100+ Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Quotes To Your Crush

What Do You Say To Someone On Their 50th Anniversary?

If you’re crushing on someone and want to let them know, you can send a cute birthday message and indirectly tell them how you feel. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for funny birthday messages to crush or the perfect birthday greeting.

There’s nothing better than sending someone a happy birthday message to make them smile. Here are a hundred birthday messages you can send to your crush to make her notice you.


100+ Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages For Girlfriend

100+ Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes For Boyfriend


100+ Happy Birthday Wishes To Lover, Someone Special

Sweet Birthday Messages I Can Send To My Crush

1. Dear crush, you grow stronger and wiser every birthday, just like the handsome flower, you did resemble on the first day we met! Happy birthday! May you live long and prosper. I wish the best for the person I love the most in my life.

2. Darling, you have been a great friend and wonderful support in my life. I know. You always used to console me whenever I was frustrated and angry. At the same time, you were my best buddy who always used to make fun of me. Happy birthday! from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a long life filled with happiness and joy. Happy birthday to you.

3. I can’t hide my love for you anymore on your birthday, especially since you keep asking. Well, I think you are very cool. You have a smile that melts your innermost being. If only we could skip the awkward first date and move forward to the 2nd one? Anyways, happy birthday, my crush!

4. My favorite things about you are your sweet voice and beautiful smile! I always thought you looked like a Greek goddess. That’s why I just stare at you; oh wait, you already know that! And I don’t even have the guts to tell you that I love you because I am afraid of losing you! This birthday card is special because it’s my way of saying those three beautiful words to you: I love you!

5. Hey, you have been in my life forever. You know everything about me and still, love me despite everything. When I am sad, you are the first person I call, and you are the first person to know about it when I am happy. Thank you for being there for me every second. Happy birthday!

6. Happy birthday to my dear friend!! You are not just a crush; you are a friend that has become part of my life in real. I want to wish you all the happiness this world has to offer. Thanks for the good times we shared and the good times ahead of us.

7. Thank you for being there for me and your unconditional kindness. I wish you a very happy birthday and all the best in life from the bottom of my heart. You will always be there for me, and I’ll never forget all you have done for me. I promise to take care of you all my life. Wishing you a happy birthday.

8. Happy birthday, you are such a wonderful person. You are truly a special person. I get along with them, and they treat me well! You are my besties and will always be. I wish we grow up together to share more joys and sorrows.


9. I want to wish you a very happy birthday! I know that we met as strangers, but I hope to become friends one day. You have so many qualities that catch my eye. I would do anything in my power to make this day special! Wishing you all the best!

10. hey there, friend! You are a real gem, and I value your friendship. The world is lonely, but not for you because you’ve got me. As the saying goes, “the more, the merrier”. I wish you all the very best on your special day. Love from your best friend!

Special Birthday Wishes For Your Crush

11. You’ve always been a good friend and a shoulder to lean on when I am down. I appreciate all you have done for me and how you were there to lift me high again. Words cannot express my gratitude, but I wish you long life, happiness, and all the best.

12. Hello, I know it has been a long since we talked to each other. I want you to know that I am super busy here, but my thoughts are always with you. I miss you a lot, and no matter what the distance between us, I will always bring a smile to your face. Happy birthday and may you have a great year ahead. Wishing you a happy birthday.

13. Happy birthday to my crush! I wish you all the best in life, and I hope to see you soon. Have fun tonight, and I know it is going to be wonderful!

14. Happy birthday, my crush! I am not just wishing you had a wonderful birthday, but I also want you to know how thankful I was for such a fun evening yesterday. Though we had college classes in the morning, you stayed up till late with me and showed me my favorite movie. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Happy birthday again!

15. Happy birthday, crush! Did you notice the three extra wishes added to your special day? If 100 people asked me what I have learned in life, 99 would say it was from you. I am happy and grateful to have a friend like you and proud to call you my best friend.

16. I can’t imagine my life without you! Since I met you, my world has been changed for the better. I hope this birthday will help make your life better. I could never thank you enough for all the help you have given me. I am very grateful. I wish there were more people like you. Happy birthday, dear!

