Fly Mid Africa Booking and Flight Specials(Things about the Airline)

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Are you searching for an African aircraft with a reputable standard as well as quality services? Why not give Fly Mid Africa a trial?

Fly Mid Africa is the recent national airline of The Gambia. It came into existence in 2014. Fly Mid Africa operates from its hub at the Banjul International Airport in The Gambia.

A good number of Nigerians fly with this airline, but they lack quality information about the aircraft. This post, therefore, gives comprehensive information on Fly Mid Africa in Nigeria. So, read on.

The parent company of the aircraft known as Mid Africa Aviation Limited also offers asset management services, including pre-financing, lease, and BoT arrangements. Fly Mid Africa thrives on establishing an emblematic airline for West as well as Central Africa.

It is important to note that unlike Southern Africa, East Africa, and North Africa can boast of standard iconic carriers. West, as well as Central Africa, has no known regional carrier that projects its cultural heritage.

It is in light of this that Fly Mid Africa came into existence to fill that vacuum. Starting as an assets management holding company in 2014, this aircraft successfully had its license as an air operator on 10th August 2015.

The airline is in Banjul, the capital of The Gambia. Fly Mid Africa aims to develop a unique passenger and cargo airline with services.

These services connect target cities in West as well as Central Africa while working towards long-term plans to expand to the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe.

Since the establishment of Fly Mid Africa, the airline has shown commitment to making sure the Banjul International Airport becomes a major regional hub and gateway to Africa. This happens to develop a strong brand associated with high-quality products and services.

Booking a Flight Ticket on Fly Mid Africa

Booking a flight ticket on Fly Mid Africa is pretty much easy thanks to the airline’s partnership with companies. It partners with aviation transportation, logistics experts as well as travel agency known as Peacock Aviation.

Just pick up your internet-enabled device and log on to Peacockaviation to book your flight tickets on Fly Mid Africa

You can also book your flight tickets on other prominent 3rd party apps and websites like:

  • Wakanow  is a reputable third-party website that enables you to get the best prices for your tickets on Fly Mid Africa. They also offer information on the best hotel offers at your preferred destination.

  • Fly Nigeria is another prominent third-party website that guarantees the easy booking of flight tickets at the best prices on Fly Mid Africa. 


All You Need to Know About Flying with Fly Mid Africa

The aircraft is keen on customer satisfaction and safety. With a commitment to the provision of a friendly, safe, comfortable, and reliable air experience to its customers, you cannot go wrong with Fly Mid Africa.

Fly Mid Africa also promises special treatment of all customers and a show of courtesy, respect, fairness, and honesty from the airline at all times.

Additionally, Fly Mid Africa has put measures in place to ensure a strict and uncompromising approach to safety tips in an operational environment devoid of hazards. Here are some vital information you may need to know about flying with Fly Mid Africa:

Check-in at the Airport

Fly Mid Africa check-in counters are accessible 3 hours prior to the departure for all flights. At check-in, passengers will present their passports as well as tickets for verification of any documents they need like a company ID card.

All passengers must complete their check-in for their Fly Mid Africa flight before check-in closure. This is possible 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

The airline has a strong commitment to adhering to its policy concerning its check-in time and closure. This is put in place to allow ample time for check-in completion.

It also ensures strict adherence to scheduled flight departure times. If you fail to complete the check-in procedures within the stipulated time, you might not be able to board the aircraft.


Boarding commences 45 minutes before the scheduled take-off time. Passengers boarding the aircraft should make moves at least 30 minutes prior to departure. A passenger stands a risk of missing his/her flight if they fail to report to the gate before the time of closure.


Excess Luggage Policy

Passengers will pay an extra charge for carriage of baggage above the free baggage allowance which is a pin at 30kg luggage for economy class and (2×23)kg for Business Class. It is also important to note that excess baggage charges are collected in local currency.

No-Show Policy

A passenger is considered to be a ‘No Show’ if that passenger fails to check in for their flights at least 60 minutes before the stipulated departure time.


The company currently utilizes the Boeing 737 Classic in West Africa.

On-Board Service

Fly Mid Africa provides comfortable seating and a dedicated business-class cabin for a pleasant Fly Mid Africa experience. Customers are sure to enjoy Fly Mid Africa’s top-notch menus and drinks.

These meals have been meticulously selected to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

The airline thrives on its helpful and professionally-trained cabin crew, both in Business and Economy Class. Passengers in the Business Class of this airline are sure to enjoy the following amenities:

  1. 2-2 seat configuration
  2. Onboard music for entertainment
  3. A menu selection of 3-course meals on all flights
  4. Amenity kits like hot towels to aid the comfort and refreshment of passengers
  5. Generous legroom and leather seats
  6. Complimentary snacks on all flights
  7. A variety of snacks are to be served on short trips.

Passengers in the Economy Class Cabin of the airline are not left out as they also enjoy:

  1. Generous legroom
  2. 3-3 seat configuration
  3. Onboard music for entertainment
  4. 2-course meals coupled with additional light snacks on all flights
  5. Selection of beverages

Fly Mid Africa Destinations

With a commitment to offering its passengers a memorable and pleasant experience. The airline operates in West Africa as well as Central Africa. The airline currently operates in the following places:

  • Banjul, The Gambia
  • Dakar, Senegal
  • Freetown, Sierra-Leone
  • Monrovia, Liberia
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Lagos, Nigeria

Fly Mid Africa Flight Prices

Here are some estimated prices for Fly Mid Africa flights from Lagos to some popular destinations in Africa:

  • Banjul, Gambia: The price range is between ₦220,000 and ₦280,000 for a round-trip ticket.
  • Dakar, Senegal: The price range is between ₦240,000 and ₦300,000 for a round-trip ticket.
  • Freetown, Sierra Leone: The price range is between ₦260,000 and ₦320,000 for a round-trip ticket.
  • Monrovia, Liberia: The price range is between ₦280,000 and ₦340,000 for a round-trip ticket


Are you still doubting this airline after going through this post? You better hit their website today and get your flight tickets settled.

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