Cost of Flights from Nigeria to the USA – Everything You Need To Know

How Much Is Flight Ticket From Nigeria To Usa?

Flight Cost from Nigeria to the USA usually scares people majorly because they don’t get their information right. You don’t have to fret because we bring you the true costs directly from the airlines themselves.

There’s no need to say again that you can only travel to the States by flight, and as you may already know, such trips, or even flight trips in general, require that you have a fat budget. And, by that, I mean some millions of Naira in your account.

It will surprise you to know that officials at the United States embassy will have a peek at your account statement, so they can access your financial muscle.

That tells you how essential it is to be fully prepared financially for your planned trip to the US. So, in this article, I’ll take you through a step-by-step guide on things to understand the cost of flights to the United States.

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Before you buy the ticket

Let’s begin with the pre-ticket stage. Of course, you won’t just get to that stage. Flight ticket is, in fact, the last thing on the expenditure list for your trip.

You will need to have cleared a few expenses which include acquiring an international passport. This is done at any office of the Nigeria Immigration Service and usually costs N45,000 for a five-year validity.

There’s also a new option that lasts for ten years but at a doubled cost. Once this is done, you will proceed to get your visa. The United States has a dedicated website with detailed instructions on the visa application process.

It begins with an online application and consequent fee payment. The visa application fee falls between N58,000 to N96,000, depending on the class or type of visa.

You can then schedule an appointment for a visa interview at the US Embassy. It could be any of their offices in Lagos or Abuja.

At the completion of your interview, you can go home and sit back for a response from the Embassy. If you’re successful, your visa will be delivered to you, and you can simply pick it up at the Embassy.

Return or a one-way ticket

Now that you’re done with the passport and visa, you need to decide whether you want a one-way ticket or a return ticket.

A one-way ticket lets you fly to your destination, and that’s all. You’ll have to get another ticket when you return. On the other hand, a return ticket tasks the airline to bring you back to Nigeria at a designated date.

There’s something amazing about this. Most airlines have something they call “Open Return Ticket.” This type of ticket gives you a space of time to return.

So, when you haven’t decided on when to fly back, you can get such a ticket to secure your place for any day that you’re ready.


A little icing on the cake; some airlines will offer you a discount on return tickets. You won’t be paying up to double the amount of a one-way ticket.

Once you’ve decided on the type of ticket, you’re almost done with your trip plans.

Cost Discrepancies

So, how do you decide which airline to fly? It’s not rocket science, and not magic either. The cost of flights is laid open for you to choose from.

We’re no longer in the ‘stone age,’ when you can only get price tickets at the airport. It used to be tricky then, to decide the best price, but not anymore.

As new airlines are springing up every day, so are fare comparison platforms.

Websites like iCarryGo, TravelStart, and FareCompare keep track of airlines from all over the world, and their ticket prices. So, you can’t be in the dark.

I’ve taken a sample snapshot of ticket cost comparison, so you can see but before I leave the discussion about cost, you need to know two important determinants of costs of flight tickets. ‘

One is that seasons of the year affect flight ticket costs a lot. Just like in everyday business, when the crowd is huge, people want to capitalize on that to make more gains. Also, airlines hike prices during holidays and festive periods.

Secondly, airlines have separate tickets for the economy and business classes. For some airlines like Qatar Airways, the economy class even has three sub-divisions, depending on how much you can spend on comfort.

Each class comes with a different cost, such that one could be 50% more than the other. I suggest you keep these in mind when planning your trip.


Airlines and their flight costs

So, after my explanations, let me share with you the recent cost of one-way flight tickets from notable airlines that fly from Nigeria to the United States.

Kenya AirwaysN428,367 to N946,800
Delta AirwaysN789,000 to N1,578,000
Turkish AirwaysN631,200 to N1,183,500
Air FranceN710,100 to N1,419,200
Qatar AirwaysN710,100 to N1,578,000
EmiratesN868,900 to N1,972,500
Ethiopian AirwaysN473,400 to N1,025,700
KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesN710,100 to N1,419,200
British AirwaysN789,000 to N1,578,000


There you have it; all you need to know about flight costs from Nigeria to the USA. If you’re planning on a trip to the United States, I believe you’ve gotten all the information you need about the cost implications of the flights.

Don’t hesitate to share, and feel free to ask any question you may have about the cost of a flight from Nigeria to the USA in the comment section.

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