Glo Customer Care Number, Live Chat and WhatsApp Number

How Can I Chat With Glo Customer Care?

Do you know you can actually contact the Glo customer service agent directly on WhatsApp, live chat, and via email too? In fact, you can get the Glo customer care number here.

Glo is genuinely the grand master of data and even airtime as well as bonuses. It gives the cheapest call rate as well as data. The company, however, works effortlessly in offering Nigerians the best, and this cannot be possible without the help of Glo Customer Care.

Glo is a Nigerian multinational telecommunication company that came into existence in August 2003. The company is a child of Mike Adenuga, who happens to be the second richest person in Nigeria.

In every company or organization, rendering direct service, survival cannot be possible without effective customer care. This is the department that is in charge of attending to the needs and complaints of customers. For a telecommunication company like Glo, customer care service is essential. The unit is full of professionals who listen to the problems of Glo subscribers and also provide solutions to these problems.

As we know, calling or getting through to customer care representatives in Nigeria is not easy. However, Glo customer care is not as stressful and challenging as most; as you can keep in touch by merely calling, doing live chat, or texting them on WhatsApp.


Are you tired of staying on long calls without getting a response or you have a problem with your sim, or you want to move from one tariff to the other, and you don’t know how to? With this post, reaching Glo customer care will be very easy.

How to Reach Glo Customer Care

Glo has over 30 million subscribers in Nigeria, thereby making Glo the second-largest telecommunication firm in Nigeria after MTN. With that kind of traffic, problems and tech issues will arise. It is, therefore, imperative to have different channels of communication to reach customer care.

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There are various ways through which you can reach the customer care of Glo. They include Glo customer care numbers, Glo self-service codes, Glo retail shops, Glo social media handles, and Glo email addresses, among other ways.

 Customer Care Numbers

Customer care number is the most popular way of getting help from telecommunication companies. Most people in Nigeria are quick to dial these numbers at the slightest issues. Glo customer service is available 24 hours with well-trained staff

Even I am a victim of this. Any slight problem with my sim, data subscription, or tariff plan, and I’m calling the numbers. This is to show you how important customer care numbers are.

For corporate clients, they can reach these professionals by dialling 200 while both prepaid and postpaid customers will dial 121. Calls to these numbers are free.

What is the Glo customer care number?

If you have internet-related problems, you can go straight by dialing 444.  However, you can call customer service with other networks by dialing +2348050020121 or +2348050020200 within Nigeria.

Self-Service Codes

In some situations, you don’t need to call or speak with customer service representatives. There are codes to dial on your phone, and with that, the system help will put you through. You can try 121, 200, or 100. You can also make do with 500, and this comes with language options. They are:

  • 5001 for English
  • 5002 for Yoruba
  • 5003 for Hausa
  • 5004 for Igbo

Glo simplified this service to the least such that language is never a barrier to getting whatever you want to be done.

Retail Shops

Aside from the customer care numbers or the shortcodes, you can walk into any retail shop to get solutions to your problems. There are over a hundred physical Glo shops in Nigeria. Major cities in Nigeria have at least two such stores.

If you need any information about tariffs, data plans, data bundles, and other Glo packages, the Glo retail shop should be your next stop. Also if you need Glo modems, sim cards, phones, and other branded items from Glo, you can get them there.


Virtually everyone has an Email or Gmail or even Yahoo mail. If you are not interested in the stress of calling the customer care numbers or dialing short codes or you don’t have the time to visit the Glo outlets around, you can simply send a mail to them.

The following are emails with which you can send your complaints.


Glo Live Chat

If you don’t want to have any business with calls, emails, or shortcodes, you can live chat the customer care. You can do that by visiting the website. Click on the chat icon, after which you will be connected to a customer care agent for a while.

With that, you can ask questions with the box that pops up, and it will be solved professionally.

Glo Social Media Handles

In this age where prominence has been given to social media, even organizations have active social media handles and Glo is not left out. The social media presence of Glo is bustling, so you can use that to solve problems and talk to customer care.

On the social media pages like Twitter and Instagram, you can post your query after which an agent will attend to you as soon as possible. However, the Instagram and Twitter links to Glo customer care accounts are below

You can pick one of these ways to contact the Glo customer care agents. It’s either you speak, chat, text, or send a mail to the customer care agents.


Benefits of Using Glo Customer Care

There are a number of benefits that come with Glo customer service and they include:

  1. Accessible anytime and anywhere, besides it can be reached from anywhere in the world.
  2. Quick response is assured as you don’t have to be on a long call anymore with an agent.
  3. Learn about tariffs, plans, promos, and offers.
  4. Professional Solutions to problems instantly
  5. Use any channel convenient to reach due to the numerous channels available.
  6. Most channels are charge-free, aside from calls from other networks and outside the country.
  7. No Language barrier because of the language options available on the network.


Getting through to customer agents for Glo subscribers comes with options. Now that you know what to do to contact customer service using your convenient channel and the benefits of customer care, get your problems solved today, as these trained personnel are waiting for you to contact them. Still waiting? Rule your world now!

If you have friends who are Glo subscribers, make sure to refer them to this post!

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