100+ Happy Birthday Wishes To December-Born Celebrants

Birthday Wishes For December Born People

A birthday is a special time to celebrate and appreciate your loved ones. It’s a time to spend with those who mean the most to you, to reminisce on the past year, and to look forward to what’s in store for the future.

The best way to wish your December-born family and friends a Happy Birthday is by sending them a message that they’ll never forget. There are plenty of ways to do so, but nothing beats the feeling of receiving an amazing birthday message from someone you love.


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Here is the list of 100+ Happy Birthday Wishes To December-Born Celebrants. You can send these wishes to your friends, family, and loved ones on their birthday. You can also use these greetings as a status on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Birthday Messages For People Born In December

1. Dear friend, you have been there for me ever since we have been in school. You are my best friend and I can’t give you the thanks that you deserve. You have been a great listener and I feel very close to you. When I was having a hard time, you were there for me. I am grateful for everything and on this special day, I won’t let you know how much I appreciate your friendship. From the bottom of my heart, happy birthday!

2. To the most beautiful person in the world, mom, a day like this should never be about you alone. I am grateful for a mother that has taught me so many important things in life. You have always been there for me when I needed you most. I love you from the bottom of my heart, and can never imagine my life without you by my side. Wish you a happy birthday!

3. The happiest of birthdays need to be celebrated especially. It is your day! The cake is ready, the celebratory drinks are prepared, so make this birthday one that you will never forget. Even if I am away from you on this special day due to my work, I don’t miss a single moment to wish you the happiest of birthdays.

4. I wish you all the best today! May you get everything your heart desires. I love you always and forever, my brother! Happy birthday!

5. Happy Birthday to my sweetest sister, the only woman in this world who knows me inside and out, and it is still inexplicable why we have not reconciled our differences. All I know is that you are my lifeline, my savior, and my guardian angel. Thank you for being there for me every time I am down in the dumps. I pray that God takes good care of you. You are a precious jewel in his crown. Happy Birthday again!

6. Not a second goes by when I don’t think of you, and I truly appreciate you for all the great things you have done for me. Here’s to many more birthdays of ours! Have a blast, my friend!

7. Thank you for giving me the best gift in this world “life. You are not just my mother, but my best friend too! I want to thank you for being my companion through thick and thin. I want to celebrate life every day with you. May there be a never-ending stream of happiness raining from heaven on this special day!


8. Good morning dad! I hope you have a beautiful birthday today. I wish you joy, happiness, and love for the rest of your life. Thank you for everything that you have done for me in my life. No matter what, ALWAYS know that I love you with all my heart.

9. You’re one of a kind. You’re my brother, my friend, and for some reason, you always find yourself in sticky situations. You are the type of person I like to tag along with when going places, and the type of friend who wants to be there when needed. On your birthday, I wish you much happiness and luck in everything you do going forward.

10. I am happy and respect you for the success that you have achieved. You have made all of your wishes come true in life. You have made countless sacrifices throughout your life and never complained even once. I hope your wish comes true too, today.

Happy December Birthday Quotes

11. Today I want to wish for the friendliest person I’ve known and even though I’m not into people, your positive nature has always made me happy. You have never been judgemental and you deserve all the great things this life offers.

12. You may not be my mother by blood, but you are my mother in every sense that matters. You are the person I look up to and admire. A woman who overcame challenges and has remained resilient throughout life. On your birthday, I would like to say thank you for being there when I needed someone the most.

13. Happiness is when I think of you. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made in life. Happy Birthday!

14. Honey, how can I say it? This should be a very special day for you. May this birthday take you to greater heights of success and fulfillment in life. You deserve all the best, and so do I. We have managed to make it this far because of the family bond that ties us! Happy birthday, bro! Love you lots and lots.

15. Dear sister, the bond between sisters like us is the most precious thing that I have ever had. The loyalty and love you have showered me with will always be remembered by me. I know that you are my strength in times of struggle. Happy birthday, darling! I hope all your dreams come true!

