How Much is a Flight from Lagos to Abuja? – (Latest)

How Much Is Flight Ticket From Lagos To Abuja Today?

Direct flights from Lagos to Abuja are available while prices of flight tickets from Abuja to Lagos in naira vary among airlines. Nevertheless, You do not need a Passport to book a flight from Lagos to Abuja. A form of identification or Nigerian National ID card is sufficient enough to travel within Nigeria.

If you are searching for the cost of flight from Lagos to Abuja, you’ve come to the right place.

Currently, Lagos to Abuja flight is the most popular local flight in Nigeria.

This is because Lagos being the biggest fast-paced city in Nigeria. And it requires a mode of transportation that will get people to their desired locations in due time and in the least stressful possible way.

And with the invention of aeroplanes, there is nothing stressful about air transportation from Lagos to Abuja. What you need to do is book your flights, be at the airport on the day of your trip and enjoy a relatively short trip in excellent comfort and style.

Nowadays, with the wonderful help of the internet, the stress has immensely reduced.

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Benefits of  Travelling by Air

There a lot of benefits attached to air transportation. A whole lot! When you travel by air, you get to enjoy;

1)Safety: The factor of safety is a crucial one with the rate of road accidents, kidnappings and robberies that come with road transportation nowadays. All of these factors are significantly reduced if not completely non-existent, with air transportation.

2)Saves Time: Apart from the fact that your safety is guaranteed, you will be getting to your destination within a limited time frame. Imagine spending an average of 11-12 hours to travel from Lagos to Abuja on the road. That a lot of time wasted!

But by travelling by air, you can spend your time judiciously doing other vital things. Oh and have I mentioned the comfort and convenience that comes from travelling by air?

3) Comfort and Convenience: When you travel by air, you get to enjoy your trip comfortably and conveniently.

Factors That Affect the Price of Flights

Generally, the price of flights is dependent on numerous factors. Some of these factors are;

  • How long in advance you are booking- If you book your tickets a long time before you travel, you are sure of getting a fair deal. The price of your ticket will not be as costly as if you book them some days or hours before your flight.
  • The day of the week you want to travel- many times, weekend trips are usually more costly than flights which take off during the week.
  • The time-sometimes afternoon/evening flights could cost more than morning flights.
  • Holiday periods- if you want to book a flight during the Christmas period, for example, you must know that the cost of flights ticket will be more expensive than usual.

Cost of flight from Lagos to Abuja

Lagos and Abuja are the two famous and commercial hubs in Nigeria. There is no lack of people travelling from one of the states to the other. While a good number of these people use road transportation to get them from one point to the other, others opt for transportation by air.

It is no news that transportation by air is quite costly, especially to the average person. However, this cost is worth all the safety and convenience and reliability that you get.

Different airlines have different packages that they provide their customers. It is your choice to decide on which package suits you the most and which airline you prefer to go with.

The Lagos to Abuja flight is a popular one, and price tickets may increase as more seats become sold. Therefore, you should book your flights ahead of the time you will be travelling.

This way, you will not be at a loss should the flights be overbooked, and you will be getting your flight tickets for a much lesser price.

These prices are for one way economy flights from Abuja to Lagos or from Lagos to Abuja. Costs of business class flight tickets are usually double or more of economy ticket prices.

1)Aero Contractors Airline

Over the years, Aero has been known to offer cheap flights from Abuja to Lagos and other domestic air routes.

Aero’s current price for a one-way flight ticket from Lagos to Abuja is ₦22,299 when booked one week to departure and goes up to ₦30,000 if booked on the day of departure. There are flights for each day of the week.

You can book Aero flights online at

2) Arik Airline

Arik airline has long been in existence in Nigeria’s aviation industry flying to and from nearly all local airports in Nigeria. Besides operating within Nigeria, Arik flies to several international countries like the USA, Ghana etc.

Arik does not offer cheap flights from Lagos to Abuja like other notable Nigerian airlines. This may be as a result of their massive customer base.

Arik’s price for a flight ticket from Lagos to Abuja starts around ₦24, 799. You can book Arik Air flights online at or

Return flight: The cost of booking both your departure and return flight ticket for  Arik Airline starts at ₦50,011.

3) Dana Airline

If you’re searching for a cheap flight, then try Dana Airline. Unlike other Nigerian airlines, this airline offers cheap flights for customers. This is a strategy to win their customers back after they had a plane crash some years back, which had severely affected their business.

The average price of a flight ticket for Dana airline from Lagos to Abuja is between ₦22,299 to ₦24,799. To book your Dana Air flight online, visit

Return flight: The cost of booking both your departure and return flight ticket for Dana starts at ₦44,598.

4) Air Peace

Air Peace is a relatively new airline in Nigeria that has been making waves in the few years of its existence. The airline is presently among the top airlines in the country.

Air peace does not offer cheap deals on flights. The price range of an Air peace economy flight from Lagos to Abuja is between ₦26,999 to ₦69,699.

To book your Air peace online flight, visit

Return flight: The cost of booking both your departure and return flight ticket for Air Peace starts at ₦49,834.

5) Medview Airline

This is another airline in Nigeria that offers good deals on flights. The price of Medview Airline economy flight from Lagos to Abuja is between ₦23,000 to ₦40,000.

To book your Medviewe online flight, visit

How To Book a Flight From Lagos to Abuja

You do not have to go to the airport or airline agencies before you can buy a flight ticket. What you need to do is connect your device to the internet and buy your tickets from the airline.

You can even source online for the cheapest possible ticket price from one point to the other, and the internet will provide you with answers. You can see that this is very easy.

It is as simple as selecting all the details of your flight from the comfort of your home. These details include the type of seat, flight date and time and much other relevant information that would usually require you to go to the airport for before.

How Long Does It Take From Lagos To Abuja

The flying distance from Lagos to Abuja is about 51o kilometres, which is 317 Miles. The flight from Lagos to Abuja is about 1hour and 10-15 minutes, depending on the airline you are travelling with. Some aeroplanes are faster than others, and so the fastest planes will get to Abuja in about 1hours and 10minutes, or less.

How Much is Flight From Abuja To Lagos

Though they are still the same two cities, the prices of tickets going to Abuja may vary from the amounts of tickets going to Lagos. The cost of the tickets may not necessarily have so much different, but the figures will not be the same.

For One-Way flight tickets from Abuja to Lagos, the price ranges from ₦22,000 to ₦35, 000, depending on the date and time of booking.

For return flight tickets from Abuja to Lagos, price ranges from ₦44,000 to ₦75,000, depending on the date and time of booking.

So the next time you plan on taking a business trip or personal trip from Lagos to Abuja, remember that you must try to book your flight before the time.

Consider the date and holiday period(if any) and know that you can easily book your flights online either through the airlines directly or from different booking sites.

But more above all, enjoy these beautiful cities!

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