices

Explora with dish kit, smart LNB, and 1-month DStv Compact subscription goes for about ₦155,000 – ₦160,000.

This cable TV with dish kit, smart LNBH, and 1-month Compact Plus subscription is sold for around ₦55,000 to ₦65,000.

Explora with dish kit, smart LNBH, and 1-month Premium subscription goes for ₦61,100 to ₦65,000.

Note, however, that the Explora decoder is to come with installation, the price is ₦60,000 to ₦65,000.  while without installation is ₦50,000 to ₦55,000.

DStv Explora Packages 

DStv Explora has the same package as basic DSTV decoders.

The packages Explora offers are:


DStv Confam Package

With N6,200 only, viewers can get over 105 fantastic local and international channels. This is the cheapest of all DStv packages available.

The channels in this package include NTA 1, SuperSport BLITZ, African Magic World, African Magic Yoruba, African Magic Hausa, E-Entertainment, AIT, SilverBird, and other top-rated channels. This package also features audio channels have also been introduced to the package.

DStv Yanga package

This package offers over 85 local and international channels which include CNN, BBC, African Magic (English), Euro News, ESPN Classic, Mnet series, Cartoon Network and so for just N3,500 monthly.

It also provides all the channels available for Yanga Package. The package also offers 24 audio services available on the network as well as popular radio channels like Voice of America, Star FM, Ray Power, and so on.

DStv Compact

The Compact package offers to viewers access to all the channels available on the DStv Family package with additional sports channels.

This package is the best option for sports lovers. The package offers over 130 local and international channels including BBC World, MNET Action, ESPN Sport, SuperSport 10, Sony Entertainment, and so on to their viewer.

However, this package is also not available on HD decoders and it is just for N10,500 monthly.

DStv Compact Plus

There is just a little difference between the DStv Compact and Compact Plus in features but a wider one in price.

This package offers additional channels, most of which are sports channels. They include SuperSports 7 and 10.

Users of Compact Plus will be able to watch most of the English Premier League games plus other live sports like the French League, Bundesliga, and Spanish La Liga as well as rugby, golf, tennis, athletics, boxing, and motorsport. It goes for N10,500 per month.


DStv Premium Package

This is the premium and most expensive of all DStv packages. Premium package gives access to all available channels on the DStv platform which implies that there are over 160 channels available on this package.

The channels on this package include Mnet West, VUZU AMP, Discovery, SuperSport 3, and so on. The premium package is a complete package; it covers everything on TV, entertainment, news, sports, History, and other related areas. The price for the premium is N24,500 monthly.

Difference between DStv Explora and Other DStv Basic Decoder

There are some differentiating features between Explora and other DStv decoders. They include:

  • DStv Catch Up for missed events, programs, and movies
  • Recording Capability which helps to record events and programs you want.
  • Playlist Features help keep a record of saved movies
  • Internet Access to connect your other devices to your DStv
  • Box Office for streaming movies online
  • Instant Search for files on box office, playlist among others
  • Installation Notes that guide upgrades


DStv Explora is a fantastic cable TV that offers the viewer a lot of exciting features, access to numerous channels based on package, and a lot of other interesting things associated with the DStv Explora.

DStv Explora can be gotten at Multichoice offices across states and dealers in various cities in Nigeria. It can also be purchased on online tech stores in Nigeria as well as other online shopping malls like Jumia, and Konga among others.

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