17. As they say, time flies like an arrow. This year has flown so fast and today is your day. May God bless you more in this new year, and I hope everything you wish for comes true!

18. Warmest birthday wishes to crush, my dear friend! My wishes and deepest thoughts travel with you on your way. I hope that the day of your birth will be filled with beautiful joy, warm glee, and big pleasant surprises.


19. Dear crush, you hold a special place in my heart. I can’t know I express this openly to you. You are the best person I know, and that is why today, your birthday, I wish you everything good the world has to offer and much more. Have an amazing day ahead, and may we continue to be friends as we have always been.

20. Many wishes for many happy returns of the day! I am sending you my love and blessings on the special occasion of your birthday. May this auspicious day mark a new chapter in your life, one which will be filled with joy, laughter, and prosperity. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes For Female Crush

21. Hey cutie, I am filled with many emotions as I walk over here to wish you a happy birthday. I am overwhelmed but also very happy because this day marks the beginning of many more days for us together. There is no doubt that we will have a beautiful relationship in the future, and I can’t wait to see all the surprises it has in store for both of us. Let’s make today special and celebrate together.

22. To a special person in my life, happy birthday! The time we have shared has been a gift to me. I love the moments we share, and the good time we have together. You make me feel whole and complete. Hope you have a wonderful birthday today and that the best year is yet to come.

23. Dear crush, your friendship is one of the sweetest things ever to me. I always enjoy spending quality time with you. You make me feel loved and special. Wish you a very happy birthday!

24. Happy birthday to you, my love. I could send you a beautiful bouquet, but I know that it may not be able to match your loveliness. Happy birthday, dear!

25. Happy birthday to you! You are the kind of person whose presence makes the world a better place. You have brought happiness into my life, and I’m grateful for your friendship.

26. This is a holiday to celebrate all the good things a person has done in life. And as you are in my thoughts every day, on this special day, I want you to know that I appreciate your presence in life. And may all the good things and happiness come your way! Happy birthday to you.

27. I Am grateful for being around. I wish you health, peace, and joy in life. You remind me of what a true friendship is all about, just like that of the rainbow with many rainbows. Thank God you came into my life!

28. Since I first saw you, I knew you would be special. I hoped someday you’d be mine. Your vibrant personality, wit, and charm captured me, and I can’t imagine a day without you. I enjoy thinking about the years we’ve spent together on your birthday with my female crush! With this heartfelt birthday wish, may all of your wishes come true!

29. Hi crush, I didn’t forget, I know we just met, but you are special to me. For all the happiness you brought, I send this long text message and a wish for your most beautiful happy birthday. When my heart smiles and I feel as if I am on top of the world, it is because of you. Thank you for every moment we spent together. Hope to see you again soon.

30. Happy birthday to a lady who is intelligent, charming, and attractive!! You are so beautiful that I can’t hold back. You are wonderful and adored. I miss you always and wanted you to know how special you are to me!

Birthday Wishes For Male Crush

31. Dear crush, I wish you all the best on this special day! You have always been there for me as a friend and colleague, and I appreciate that. I wish you happiness, success, and great life. Thank you for all your support

32. Dear crush, you are special and unique. And for that, I will never let you go. You give me goosebumps and make my heart flutter with just one glance your way. Wishing you a beautiful birthday with enough surprises to keep you on your toes!

33. Dear crush, although we have not met, my heart aches for you. I feel I have known you all along. After perusing your profile and photos, I am amazed at how your love life has been serious business and not a fling. You deserve a woman whom you can trust with your heart and life, who wants to see you fulfill your dreams. The lady of your dreams is out there waiting to hear from you! Happy Birthday!

34. Happy birthday to my crush! I am sending my heartfelt wishes on your special day. I passed your way, and you were there always. You made me laugh, smile, and make every moment worth living. I am grateful that we crossed paths in this journey called life. I hope this love of ours will last forever.

35. Happy birthday in advance to my very sweet and caring crush! I can never thank you enough for all the fun we have had together. You are the one for me, and no one can ever break us apart. THANK YOU for making me feel special and reminding me every day what it is to be young and fancy-free again. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

36. I finally gathered enough courage to tell you how I feel about you. I love the sound of your laughter and how you make me feel better about myself. Happy birthday, my sweet crush!

