How To Fund Your OperaPay (Opay) Account

Can I Send Money From My Bank Account To My Opay Account?

OperaPay, popularly known as Opay, is an online payment solution that allows you to pay for anything online. With Opay, you can recharge your phone with airtime, buy credit for others, book a ride, buy data, make an order for food, pay for food, pay bills, and other payments.

For you to make payments from your Opay wallet, you must first fund your account. Therefore, it is imperative for you to know how to fund your Opay account. In this guide, you will learn how to fund your Opay mobile wallet.

Technology has evolved and the world is changing. Right now, you can make payments without holding physical cash. There are lots of mobile wallets that can be used as a medium of exchange for making and receiving payments.

Opay offers lots of services for people through ORide, OFood, OWealth, Okash, OCar, OList, OTrike, OBus, and OLeads. Through the Opay platform, you can make payments for anything you think of.

OPay is a multifaceted payment platform powered by Opera Software. They have a mobile app that allows you to do different things such as paying bills, making bank transfers, getting loans, buying data and airtime etc, fund your Nairabet and betting accounts.


The app allows you to pay for electricity and also make payments for subscription packages on KWESE TV, StarTimes, GoTV and DSTV. OPay has been adopted by many entre

If you like to get a bike via ORide, you must have sufficient funds in your account. If you want to enjoy meals from your favourite eateries and restaurants, you must have money in your Opay wallet to pay. The same thing applies to other Opay services, you must have sufficient funds in your wallet to get these services. This post addresses the way to fund an Opay account.


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How To Fund Your OPay Account

There are three ways you can use to deposit money to your OPay account. These methods include;

  1. Payment via ATM card.
  2. Payment via Online Bank Transfer.
  3. Payment to An Opay Agent

Deposit OPay Account with ATM

This method is a straightforward process. Open the Opay app on your smartphone, enter your password to gain access to use the app. From the options provided on the menu bar, click on balance, then click on the ‘Add Money’ option.

Add your ATM card details such as your credit card information and save your card to your Opay app. Next, you’ll be redirected to a page that prompts you to enter the OTP code sent to your phone from your bank.


After entering the One-Time Password (OTP), click to complete the transaction. If the transaction is approved, your Opay accounts get funded immediately with the amount you entered. However, for this transaction to go through, you must have sufficient funds available in your bank account.

How  To Fund Your Opay Account From Your Bank

If you operate a Nigerian bank account, then you can fund your Opay account by transferring money from your bank account to Opay. With this method, you can fund your account without using an ATM card.

Now, all that you need to do is to make an online transfer from your bank, that is, if you are using your bank’s mobile banking app and internet banking system.

Most importantly, if you are using this method, you have to know or have the phone number you used to register on the Opay platform. Your phone number functions as the Opay account you are about to fund.

For instance, if the phone number you used to register for Opay is 07044098873, what this means is that your Opay account number is 7044098873 (the first number is omitted). So, if you want to send money from your bank to your Opay wallet, the account to pay is 7044098873.

There are many commercial banks in Nigeria that support payment to OPay wallet. They include the following:

If your bank was mentioned in the list of the above Nigerian banks, you should be able to make a deposit in your Opay wallet right from your mobile banking app.

  • Launch your mobile banking app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate the menu and select the ‘ Transfer Funds ‘ option.
  • Select the ‘Transfer to other Banks’ option.
  • While going through the list of banks, select Paycom (Opay).
  • Now enter your Opay account number. (Remember that your Opay wallet number is the phone number which you entered when you registered to use the Opay platform, the account number must be ten numbers, so remove the first number. This means that if your phone number is 07044098873 remove the first digit, this means that your Opay account number is 7044098873).
  • The name you used in your Opay account registration will be displayed to you.
  • Enter the amount you wish to send.
  • Confirm and complete the transaction.

A lot of people prefer this method because they are experiencing issues in funding their accounts from the app. Also, some people don’t feel comfortable linking their ATM to their Opay account.

How To Fund Your Opay Wallet With Opay Agents

OPay is very popular right now, which means that you have the possibility of meeting Opay agents around your location.

Simply visit any Opay agent around you. Tell the agent that you want to fund your Opay account or make a deposit to your Opay account. The agent will request your wallet number and the amount you want to deposit in the account.


Provide the necessary payment information to the agent. The agent deposits the transaction amount to your account, you can log in to your app and check it to confirm.

Can I receive dollars with OPay?

OPay is a Nigerian fintech company that primarily operates in Nigeria and some other African countries. OPay provides a range of financial services, including mobile money, payments, and other financial products. While they offer services for local currency transactions and financial services, they may not directly facilitate the receipt of U.S. dollars.

If you need to receive U.S. dollars, you would typically need a bank account that can accept international transactions or use other international money transfer services.

We hope that this article proved to be reliable and useful in giving you information on how to fund your Opay account. We urge you to share this wonderful information with your friends as well.

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