16. It’s a day to rejoice, friends, as my best friend turned another year older today! Today is a celebration of all the wonderful years we have spent together. It has been a great pleasure knowing you and best wishes for whatever the future holds!

17. Happy Birthday mom! The kind of person you are, who you are, and how you were brought me up and inspired me to be a better human being. I am proud I had you my mother in my life. May your happiness never lack and may your life be filled with joy, love, and laughter.


18. A father is not a person you can see, but he exists in your heart and gives you strength. I hope this birthday will bring your happiness and bring back many sweet memories of the past. Wishing you a wonderful day!

19. Today is a special day for you. On your birthday, I want to tell you how glad I am that you are in my life. You are always there for me and make me feel lucky about friendship and family. Happy birthday!

20. Sister, you have gone through the rough patches and successfully made it through them. Thanks for all the good times that I shared with you at this young age of mine. I am a better person today because of your love, care, and guidance. You are my best friend, for whom I treasure deeply. You deserve all the happiness in the world!

Birthday Wishes For December

21. Cut the cake, open the presents, and have fun with family and friends. Please enjoy this day to the fullest and open your life to new opportunities ahead. Have a great birthday and I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity today and in the years to come!

22. On this special day of your life, may the angels in heaven sing for you, and may the sky above be filled with colorful balloons just for you! You like dancing beneath rainbows, I wish that a big rainbow appears right above your head on this birthday. Happy birthday dear

23. That time of year was the most magical time for me. The festive days made my life seem to be perfect. To this day, I always think back to it. On your birthday and every other day, I wish you more love, joy, and abundance. I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration!

24. I hope all your dreams, wishes, and desires come true for you today. I love you much and pray that the years ahead bring you happiness and joy. Happy birthday!

25. As treasured as our friendship is, I treasure you more- your heart, your love, your intellect, and the endless hours we spent together in fun. You are my best friend who brings hope and joy to life all over again. Become one year older with a lot of happiness and joy!

26. Happy birthday to my best buddy! I hope that I can share as many birthdays with you as there are grains of sand on the beach. Long life and prosperity to you! May you always find happiness around every corner! You deserve it all!

27. Mom and dad have done a great job in raising wonderful children. Today is your special day! I wish you happiness, peace, and love! I wouldn’t be who I am if not for their unconditional support. All my heartiest wishes go out to you!

28. Mom, with all the dances I have danced in my lifetime, with all the beautiful flowers that I have bought while on my way to work, and with all the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve, there has not been a greater gift than you. You make my life worthwhile; you give it meaning and strength. Thank you for being there for me, even in my most difficult moments. Happy Birthday!

29. Today, I want to tell you how much I appreciate that you stood by me in my greatest hour of need even when everything looked bleak. You have always been there for me, and I am glad to have you as a friend. Happy birthday!

30. Today, on your birthday, I’m wishing you nothing but love, joy, and happiness. I hope you would have a blessed and wonderful year ahead. Wish me as well for my birthday in the same way

Happy Birthday Wishes To Friends Born In December

31. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend! my wish on this day for you is to have a special and magical day ever.

32. Happy birthday my lovely friend! May you get all that you desire in this world and more. May God give you long life on earth and make your loved ones feel special always. I wish a happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole world.

33. John, you will always be the sunshine that makes my life cheerful. The bond of friendship that we share is made stronger by the love and care you give me. The warmth of your friendship has given me the courage to face every challenge in life. Happy birthday!”

34. I wish you a happy birthday! Your friendship has brought a positive change in my life inner soul. I am thankful to have you in my life.

35. Friend, you are in my heart because of your thoughtfulness. You can always lend me a helping hand when I needed it. Thank you for always being there with me in all situations. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

36. Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I want to say happy birthday to my friend and wish you to take everything easy. This is a day when all your hard work will be paid off. May you be blessed with luck and joy in life.

