Complete List Of All Glo Data Plan [Subscription Codes & Prices]

Glo Data Plans In Nigeria

Globacom is one of the biggest & best telecommunication companies in Nigeria. They are the acclaimed “the Grandmasters of data” and they offer some of the cheapest data plans in Nigeria right now.

With the new and reliable Glo 4G LTE sim card, We are going to experience the best internet connections and bandwidth from Glo from a relatively good price.

They have super specific data categories for both high-end data consumers and light internet users. Glo data plans have been tried so many times and proven to be very very reliable.

They can work simultaneously across multiple devices from your smartphone, to PC, internet modem, MiFi device, Smart TV, Playstation console, and any other Internet-enabled device you possess.

Amazing right? We made intense research on Glo data plans, and this is what we have for you. We’ve compiled an article that has a complete list of all Glo data bundles, their subscription codes, validity timeframe, and more.

If you are interested in seeing all the available Glo data plans right now, I’d advise you to read on.


Glo has a huge list of available data subscription offers, that is why we used a table to compile this list. Glo has one of the best data plans are perfect for anyone who needs big data for small money. Plus if you stay in areas where there’s good network reception, you’d love Glo.

With Glo, there’s no need for night browsing. Their data plans rival those of GLO, Airtel, and even Spectranet, Glo data plans also come with longer validity timeframes and benefits. All the data bundles listed in the table are available to both new and existing Glo subscribers.

If you are interested in seeing all the available daily, weekly, and monthly data subscription on Glo, these are the best so far.

Plan Name & Price

Data Volume

SMS Subscription Code

USSD Subscription Code


Glo ₦25 daily data plan

12.5MB + 2.5MB

Text “32” to 127


24 hours

Glo ₦50 daily data plan

22MB + 5.5MB

Text “14” to 127


24 hours

Glo ₦100 daily data plan

80MB + 20MB

Text “51” to 127


24 hours

Glo ₦200 daily data plan

210MB + 52MB

Text “56” to 127


5 Days

Glo ₦500 weekly data plan

800MB + 200MB

Text “57” to 127


14 Days

Glo ₦1,000 monthly data plan

1.6GB + 400MB

Text “53” to 127


30 Days

Glo ₦2,000 monthly data plan

3.65GB + 900MB

Text “55” to 127


30 Days

Glo ₦2,500 monthly data plan

5.75GB + 1.5GB

Text “58” to 127


30 Days

Glo ₦3,000 monthly data plan

7GB + 1.75GB

Text “54” to 127


30 Days

Glo ₦4,000 monthly data plan

10GB + 2.5GB

Text “59” to 127


30 Days

Glo ₦5,000 monthly data plan

12.5GB + 3GB

Text “11” to 127


30 Days

Glo ₦8,000 monthly data plan

20GB + 5GB

Text “12” to 127


30 Days

Glo ₦10,000 monthly data plan

26GB + 6.5GB

Text “15” to 127


30 Days

Glo ₦15,000 monthly data plan

42GB + 10.5GB

Text “16” to 127


30 Days

Glo ₦18,000 monthly data plan

50GB + 12.5GB

Text “17” to 127


30 Days

Glo ₦20,000 monthly data plan

63GB + 15.75GB

Text “33” to 127


30 Days


Glo Flexi plan is one of the best data plans in Nigeria right now. This plan allows you to stream trending videos, surf the web, and satisfy your online desires. The Glo Flexi plan is a time-bound plan that gives you unlimited browsing data for a given amount of time.

During this time, you get enough data to do whatever you want. Here’s a list of available subscription plans available on the smartphone network.

Plan Name


Data Volume

SMS Subscription Code

USSD Subscription Code


TGIF  ₦500 weekend plan



Text “61” to 127


Saturday & Sunday

₦200 night  plan



Text “60” to 127


12 am – 5 am

G 100



Text “20” to 127


100 Hrs or 30 days

G 300



Text “21” to 127


300 Hrs or 3 Months




Text “30” to 127


8 PM to 9 AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends




Text “31” to 127


8 AM to 9 PM


Glo Campus data plans are super exciting data packages that allow you to enjoy up to 10 times the value of data subscription at no extra charges whenever you are on any campus in Nigeria.