37. Today is your birthday. I wish you the same for your career and personal life: nothing but the best! Your many achievements, warm personality, and easygoing nature have made me feel like I belong here. Enjoy every single moment of your special day with all my love.

38. Your birthday is a perfect time to let you know that I have feelings for you. I care a lot about you, and if the feeling is mutual, will you give me a chance to be an important part of your life?


39. I am glad you are here with me today to share this special day in my life. I look at our history and can say you are one of the best friends anyone could ever have. You make every day a great one, and I pray to God we remain, friends, till death do us part. I love you like a brother, and I wish you a belated birthday!!

40. Yes, it’s indeed your big day! I hope you are planning something special for yourself. Enjoy that “fairy-tale” life you deserve, and then some. You have worked hard to reach this stage in your life; never forget the sacrifices people made to deliver you here. I hope that you have a fulfilling day! Wishing you a happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Female Crush

41. To my lovely crush, I do not know how often you have heard “I am in love with you” from guys. But what makes you special is that you have liked me even if I had a different name and appearance. You have the biggest heart and are a great friend. This card expresses my sincerity for all that you have done for me. Have a fun birthday.

42. Dearest crush, the love of my life, the light of my heart, and my world’s joy. On your birthday, I want to wish you all the success and happiness. May this day bring all that you seek. May God bless you and make your wishes come true. Happy birthday my love.

43. A tiny star shivers with joy among the stars! How do you start to write to such a special girl? You are my dream, my ambition, my life. I wish you a happy birthday and hope that all you want come true.

44. Hey gorgeous! Have the best day ever. My life has been made complete by knowing you. Because of you, I can smile again. I send sweet wishes to my dear friend. Happy birthday!

45. Whoever you have in your life, I am sure she deserves you. If I weren’t a guy, I would be chasing you myself. Happy birthday, beautiful. You are one of a kind!

46. Without you, I feel I would have missed out on a lot of fun. Thanks for being the crazy friend that you are! You had never judged me and always been there when I needed you. I pray that your worries fade away on your birthday and good fortune comes your way. I wish you to spend this day happily with the people you love. Have a blast!

47. Dear crush, as I look at your face every day, I get distracted. So I decided to take a cognitive approach to my affection for you. With the help of a mirror, I want to let you know how much you mean to me. You inspire me to do better and achieve greatness!

48. You know you are a great girl when I am willing to give up my freedom to spend some more time with you. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but know that you will always be my first and closest friend no matter what happens between us.

49. I don’t know what to give you for your birthday. I hope this message serves as a great gift. I have been thinking about our friendship non-stop, and I know that you are one of the best friends a man can have, certainly the best crush anyone can ever have.

50. For my sweet and lovely crush, may you have a beautiful and good life on your special day. I much cherish you. I hope your dreams come – true and that you may have all the best blessings. Have fun!

Flirty Birthday Wishes For A Crush

51. Happy birthday, my dear crush. You are not just my crush; you are the one that holds my heart close. ​​ I hope this day brings nothing but happiness into your life and that you find joy in every little thing in your world. Stay happy, as you make me feel loved every time we meet.

52. I want to personally and sincerely wish you a great happy birthday! I hope you have the happiest and most fun 24 hours. You deserve to get whatever you ask for from the world, and I hope this is the best day of your life.

53. You make my heart skip a beat, and my cheeks blush, I know it is not easy to crack your calm exterior, but I wish that someday, you would see me as more than just a friend. Happy birthday!

54. On your birthday, I send you warm wishes and whisper, “Happy birthday to somebody I dream about often.” You are always in my mind, and it seems like my life would be meaningless without you. I hope that our team will give up soon. I’m waiting for the day we will meet.

55. I know you might be bigger than I am, and I can never match your wit, but I promise that there is no one better than me when it comes to loyalty and devotion. Happy birthday, darling!

