Current Private Universities School Fees in Nigeria 2022/2023

Do You Need Jamb For Private Universities?

Taking a good look at the current state of the education system in Nigeria, there is no need to question private universities school fees and their numbers.

Gone are the days when private universities feel inferior to public universities; in fact, private universities now have the edge over their public counterparts in the country.

The number of private universities in Nigeria has increased over the last ten years, and as a result of that, private universities are now competing with state and federal universities.

Private universities have now stepped their game up, looking at academics, facilities, welfare and all. This implies that private universities provide quality tertiary education with student’s academic performance, quality equipment, and conducive learning environment.


Although private universities, unlike the public universities, are expensive, parents would prefer their children to attend private school as there will be no case of strikes, disorganised calendar, and even highly competitive admission.

The surprising thing is that with the rise of private universities in Nigeria, some Nigerians don’t know the school fees of these schools and the few that know, perceive them as being expensive.

This post will give you a detailed list of Private universities in Nigeria and their school fees

Interestingly, there are some private tertiary universities in Nigeria that are affordable. The ones that come in high fees have packaged some things either accommodation feeding and other necessary things that will make the education process worthy and good for the students.

These private universities provide quality tertiary education experience coupled with welfare and other things. I see the reason why we have a private university among the top ten universities in Nigeria even as the number one according to Times Higher Education 2023.

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Private universities in Nigeria and their school fees

Over a decade ago, there were 40 private schools in Nigeria, but now there are 75 Private universities in Nigeria according to NUC ( Nigeria University Commission). Let’s take a look at these private schools and their fees one after the other.

American University of Nigeria, Yola

This school is the most expensive private university in Nigeria. They pay their fees in dollars, and when converted to Nigerian Naira, the school fee is about  N1,590,000 to N3,000,000 per session.

Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti

ABUAD is of one of the most reputable private universities in Nigeria, and their fees go thus:

In the engineering department, the tuition is N1,250,000, but other charges make it a total of  N1,752,750. For health Sciences and Agriculture, the tuition is  N902,750.

For  Medicine and Surgery, they pay  N1,250,000 as Tuition, but other fees sum it all up to be N1,753,000

The law department pays N1,000,000 as tuition, but additional charges sum it all up to be N1,500,00. While other Faculties pay N690,000 as tuition.

Babcock University, Ilishan Remo 

This is another private school which happens to be one of them in Nigeria. The tuition fees plus other charges range between N500,000 to N3,000,000. The fee varies due to diversities in departmental charges and tuition fees. The  Law faculty pays N2 million as tuition, medicine pays N3 million, while accounting pays N1.5 million.

The university also offers feeding as well as accommodation although the accommodation fees vary, depending on the type and size of the room.

Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo

The school fees for Ajayi Crowther University is:

Faculty of Natural SciencesN507,000
College of Social and Management sciencesN492,000
Faculty  of HumanitiesN500,000
Acceptance feeN50,000

Igbinedion University, Okada 

The Fee of this institution ranges from N540,000 to N3 million excluding feeding.

Medicine department pays N3Million, pharmacy pay  N610,000, law pay N610,000 and engineering also pay N610,000 while their accommodation and other charges are N100,000 and  N110,000 respectively.

Crawford University, Igbesa

For Crawford University, their school fee ranges from N480,000 to N600,000.

Redeemer’s University 

For Redeemer’s University, the Natural Science department pay N593,000, Management Sciences pays N595,000, Humanities pay N553,000, and the law department pays N813,000.

These fees cover all aside from feeding as students are responsible for their feeding.

Caritas University, Amorji-Nike, Enugu State 

Caritas University Enugu School Fees vary across faculty and level. The break down of the school fees is :

Department of Natural Sciences

1st YearN248,000
2nd YearN398,000
3rd YearN398,000
4th YearN398,000

Faculty of Engineering

All the Engineering courses offered.

1 YearNGN298,000 (annually)
2 YearNGN450,000
3 YearNGN450,000
4 YearNGN450,000
5 YearNGN450,000

Management and Social Sciences

1st YearN248,000
2nd YearN398,000
3rd YearN398,000
4th YearN398,000

Environmental Studies

1st YearN248,000
2nd YearN398,000
3rd YearN398,000
4th YearN398,000

Achievers University, Owo School Fees

This is one of the new private universities in Nigeria and  here is a breakdown of their tuition;

For the Social and Management Sciences, the 100 and 200 level pay N400,000 while the 300 and 400 level pay N500,000.

The College of Law at Achievers University is a new college, so they are paying N700,000.

In the Medical Lab and Nursing Science, the 100 and 200 level pay N500,000, the 300 and 400 level pay N550,000 while the 500 level pay N650,000.

For the Natural and Applied Sciences,  they pay N400,000 in their first and second year while in their third and fourth year, they pay N500,000.

Also in Achievers, they pay some extra charges per session  which include: registration fee N10,000, development Levy N20,000, vocational Training  N20,000 and finally the

accommodation fee which varies from N45,000 – N80,000 depending on the number of bed space per room

Other Universities are:

Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin 

For this Islamic faith-based University, their tuition fee is N487,000, exclusive of other charges.

Paul University, Awka 

Paul University pays N300, 000 as their tuition fee.

Wellspring University, Benin, Edo state

For Wellspring University, their tuition fee is N213,750

 McPherson University, Abeokuta 

In McPherson University, they pay N491, 000 as tuition fee.

Baze University Abuja

In Baze University, the school fee is about N2,500,000, and this makes it one of the most expensive universities in Nigeria.

Fountain University, Osogbo

For Fountain University, their tuition fee is N441, 500.

Benson Idahosa, Benin City

In Benson Idahosa University, the tuition fee is  N500,000.

 Covenant University, Ota 

This is another reputable and top private University in Nigeria, and their tuition fee is N432,000.

Adeleke University, Ede Osun State.

In Adeleke University, their tuition fee is N350,000.

Caleb University, Lagos 

For Caleb University, they pay N505,000 as tuition fee.

Crescent University Abeokuta, Ogun State 

In Crescent University, the tuition fee is N480,000.

Bells University of Technology Ota, Ogun State

In Bells, the school varies across departments, and their fee is within  N553,000 to N643,000.

Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji Arakeji 

In Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU), they pay N506,000 as Tuition fee.

Lead City University, Ibadan 

For LeacCity University, their tuition fee is  N550,500

Novena University Delta State 

Novena University pays N400,000 as tuition fee.

Obong University Nigeria, Obong Ntak

In Obong University, the tuition fee is N190,000.

Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu – Osun state

For Oduduwa University, they pay per semester, and the tuition fee is  N164,000.

Rhema University 

In Rhema University, the tuition fee is  N350,000.

Veritas University, Abuja 

Lastly, for Veritas University, the tuition fee is  N450,000.


Lastly, there are many private universities in the country which might end up being the future of tertiary institution in Nigeria in as much as the fee is quite affordable and reasonable.


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