Glo Night and Weekend Plans – All You Need to Know

Glo Data Plans In Nigeria

Glo is an A-rated telecommunication company in Nigeria and the top choice for most Nigerians looking for cheap browsing data for a very good price. If you like cheap data, then you’ll surely love the Glo night browsing plan.

The Glo midnight browsing package allows you to browse until you get tired. The only con is that it only works in the early hours of the day from 12 AM – 5 AM. But ironically, it is termed the Glo midnight plan instead of the early morning plan.

Jokes asides though, the Glo night plan is one of my very best night browsing packages. Unlike the MTN night plan that only gives you 2GB/day or the 9Mobile night plan that gives you 1.5GB/day.

This Glo bundle gives you up to 3GB of data to do whatever you want for 5 days. This is enough data to download files with massive space.

No wonder millions of Nigerians love Glo. According to the National Communication Commission (NCC), Glo has one of the highest numbers of internet subscribers and data purchases. They just give away massive data for a very cheap price but their internet service needs serious prayers.


Aside from a shitty network, this is an excellent plan for high-end internet users. You can enjoy one of the most affordable data bundles in Nigeria for a relatively good price.

You can also use this night plan to satisfy your data desires including streaming trending videos, downloading the latest movies, upgrading your device software, uploading videos to your Whatsapp TV or Instagram handle, or surfing the web.

If the Glo night plan caught your attention and you are interested in knowing more about the Glo midnight subscription, then I’ve got you covered.

In this specific guide, I’m going to show you all you need to know about the Glo midnight browsing plan, its subscription codes, prices, and validity.


Unlike MTN, Airtel, and 9Mobile which offer just one plan in different sizes, Globacom offers you different varieties of midnight and weekend plans of different sizes to choose from.

Another thing is that the Glo night plan also comes in mega packages of up to 3GB/week. They come in massive packs that will almost quench your thirst for data. Enough talk though, these are the best Glo plans right now.


I can’t say I like this plan because I don’t purchase data less than 1GB but this is an awesome small data plan. Glo allows you to enjoy 250MB for only ₦25. Yes, with just ₦25 you can purchase the Glo 250MB to surf the internet.

The Glo 250MB night plan is valid only from 12 AM – 5 AM per day.  This data cannot roll over and will not be auto-renewed. Any data left in your balance will be reclaimed by the company and cannot be used again. So you should use up all the data when you purchase it.


The Glo 500MB midnight data plan is another great internet bundles offered exclusively to new and existing Glo customers to kick start their day. Just like the 250MB plan, the Glo 500MB plan is valid from 12 AM to 5 AM on a single day.


You’ll have to wait till the next day before you can purchase it again whether you finish your remaining data or not.

The Glo 500MB plan costs about ₦50 only. With just ₦50 you can enjoy unrestricted internet access for up to 5 hours until you exhaust all the 500MB on your data balance

You don’t have to be on any specific tariff plan to purchase this bundle. As long as you are a Glo customer, you can enjoy the ₦50 for 500MB night plan.


Speaking of real data, this is one of the best midnight bundles in Nigeria. The Glo 1GB midnight bundle can last for up to 5 days. So if you fall asleep before exhausting your night bundle, you can try to stay awake the next day and continue where you left off. How sweet is that?

You can easily purchase this plan by dialing *127*60# for USSD request or sending “60” to 127 for SMS requests. You will instantly an SMS confirmation message alerting you of your purchasing and  ₦100 will instantly be deducted from your airtime balance.


Are you interested in subscribing to any Glo night plan? To purchase this plan, simply dial *777# to enter the Glo data store, insert 1 on the on-screen prompts to select the “buy data” option, enter 1 again to choose the “buy 3GB to 4GB data”, now select the “Night plan” option by selecting option 7.

When you get to the next screen, simply select 1 to request for 250MB for ₦25, select option  2 for 500MB night plan, option 3 for the 1GB night plan, or the 4th option for the 3GB weekend plan.


Globacom has a super-easy way to check your night plan balance, this way you know how much data you’ve used and how to efficiently utilize the remaining data bundles.

There are three easy ways to check your Glo midnight data balance. All the listed steps work perfectly if you want to check your Glo data balance.

  • You can check your midnight data balance by dialing *127*0#.
  • You can also check your Glo midnight data balance by sending “INFO” to 127.
  • Alternatively, you can check your data balance request by dialing *777# and selecting the “Check Balance” option.

How to Cancel Glo Night Plan?

Like all midnight plans offered by Nigerian telecommunication companies, you cannot cancel your midnight plan, you cannot auto-renew your midnight plan, and your midnight bundles cannot be rolled over.


But if you however want to make sure that your midnight bundle is canceled and doesn’t auto-renew, you can send “CANCEL” to 127.


Globacom also has one of the best weekend plans for hungry internet users. The TGIF weekend data plan costs only ₦500 but gives you about 3GB of data to enjoy your weekend.

This is great, you can use this data to update all your social media handles and have a great time surfing the internet. There’s so much that you can accomplish with this much data.

Do you want this plan? Just send “61” to 127 to request the 3GB weekend plan via SMS or dial *127*61# to request the TGIF weekend plan via USSD.

Before you dial these codes or SMS, make sure that you have ₦500 on your Glo airtime balance. ₦499.99 will not do, it must be above ₦500. Once you do, you will be given 3GB of data that is only valid on Saturday and Sunday.

Glo USSD Tarrif Migration Code

  1. Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan
    • Migration Code: *211#
  2. Glo Jollific8
    • Migration Code: *123*PIN#
  3. Glo Infinito
    • Migration Code: *10092#
  4. Glo G-BAM
    • Migration Code: *10051#
  5. GLO bumpa bonus
    • Migration Code: *100101#
  6. GLO Twin Bash
    • Migration Code: *223*PIN#
  7. Glo Yakata
    • Migration Code: *220#
  8. Glo Bounce
    • Migration Code: *170*4#
  9. Glo Free Tomorrow
    • Migration Code: *300#
  10. Glo Generation G
    • Migration Code: *170*5#
  11. Glo Formula
    • Migration Code: *323*PIN#
  12. Glo IDD Packs
    • Migration Code: *777#
  13. Glo BiiGy Packs
    • Migration Code: *170*1#
  14. Glo Jolof N25
    • Migration Code: *0805*25#
  15. Glo Jolof N50
    • Migration Code: *0805*50#
  16. Glo Flexi
    • Migration Code: *123*PIN#

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