56. I have never tried to woo a girl before, and now I know why. It is hard. Harder than I imagined but also more fulfilling. Wishing you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart!

57. With a heart filled with gratitude, I wish you all the best on your special day. Year after year, you have been by my side and have brought immense happiness into my life. You are why I smile, and you have always made my life meaningful and worthwhile. I am lucky to have you in my life, and I hope life gives you all you seek. Be happy on your special day!

58. Hey, I hope you are enjoying the day. So busy, but getting a break to call you and wish you a happy birthday. I wanted to say thank you for all the great times we had together. And I’m sorry if I am too direct sometimes! You stayed in my mind so long that I think of you as someone special. Anyway, I will cut this greeting short because I want to know your plans for tonight!!!!

59. Happy birthday to my cute crush! I hope you are thrilled that we are now able to turn this friendship into a romantic relationship. Sweetheart, the more time I spent with you, the more I liked you. I am so happy that you finally started noticing me and valuing my presence in your life. Let’s make the best of this beautiful gift of God. Happy birthday!

60. Your birthday should always be the perfect reminder of how easily I fell for you. You are not only simply cute but also cool, kind, and very fun-loving! Wish you a great birthday. May it have all the happiness, success, and love you deserve!

Flirty Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

61. To my dear crush, love is a word that appears to have many meanings. Some people say it is an unconditional affection, while others claim it is a combination of sexual desire and romantic affection. For me, love seems to be more complex than that. It can be romantic, passionate, lustful, or platonic. Either way, it is sweet and lovable as well. On your birthday, I want to show you how much I adore you and wish you a happy birthday!

62. Today, my dear crush, is a day of celebration for all your achievements and the great memories you have shared. You are so special, and that’s why I am delighted to join millions in wishing you a special birthday!

63. Happy Birthday, dear crush! I love you for the kind of person you are, with your unique and philosophical outlook on life. I love you for your infectious laugh and the smile that lights up the room when it rises to your face. I hope this birthday is wonderful and filled with all things that make you happiest. You deserve only the best on your day; after all, you have been through getting to this point in your life. I look forward to spending many more days like this one with you.


64. I hope you will always find something to make you smile, something that makes your heartbeat. I wish you a life full of fun, pleasure, and surprises! Here is a wish that all your wishes come true! Wishing you a happy and prosperous birthday.

65. Dear crush, Happy birthday to you! I hope every day comes along and brings a new feeling to your life, just like on this day of your birth. Like the TV says: “live every moment and make it worthwhile!” I hope this reminds us that the best times are ahead of us. The future is ours if we take it! Happy birthday again!

66. Dear crush, it always warms my heart to see you happy. Today, your birthday makes me happy too! To celebrate this special occasion, I have a gift for you. Take a look! It’s a flirty ecard from the heart. Wish you a very happy birthday!

67. I know that many people have told you how great of a person you are. But I am bound to say that you are the best friend a guy could have. And today, I want to thank you for always making me feel special and wanted. This world would be so much more boring without your presence. On this day, I wish you the happiest birthday ever!

68. Happy birthday to my crush. I am glad we have become friends and can share our secret dreams. Let’s celebrate your special day together as friends, with all the flirting you will ever want or need under the sun. Happy birthday to you!

69. I wish you a very happy birthday, and this coming year brings you great happiness. I am glad that we can share this day. Our friendship is one of a kind, and I will always cherish every moment we have shared. Thank you for being there for me!

70. To my sweetheart, today is your birthday, and I could not celebrate it without you. You mean more to me than anyone has the right to mean. My true love is the joy in my life, the oasis in the drought of life. May you always be blessed for your kind heart and constant care for others, even at the expense of your happiness. I wish you a very happy birthday!

Simple Birthday Wishes For Male Crush

71. To the person I like so much and have always dreamed of, wishing you a very happy birthday! I know our relationship will last because we have each other. We share the same feelings and have never seen any party. I won’t say goodbye to you because today is all about hope and love. So here’s wishing you a very happy birthday.

72. I’m sure most of you are wondering who this fabulous man is. I’m talking about MY crush! I love everything about him, his sense of style, grace, and intellect. His feature is that he’s very supportive and loyal. He can do it all; he’s amazing with his flawless looks! As a lover of men like me, I want to wish him a happy birthday.