37. happy birthday, dear friend! I hope you are doing well and are in a good mood today. You are my special ally and someone who has always been there for me. And I am honored to share this day with you and just want to tell you how much you mean to me.


38. Wishing you a very awesome and happy birthday! You are the best friend I have ever had and I will be forever grateful for your presence in my life. Everyone should have a friend like you in his life!

39. You make me happy. You have made my life full of joy and love. We have been friends for so long that it feels like we have grown up together. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have such an amazing friend like you, who can always make me laugh, whenever I am sad or feeling low. Today you are older, but not old at all! Here is wishing you many more years of youth and energy!

40. My friend, today is your day, and I would like to take this opportunity to help you celebrate. You are a very smart guy that’s always good to be around because you know how to make people feel special. You always have a smile on your face, and it makes all those around you feel good. Today is your special day and I wish you the best!

December Birthday Wishes

41. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, with my love and best wishes for your happiness and prosperity!

42. My dear friend, I hope your birthday is truly special and as perfect as you are. I wish that you find a way to be more in love with life, and enjoy every moment of your precious time on earth. Today I want to tell you how impressed I am by you and your energy. All my heartfelt wishes to you today and always!

43. Happy birthday! May God fill you with joy and make this day a special one. A birthday is a time to reflect on the past year and make wonderful plans for the coming year. I pray you to have a very happy birthday gift of many more years ahead.

44. To a very special mom, I wish that this wonderful day turns out even more than perfect. I know it will be a day to remember it. I wish you all the best today and always.

45. I wish you an awesome birthday! I am thankful for everything you have done for me. From hiring my favorite tutor to buying me my first car, you have made all of my dreams come true. I hope your special day turns out to be one of soul fulfillment and contentment.

46. Happy birthday. Big hugs and kisses to all of you every day. You guys are the greatest friends, sisters, and family I could ask for. Thank you for all the fun we have had together, from parties to unforgettable nights in the town.

47. I never thought that living with you would be so fun and exciting. After dad left, I didn’t know what to expect out of anyone or even see life in a positive light. You have helped me create new memories and forget the bitter ones. Now this day has come, where I am extending my warm wishes to you on your special birthday!

48. Friends are all that you need to make the whole world seem like a better place. I am glad that you are my friend, and I can’t imagine life without you. Have a long and nice happy birthday!

49. To you, the best mom in the world! Happy birthday! Many more happy returns of the day, my dear. Have a wonderful year on this special day. I love you.

50. Happy birthday to my Mom who I love and care for so much! Though you are no longer around, you are still in my thoughts and everything I do is an homage to your teachings. You live on through me, guiding me as I journey through life.

December Birthday Cards Ideas For Friends & Family

51. Today I want you to know that you are greatly loved and appreciated. Your kind heart has touched my family and me in a way, no one can. You have made life so much meaning for me and my children too. Today it is not about giving you a gift but giving my love and gratitude in return. Happy Birthday!

52. My dear sister, I wish you a happy birthday! You have come a long way and conquered many battles in your whole life. To the one who has had her share of failures, there will always be that ray of hope that things will get better. You are indeed a special someone and your friendship means the world to me.

53. Today is your big day, and I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Wishing you an amazing year ahead and many more to come. Sending my love to you today! Hope this special day brings lots of joy. Love you lots!

54. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You have been the most extraordinary friend I could have imagined. We’ve shared so many good times, I can’t remember a time when I was ever unhappy when I was around you. Even though we have lost touch, I will always consider you my dearest friend. May you have a wonderful and happy birthday my friend. Best wishes!

55. Today’s my birthday. Wishing you all the best, always… Hope you have a very happy birthday today and the happiest birthday in the future.

56. I wish you a very happy birthday! You might have had your arguments with some people and been mistreated by them. This has not affected your mood as you are cheerful and fun to hang out with. It is the first thing that strikes me when I meet you. Here’s wishing you a year ahead full of happiness, success, and surprises!

