Price of Floor Tiles in Nigeria & Things to Consider When Choosing Floor Tiles

What To Consider When Choosing Floor Tiles?

Recently, people don’t just build houses anymore; they make beautiful and standard structures — homes built now come with POP finishing, nice fixtures, and importantly beautiful floor tiles. You will see houses with nice painting, beautiful POP and colorful tiles what else does a house need to look all attractive.

Flooring and tiling is the finishing part of the building. Although, they pop up while wrapping up the construction they still need to reflect in the budget from the planning stage.

And you can’t put it on your budget without having an idea of the price.

Floor tiles come in different designs, types, quality, grades, and color. There are tiles for the sitting room and bedroom, and there are tiles designed for the bathroom and toilet as well as some designed for the kitchen.

Floor tiles are made from stones and ceramics, but ceramics is the most common of them. Floor tiles are mostly sold per square meter as they come in a square block.

Presently in Nigeria, tiles are used everywhere; in offices, halls, schools, hotels, restaurants, name anywhere. They give that welcoming feel to the building. As earlier said, tiles vary in designs and type so their various prices too. Mostly the ones for the bathroom and kitchen floors come cheaper than that of the sitting room.

When you are going for tiles, you need to know the total number you need for the area in view, then pick the particular type of tile you want, and then you can proceed.

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These are the Prices of Floor Tiles in Nigeria

Granite Tiles Price in Nigeria

30 x 30N5, 300 – N5, 500
40 x 40N6, 400 – N6, 800
30 x 60N5, 700 – N6, 000
60 x 60N7, 700 – N8, 000

Vitrified tiles price in Nigeria

30×30 packN1,000 – N1,400
40×40 packN1,100 – N1,500
30×60 packN1, 450 – N1, 700

Polished Porcelain Price in Nigeria

30 x 30N2, 500 – N2, 800
40 x 40N2, 800 – N3, 000

Unpolished Porcelain Price in Nigeria

40 x 40N2, 700 – N3, 000
30 x 60N3, 400 – N4, 000

Ceramic tiles price in Nigeria

30 × 30 packN1,300 – N1,500
40 x 40 packN1, 400 – N1, 850

All tiles have their advantages and disadvantages. You should do your research and know about the tiles you want to buy well. For example, if your tiles are for the office, Spanish tiles are what you should procure. They are sturdy and also have good coordination in color and luster.  They are available in different colors and sizes.

Also, try and add like 9% of the total number of tiles needed as extra.

When going for floor tiles, there are some things to consider, and they will guide you in purchasing the right one for you as picking a particular type of tiles can be so difficult especially when we have different types of tiles in the market.

Factors to consider when going for tiles 

There are factors to consider when going for tiles and they  include:

  • Budget: This is the most important thing to think of when picking tiles. You can not run out of your budget. What you should go for should be within your capacity. As tiles vary in prices, check your budget and go for what you can afford.
  • Tile Location: This is another crucial factor to consider, it should be next after thinking of the amount of money you have. If the floor tiles are for the sitting room,  then you need to go for shiny, attractive, and quite slippery ones. But if the plan is for a kitchen or bathroom and toilet, such tile is a no. Consider where you want the tiles installed; it is essential.
  • Tile Design: When going for floor tiles, you need to make up your mind on what you want. Is it plain or pattern or the mixture of the two. It is imperative as this will also assist in bringing out that beautiful finish you want to give the house, office, hotel, hall, and every other thing you want to use it for.

There are other things to state in your budget when you talk about floor tiles; they include cement, sand, white cement, and the workmanship of the tilers depending on the square meters of the area to be tiled.

Tips on Choosing the best Tiles 

  • Consider the tile hardiness
  • Look out for tile that has a slip resistance
  • Look out for tile with porosity
  • Go for porcelain tile; it is all around, fits into everything
  • Go for tiles with brighter colors; it makes space looks bigger.
  • Choose ceramic word tile instead of hardwood tile
  • If you want quality and luxury, you can go for a stone tile.

Advantages of Floor Tiles

  • It helps to improve the appearance of the floor’s surface.
  • Floor tiles assist in increasing the floor oldness,
  • It prevents the access of rodents.
  • Floor tiles also reduce the contamination of dust particles,
  • Tiles help the building floor to look suitable for habitation, among others.


Tiles are the finishing touch that gives your house that beautiful, luxurious, and attractive feel you want.

Tiles can make your house look as attractive as you want, you get those tiles, the other materials needed, and pay the person. Then, wait for the beautiful and charming result you will get from it.

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