73. To my wonderful boyfriend, I am grateful to have you in my life. You are a fantastic man, and I love all you do for me. This year, I want to make your dreams come true; therefore, this card is my expression of gratitude for being so nice to me. To top it off, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday!


74. Here’s a simple happy birthday to you. I believe that we can always try to live out our dreams and hope for the best. May all your dreams come true, and may you be blessed with long life. Have a great day ahead!

75. Happy birthday, my crush! I can’t express how happy you’ve made me these past few months! Meeting you had completed my life’s greatest chapter! I look forward to us growing together in the future.

76. A simple but heartfelt “Happy Birthday!” to a crush like you deserves a million of that word! Thanks for being the good friend that you have always been. I hope that on this special day, you feel appreciated and loved.

77. To my crush, you are my heart’s desire until the end of time. You make life worth living and dreams worth chasing. Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true.

78. Happiness cannot be found when you are looking for it. It comes to you when you are working hard to achieve your goal. May all the success come your way. Happy birthday.

79. Thank you for being by my side for as long as I have been in your life. I hope we continue to be friends for as long as we are alive. Thinking about you has powered me through many trials and made my smile brighter. Especially, I wish you the happiest birthday!

80. Thinking about you today, wishing you a zillion good wishes for an awesome birthday. My crush, I admire your style and appreciate your personality. Thank you for being what you are and for surprising me daily.

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Crush

81. I don’t remember the first time I saw you, but I’m sure it was love at first sight. You have always been in my heart as far as I can remember. I pray that your birthday brings you everything that your heart desires! Wish you a very happy birthday, my dear crush!

82. I was so glad when you told me you liked me. You are one of the kindest, most gentle people I know. I feel good just looking into your eyes. I want this friendship to last forever. I am sending you my heartiest blessings and love on this special day as we share your birthday, wishing that everything is filled with joy.

83. Hello there! I would like to congratulate you on having a great life. You have been very good at making me happy. I appreciate that! Happy birthday.


84. You are the most adorable sweetest guy I’ve ever had an encounter with. You make me go weak in the knees, making my heart melt. I feel like I can’t stop smiling when you text me asking if we can hang out this Friday night. I will miss you more than ever while you’re away at college next year, but I promise to always keep in touch. Happy birthday, sweetie pie!

85. Dear crush, may your birthday be awesome! I know you are the type of person who is not a fan of celebrations, so I didn’t want to make it too big. I just wanted to remind you how much you mean to me; also, happy birthday!

86. Here is wishing you a happy birthday! You may be away from me, but the fact that you are still in my life is a great thing. I remember how we used to play together when we were kids, and it’s great to have memories like these.

87. On your birthday, my darling love, it’s wise to look at all the ways in your life that you have made an impact. Not only did you put light into my dark world, but you have also proven to be an example of what it means to be true to your heart and soul. I am proud to have someone I can always run to when in need. Happy birthday!

88. Sometimes, the greatest gifts are unexpected and come in the form of a friend who is always there to make you feel special. We’ve been close, but not as close as we used to be. However, I’m sure that our friendship will last long past this lifetime. So today, I wish you all the love, joy, health, and happiness you can ever imagine possible. You deserve it all, my friend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

89. The most important thing in life is good friends; you are one of those good friends. I love how you always lighten up the room when you enter. You have truly been a friend that anyone would be privileged to have. I appreciate your uniqueness and spirit!

90. You are a guy who knows how to treat girls. You bring out the best in any woman that you come into contact with. You are a good friend and one of the best smile-makers around here. Happy birthday! May all your dreams come true!

Birthday Letter For Crush

91. Dear Crush, have a great birthday! Time is flying so fast, and it seems we have known each other for ages. Having you in my life has given me lots of happiness, and I salute that. I am grateful for all the time and effort you put into making my days special. Without your love, this world would be dull, full of sorrows and disappointments. I wish you all the best!

