Emirates Nigeria Booking (What You need to Know)

What Details Do You Need When Booking A Flight?

Do you want to travel via Emirates and you don’t know how to book online? Are you looking for how to go about the Emirates Nigeria booking?

Here is a complete post on everything you need to know about airline booking in Nigeria.

Emirates airline is one of the biggest airlines in the world, created in the year 1985. The airline is currently one of the largest international carriers in the world.


The Dubai based airline operates on over three thousand flights weekly and about one sixty destinations across all six continents.

The growing influence of the Emirates airlines all over the world has found its way into the Nigerian airspace with focus on the Lagos-Abuja air route. 

The emirates airline is a subsidiary of an enterprise “the Emirates group” owned by the Dubai government. The airline remains the flag bearer of the country since its creation till now.

Emirates airline also operates independently, not being part of an international alliance.

This has led to the airline has code-share agreements with over 15 international airlines, which includes Malaysian Airlines, South Africa Airways, Korean air, to mention a few.

A good number of Nigerian travel within and outside the country daily using various airlines. Recently, Emirates airline has been topping the table, although their tickets come high, people still fly Emirate.


Are you looking for information on the Emirates Nigeria booking? Do you want to fly emirate and you don’t know how to go about it?

Here is a complete post on it. Read on and pay attention to details.

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 Booking an Emirates flight

The technological advancement that occurred in the industry trickles down to every airline, and the emirates airline is not left out.

The times when individuals spend hours at airport offices trying to book a flight are gone, flight booking is now possible online.

Online flight booking reduces stress, time and resources which people spend in trying to book a flight. Flight bookings are now easy.

By visiting the Emirates airline website, you are ready to fly. I shall explain in details how to make a booking on the emirates airline website. 

How to go about Emirates Nigeria Flight Booking

Booking a flight on the website is quite easy. Firstly, type in the site after that you will see an icon on the top of the home page which says ‘flight booking tools’.


Click on this icon and fill in the necessary information such as the date of departure, arrival, the number of travellers and the departure point.

After this click on ‘search,’ the next webpage that will be displayed will provide you with the list of all possible Emirate flights available based on your demands.

Then, you will select the flight of your choice, which will require supplying your complete passenger information.

After filling in your details, you then move on to book the flight proper after which you will proceed to make payments.

Then you make the payment, and you are free to check-in as well as get your boarding pass. The entire booking process is so easy it only takes a few minutes to complete it without baring any network problem.

Baggage allowance for Emirates Nigeria Airline

Baggage allowance for emirate airlines depends mostly on the class you are flying, whether it is economy class, business class, or first class.

Passengers in the economy class could carry up to 35kg, those in the business class get  40kg baggage allowance while the passengers in the first class are eligible to 50kg baggage allowance. 

A maximum of 10 checked bags is allowed for all the different classes given that the bags do not exceed the weight restrictions. Additional fees will be paid if any of the bags exceeds the permitted weight.

Two carry-on bags are allowed for both the first class and business class passengers. The two bags include one personal bag which mustn’t exceed 45 x 35 x 20cm and one travel bag which must not exceed 55 x 38 x 20cm.

Each of the bags must not be above 7kg. The economy class passengers can only take one hand luggage which must not exceed 55 x 38 x 20cm and 7kg in weight.

Payment options available for the booking

Emirates Nigeria online booking method does not just make booking easy it provides for flexibility in payment options. The Emirates air online booking platform offers different methods of payment.

Some of these methods also enable an individual to pay on behalf of a friend. Payment with master or visa card allows for payment in 14 major currencies.


This, unlike the old method, which only provides for payment in the resident country currency.

These new features allow for complete transparency, as the final charge will be seen on the statement in the currency of your choice. Below is a note on some of the new payment methods.

  • Online bank transfer: this method allows the passenger to make the transfer of the cost of flight online and a ticket will be issued immediately there is a bank confirmation.
  • Bank Transfer: Make your payment via simple bank transfer. This is possible via telephone, e-mail, and even physical transfer from the bank branch.
  • Western Union: you can now make payment at any western union pay point which accepts quick payment transactions. Tickets will be issued once the payment has been successful.

These are the most common methods of payment. The others are as follows:

  • Paypal
  • Credit/ Debit card
  • Alipay
  • Visa checkout
  • Emirates NBD

In-flight Experience on Emirates Nigeria Airlines

Emirates airlines have one of the best facilities you can find in an aircraft. However, facilities, experience, and services differ from class to class.

Comfort and in-flight experience are dependent upon the kind of aircraft it is and the class in which you belong. Usually, the passengers in the first-class get top-notch services as well as exotic flight experience.

While those in the business class follows after which the passengers in economy class come last.

Below are the general facilities provided by Emirate airlines:

  • Shower Facilities
  • A variety of beverages
  • Gourmet cuisine
  • The latest movies and television shows
  • Email or calls with your mobile phone or through the onboard Wi-Fi service during the flight.


If you want to have one of the best flight experience, enjoying quality service, as well as an airline keen on customer service, then you need to try out Emirates airline.

That family vacation, retreat, tour or business trip you want to go for, visit the website and get your bookings today.

I hope you find this post useful, feel free to drop your comments and questions in the box below. Thanks for reading.

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