FCMB USSD Code Send, Airtime Recharge & Balance 2022/2023

How Do I Transfer Airtime From Fcmb?

FCMB USSD code- There are various commercial banks in Nigeria, and these banks have improved on their self services by introducing USSD codes. FCMB is one of the numerous banks around, and they are not left out of the innovation.

First City Monument Bank often referred to as the people’s bank has as its primary focus total service delivery through a customer-first approach.

To achieve this, FCMB emphasises a thorough quality check of products and services before, and after delivery to the customer; hence, it operates a customer-first approach.

FCMB was established in 1977 as City Securities LTD has since grown to a very prominent position with over two hundred (200) Branches in Nigeria. It currently ventured into Overseas Banking having obtained a personal and business banking license in the United Kingdom last year.

The strength of the bank is demonstrated through the years exemplified in increased customer base, acquisition of other banks like Cooperative Development Bank, Midas Bank and the Nigerian American Bank in 2007.

FCMB in 2012 again acquired Fin Bank PLC in February 2012 and merged with the bank in October 2012.

FCMB occupies the first place when it relates to offering credit facilities with the low-interest rate spread over a considerable duration without collaterals. Beneficiaries of these loans range from students, corp members, civil servants and small business.

Examples of these credit facilities are Credit Direct, Fast Cash, Salary Plus Loan, Premium Salary Loan and Auto Loan. All of these loans are offered without any collateral.

So, if you want to know more about FCMB USSD code or the bank itself, you should pay attention to the details of this post.

FCMB Moblie Banking Codes

The FCMB Mobile Banking Codes allow you to perform various banking transactions using your mobile phone.

The codes are convenient and easy to use as you can carry out easy banking from any location seamlessly and without having to visit the bank.

FCMB has provided a smooth and prompt respond mechanism in case you have challenges while carrying out transactions.

Transactions to Use FCMB USSD Codes For

Transactions below are those the FCMB USSD can perform :

  • Transferring funds
  • Checking account balance
  • Recharging your mobile phones
  • Buy data
  • Pay bills
  • Recharge third party mobile phones
  • Open bank accounts
  • Buy online
  • To block debit card
  • Account statements
  • Loan services
  • Pin Change and Reset
  • Transaction Code Change and reset etc

These codes require no internet service connection, and you can access it through any handset or device. There is always a link of USSD codes to the customer’s phone number with the bank. To use these USSD Codes, you have first to activate it on your mobile.

How to Activate FCMB Moblie Banking

To activate FCMB Mobile banking follow the following steps

  • Dial *329# to begin
  • Input your account number
  • Create your transaction pin to access FCMB USSD
  • To transfer funds through FCMB dial the code *329*AMOUNT*RECEIPIENT ACCOUNT NUMBER#
  • You can as well do all these through the FCMB Mobile APP.

Registering FCMB Mobile App as a New User

To register with FCMB Mobile App, do the following:

As a New User:

  • Visit the Google Mobile App Store and search for FCMB Mobile Plus
  • Download the app and register as a new user
  • Click on “I Agree” to accept Terms and Conditions.
  • Fill in your Phone Number, Bank Account Number and other required details.
  • Click on “continue” to receive an authentication code and create a transaction password.
  • Your transaction is now complete.
  • Your daily transaction limit as a new user with the Mobile App will be ₦5000.

To increase your transaction limit, you have to visit a branch, or you can call the FCMB Customer Care 07003290000 or send an email to customerservice@fcmb.com

To get more information and help with registration you can also call or send a message to the FCMB Contact Centre 09099999814 or 09099999815. You can also visit their website.

Registering FCMB Mobile App as an Existing User

As an Existing User:

  • Visit the Mobile App stores and search for FCMB Mobile Plus
  • Download the app and register as an Existing Internet Banking User.
  • Click on “I Agree” to accept Terms and Conditions
  • Fill in your Account Number, Login Password as registered on Internet Banking.
  • Click on Register
  • Your registration is now complete

To increase your limit, please visit a branch or call FCMB Contact Centre on 07003290000 or send an email to customerservice@fcmb.com

 FCMB Codes

To Open Account*329#
Mobile Top Up Code*329*AMOUNT#
To Check BalanceDial *329*00#
To Reset Pin*329*0#
DataDial *329*1*MOBILE NUMBER*
To Block AccountDial *329#, Select Self-service, select block account
Statement of Account:Dial *329*

FCMB Loans and Credit Cards

Below is a break down of all thee credit facilities offered by First City Monument Bank.

Credit Direct: Credit Direct Limited (CDL) is a subsidiary of the FCMB Group and a proven loan provider of unsecured consumer loans to individuals.

Credit Direct has been one of the most reliable strategies FCMB has used in realising its vision of reaching out to the Nigerian public.

With an active customer base of over a thousand (1000) individuals, FCMB Credit Direct is focused on leading the market- a venture, and several other banks are imitating.

Fast Cash: Fast Cash is another convenient and paperless credit facility offered by FCMB with no collateral needed. The Fast Cash Loan is for settling emergencies and urgent needs.

It is an instant loan you can get through the use of the FCMB USSD Code *329#.

FCMB Loans

Salary Plus Loan: This is a credit facility available to holders of salary accounts in FCMB to access short and medium-term loans. Terms and conditions however apply.

Premium Salary Loan: This loan is available to confirmed staff members of commercial organisations. Eligible Employees interested must earn a minimum monthly income of ₦100,000.00

Auto Loan: This is available to individuals in structured employment and self-employed individuals with regular income. The auto loan allows qualified individuals to own cars and automobiles and conveniently spreading the payment over some time.

Credit Cards: This is an innovation which FCMB has brought into the Nigerian Banking Sector.

With the provision of Credit Cards to specific categories of individuals: Civil Servants, Engineers, Bank Workers, Oil Workers and Multinational Business Owners, FCMB has extended its reach to almost of facet of the Nigerian Economy.

This has not only proven the bank’s ability to provide solutions to the financial issues of the average Nigerian but also show the Bank’s total commitment to alleviate the rate of poverty in Nigeria.


The FCMB Mobile Codes are reliable and fast to make use of in all your transactions. With this post on FCMB USSD code, I know you can be your banking officer right on your device.

If you do not have an account yet in FCMB why not open one using this short Code “*329#” follow the instructions and in 10 minutes your account is ready. Isn’t that fast and easy?

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