92. Dearest crush, today is your birthday. Who would have thought that you would make such a big difference in my life? You changed me in unquantifiable ways, and I literally can’t thank you enough! Your love means a lot to me. This birthday wish says it all!

93. Happy birthday to my sweetest crush. You are a very sweet, good-looking, and lovable girl, and you deserve the best. Many guys want you, but I am grateful that you chose me as your crush. I am sure we will be in a relationship soon.

94. I wish you a very happy birthday! It is quite unusual to find someone like you in a lifetime. You have been my crush for years now, and finally, I can get this chance to tell you how I feel about you. I can say that I love you and would like to have a long-lasting relationship with you. Once again, I wish you a very happy birthday!

95. My dearest crush, as we have reached this special life milestone, I would like to thank you for all the love and good times. Today will be a very special day because I would not feel so complete without you. You fill my heart with so much joy, laughter, and happiness. Happy birthday to you.

96. Happy birthday! It feels to me like my life is complete. You and I can do anything together. I was alone before you came into my life, but you made it so much easier by being there for me. You are not the kind of best friend any girl wants to lose. Thank you for the memories, and here’s wishing you a safe journey throughout your life!

97. Thank you for being my crush. I cannot think of a better person to cheer me up when things are gloomy. You have been there for me from the start and even changed your ways. I admire you for being so thoughtful and sweet, but sometimes you take your kindness for granted and hurt people who care about you. I do not wish to be one of them, so please mind your words.

98. Happy birthday to a very special person. I am thankful to have you in my life. My goals and aspirations are achievable because of all the support I receive from you. I appreciate and love you very much and forever will.

99. You are my inspiration and why I get up in the morning. You bring color to my world and happiness to my life. Every time I see you, my heart melts like the season’s first snowfall. You are everything I need in a man and more. May today be the best day of your life and every day after that!

100. My dear crush, I am proud to be your friend. You have changed my life in more ways than one. I thank you for believing in me and making me realize my full potential. Even when I failed to see the truth, you stood by me and became my backbone. Thank you for standing with me and for your endless blessings. I wish you a happy birthday!

Birthday Message To Make Your Crush Think of You

101. Happy birthday to the person who makes my heart skip a beat! May your day be as bright and joyful as your smile, and may you find a moment to think of someone who’s thinking of you!

102. Wishing the most amazing birthday to someone who occupies my thoughts more often than not. May your day be filled with laughter, joy, and the warmth of knowing you’re on someone’s mind!

103. Happy birthday to the one who has a special place in my thoughts and heart. May your day be surrounded by love and may you find yourself wondering who else might be sending birthday wishes your way!

104. On your special day, I want to send you the happiest of birthday wishes. May your day be filled with surprises and moments that make you smile—and maybe even think of someone who’s thinking of you!

105. Happy birthday! As you celebrate another year of awesomeness, just know that there’s someone out here sending you good vibes and birthday wishes. Enjoy your day to the fullest!

106. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the one who has a constant presence in my thoughts. May your day be as amazing and unforgettable as the moments we’ve shared, even if they’re just in my mind.

107. Happy birthday! Here’s to another year of incredible adventures and moments. As you blow out the candles, know that there’s someone out there hoping all your wishes come true—especially the one about thinking of them!

108. Sending the biggest birthday hugs and wishes your way! May your day be filled with love, laughter, and the sweet thought of someone who’s wishing you all the happiness in the world.

109. Happy birthday to the one who never fails to make my heart race a little faster. As you celebrate, I hope you take a moment to wonder who else might be sending warm birthday wishes your way—and yes, that includes me!

110. Wishing the most fantastic birthday to someone who occupies my thoughts more than they probably should. May your day be as incredible as the moments I spend daydreaming about you. Cheers to you and another year of amazing memories!


Expressing your birthday wishes to your crush can be a delightful way to let them know they hold a special place in your thoughts. Whether through heartfelt messages, charming quotes, or sweet sentiments, sending warm wishes on their special day is a subtle yet meaningful gesture. May these birthday messages serve as a bridge to bring you closer and create moments that linger in both your minds for a long time to come. Cheers to celebrating the joy of birthdays and the possibility of sharing many more together!

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