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Ussd Code For First Bank Transfer

Find the new first bank transfer code, first bank airtime recharge code, and other First Bank USSD codes.

First Bank Transfer Code – Banking just got better with the introduction of Quick mobile banking for all First Bank customers.  With Quick banking, customers can quickly and conveniently make their daily transactions without internet access on their smartphones.

Quick banking can also be referred to as the First bank transfer code or USSD. Quick banking is a lot more than sending money or airtime.  In this article, I will be unwrapping the Quick banking service bundle.

First Bank USSD Code 

First Bank of Nigeria(FBN) is a top financial service provider, in Nigeria. In a bid to deliver power to banks anywhere at any given time, the *894* Quick banking was launched. FBN nicknamed Quick banking after the likes of the Zenith and GTB mobile code: Simple and Eazy banking, respectively.


Using the First Bank  USSD code, bank customers who do not wish to visit any of the branches can have access to their accounts, transfer money, and pay bills from the comfort of their zones.

The service allows you to transfer money from First Bank to First Bank or First Bank to other banks, pay utility bills, load/send airtime, check account balances, access account statements, and link BVN to new accounts.

The *894# mobile code is usable on all kinds of phones without the need for internet connectivity besides the mobile app.  It is also accessible on all networks across Nigeria.

Requirements for Using First Bank USSD code

For you to enjoy the fantastic features of FBN mobile code or Quick banking, you must meet the criteria below

  • First Bank Account: You must be an active  FBN Naira-denominated account.
  • Alert Number: You need the mobile number associated with your service provider account.
  • Mobile Device: Any mobile phone that can make and receive calls.
  • ATM PIN: You need your ATM 4-digit PIN for registration.

How to Register for First Bank USSD code: Quick Banking

For you get started with quick banking, you need to first register. Here are the following steps

  • Simply Dial *894*0# with the phone number associated with your FBN account.
  • Select your preferred debit (ATM) card from the ones linked to your account.
  • Input the four-digit PIN of the selected debit card.
  • Create a 5-digit transaction PIN. You will need this to complete each transaction you initiated on this platform.

You have successfully registered or activated your transfer code and are free to make any mobile transaction.

How to reset PIN for First Bank mobile banking code

To change your five-digit PIN, dial *894*0# with the phone number registered to your FBN account, then proceed with the on-screen instructions.

However, to change or reset your five-digit PIN, you will be required to type your old PIN and proceed by inputting the new PIN of your choice twice. For security purposes, ensure your five-digit PIN is discrete enough to avoid online fraud.

How to transfer money with the First Bank transfer code

You can quickly transfer money from your First bank account to another FBN account or any other bank in Nigeria anytime, anywhere without bothering about internet connectivity.

  • Just start by dialing *894* Amount* Account Number# on the mobile number associated with your bank account
  • Then select the beneficiary bank
  • Affirm amount
  • Input Beneficiary name
  • Enter your five-digit PIN for verification
  • Lastly, choose the account to debit and

After, you will automatically get an SMS, confirming the transaction was successful. First Bank customers can transfer up to N100,000 per day.


How to purchase airtime for self or third-party: First bank transfer code

Interestingly, you can top up your airtime using the USSD code or directly from your first bank account. To buy airtime for yourself by using the USSD code, simply

  • Dial  *894*Amount#. E.g., *894*1000# with the phone number registered with the First bank to recharge the number with 1000 Naira.
  • Input 5- digit PIN to complete the first bank airtime recharge

While purchasing airtime for a third  party, you need to;

  • Dial *894*Amount*Phone Number#. E.g., *894*500*07000000000# to recharge with 500 Naira.
  • Enter your 5-digit transaction PIN to complete the recharge.

In addition to the above-listed steps for airtime recharge,  You can only recharge airtime up to N10,000 daily.

How to check First Bank Account Balance Code

To instantly view your FBN account balance, Dial the magic code *894*00#

How to get your Mini Account statement

Just dial *894*Account Number#  to generate a summary transaction statement of your account balance via SMS.

FBN Mobile Transfer Limits and Charges

  • Transfer Charges: First Bank to First Bank transfer is free while First Bank to other banks costs about ₦55 charges.
  • Recharge Charges: Free.
  • Network Charges: The network charge is ₦2 – ₦ 5
  • Transfer Limit: Maximum of 100,000 Naira daily.
  • Airtime Recharge Limit: Maximum per day is 10,000 Naira

Great Function, right?  Yeah, all thanks to Quick mobile banking, you can bank on the go, everywhere, and at any time. You can visit the First Bank website for more inquiries.

What other people are searching for?

What is the First bank balance code?

To generate an account mini statement, dial *894*Account Number#, and to check the account balance, the magic code is *894*00#.

What is the First Bank transfer code?

  1. Simply dial *894*0#
  2. A list of masked debit card numbers linked to your account is displayed.
  3. Select your preferred debit card.
  4. Enter the 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the selected debit card.
  5. Create a new 5-digit PIN.

First bank code number?

The First Bank transfer code is *894# and First Bank is calling it “Quick Banking” where registered customers can easily perform all bank transactions with their phone.

How to deactivate the First bank transfer code?

To block your First bank USSD code – text “BLOCK” to 30012.

What is First Bank’s mobile transfer limit?

First Bank customers can transfer up to N100,000 per day and recharge airtime up to N10,000 per day.



And that’s all you need to know about the First Bank USSD code – *894#. I’m pretty sure you can now perform simple USSD transactions from your mobile app. If you still do not know the First Bank USSD transfer code or don’t even know how to recharge airtime with the First Bank code, please look up where we discussed that.

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