Glo to Glo Bonus

Free Data for Gifting







2 days






4 days












15 days






30 days






30 days


Glo comes with one of the fastest data connections in the land, the Glo 4G LTE for 4G enabled devices. This blazing-fast 4G plan allows you to enjoy super-fast browsing for the best rates.

You only need a new Glo SIM card to start enjoying 4G LTE network connections. If were an existing customer, you only have to upgrade your SIM card in any Glo service center near you.

Glo 4G Data plans are not different from the usual data plans like the ones listed in the first table. 4G plans come with better internet connections and bigger bandwidth.

If you feel like you could use better internet reception, then you should go for this plan. It works on smartphones, Modems, MIFI, and other gadgets that are 4G enabled.


For every data purchase you make on Glo, You can get up to a 40% bonus on that subscription package. It is also worth knowing that you get up to a 50% bonus whenever you renew your data before it expires even if you renew with a lower plan.

Whenever you make a data recharge above ₦500, you’ll get to enjoy free YouTube access from 1 AM to 5.30 AM every day as long as your data expires.

This is currently one of the best Glo bonus. When you make a data subscription above ₦2,000, you can watch over 600 movies [10,000 hours video streaming] on iFlix.


You can easily share the data bundle on your Glo data balance with up to five friends and family on the Glo network only. To transfer data from your airtime balance to another number, simply dial *127* 01*Glo number# to send data on Glo via USSD.

You can also send Glodata via SMS by sending “SHARE” “GLO PHONE NUMBER” to 127 [replace the hyphen with space]. You can also share data using the Glocafe app or the Glo website.


Glo data request codes and SMS request codes are special codes that act as shortcuts when you plan on purchasing data. This way, you can easily purchase data with a few clicks.

You can subscribe to any Glo data plan of your choice by dialing *777# to find your preferred plan… You can also use the data SMS request by sending the data shortcode to 127.


Glo subscribers can easily borrow data on Glo by using the Glo Borrow Me Data feature. You can start using the feature by simply dialing *321# and select the amount of data you want to be credited on your Glo line.

Your line will be credited with the required data and your debt will automatically be paid on your next recharge.


If you exhaust all the data on your Glo data plan balance, you can begin to browse from your airtime balance. Yes, this feature allows you to browse from directly from your airtime balance, simply dial *108*1# to use the Glo Pay-As-You-Go service.

You will be charge ₦1/MB and can opt-out anytime by dialing  *108*2#.


If you are using a recognized smartphone, your Glo SIM will automatically install the required internet settings once you slot it in your phone. If your phone isn’t browsing, it is probably because your Glo SIM doesn’t recognize the phone. So, you should request an internet setting to be installed on your Glo line.

To automatically request and install Glo internet settings on your phone, simply send “flat” to 1234. You will instantly receive the Glo internet settings via SMS.

Just save the received settings on your smartphone and it will start browsing. If this method fails, you’ll have to perform a manual internet configuration.

Before you can manually configure your Glo internet settings, you have tom locate the APN settings tab on your smartphone. It is usually located in the mobile data settings in most android smartphones. When you get there, fill in the required boxes with these details.

  • Access point name (APN): gloflat
  • Service name: Glo 3G
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat


Purchasing a data subscription on Globacom is super easy. To make the task even easier, there are several methods available for you to choose from. You can purchase data from the Glo data store by dialing *777# then select your preferred data plan.

Alternatively, you can use any of the available Glo USSD codes like the ones provided in the tables above to request for data. You can also make a data purchase by sending an SMS to 127.

You simply get your preferred data shortcode and send it as a message to 127. Then your data balance will be credited after you confirm your purchase.

If you prefer buying data online, you can buy data directly from the Glo website or buy Glo data subscription from third party sites like Jumia, Buydata, or VTU Kings.

You can also buy a Glo data subscription directly from your bank using your bank’s Internet banking feature, USSD banking, or your bank app.


The Glo network also allows you to activate data rollover and data auto-renewal. Whenever you buy a Glo data plan and renew it before it expires, your data plan will roll over and your data purchase will be added to your account data balance.

Glo auto-renewal is another great service that allows you to automatically renew your existing data plan without you dialing any code or send SMSAfter purchasing data on GLO.

You can choose to allow or disable data auto-renewal. You can stop Glo auto-renewal anytime by sending “CANCEL“ to 127.

Source: InformationNGR

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