57. Dear sister, words can’t tell it all. You have given me so much that I don’t deserve. Thank you very much for everything! Hope you enjoy your day to the fullest and can achieve all that you desire. Wishing you lots of love. Enjoy your birthday day and live life like there is no tomorrow!

58. Happy birthday Mom! All these years have gone by I have always looked up to you. You made the world a better place and now you are getting older. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

59. You are my special friend. You make me laugh when I am sad and you are always there to make me smile. Thank you for everything! I hope your birthday is a good one!

60. Your presence in my life is what I want everyone to have. Your guidance, wisdom, and love have played a major role in making me who I am. It’s been a fun ride this far! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes To Mothers Born In December

61. I would like to wish my mother a very happy birthday! Thanks for being such a great mother and always being there for me when I need you. Thank you for encouraging me at all times. Thank you for welcoming me into your family, I love being your daughter! With love on this special day!

62. You are the prettiest mom in the world and I am so lucky to have you. May this birthday be as sweet as you always have been.


63. Happy birthday! I hope you spend a mind-blowing time on this special day. Know that no matter how far we are, our hearts will always be one. Love you mother!

64. You have always been an inspiration to me. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a very happy birthday! May this year bring you joy and happiness.

65. you were always there for me when I needed you the most. You have given me the strength to be strong at times, and guidance to go through rough patches in life. You have been a wonderful mother, whose care has never ceased since the day I came into this world. I wish you all the happiness of a mother’s love on your birthday. Happy birthday mom!

66. Great mother, you are true! You have made me who I am and have always been there for me. In return, I promise to make your old age as happy and comfortable as I can. May you live long and stay healthy, I love you.

67. I wish you a very happy birthday mom! I know, you have always been there for me and loved me regardless of my flaws. You are my pure source of encouragement, strength, and love. Your special presence fills up my heart with immense joy. You have always been there for me and have shown me the way.

68. Mom, I know you have had a rough life, especially when it comes to raising me. I don’t know what I would do without you. I appreciate your love and patience when it comes to my attitude towards life. To help you celebrate this special day, I made something special for you.

69. I am blessed to have a mother like you. You have always been there for me and guided me in all the right ways. Thanks for being my mother, my friend, and everything else I could have asked for! Happy birthday to you.

70. Best Wishes for your birthday! Having you as my mom is one of the best things that has happened in my life. You have always supported me, encouraged me, and believed in me. I look up to you and come to you with all my problems and worries. Thanks for being there for me all the time.

71. “Happy Birthday to the most wonderful December-born mother! May your day be filled with warmth, love, and all the joy you bring into our lives every day.”

72. “Wishing a very special December birthday to the queen of our hearts, our amazing mother. May your day be as bright and beautiful as you are!”


73. “To the woman who lights up December with her presence, Happy Birthday, Mom! Your love and warmth make this cold month feel like a cozy, festive celebration.”

74. “Warmest birthday wishes to the December-born supermom! May your day be filled with the love and happiness you’ve given us all these years.”

75. “On this special day of a special lady, Happy Birthday, Mom! Your December birthday adds even more magic to this already enchanting month.”

76. “To the December birthday mom who’s always there with a loving smile, may your day be as bright and beautiful as your heart. Happy Birthday!”

77. “Wishing the happiest of birthdays to a December gem, our beloved mother! May your day be filled with love, laughter, and all the good things in life.”

78. “Happy Birthday to the December-born wonder woman who’s not just our mother but our guiding light. May your day be as extraordinary as you are!”

79. “Warmest birthday wishes to our December angel, our mom. May your day be as heartwarming as your love has been to us. Happy Birthday!”

80. “To the December queen of our hearts, our mother, Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with all the love and happiness you deserve. You make this month truly special.”

Happy Birthday Wishes To Fathers Born In December

81. I wish you a very happy birthday and I also like to thank you for everything that you have done for me in my life. The thing I’m proud of is that you are my father and knowing that I was lucky to have such a great father makes me feel very special. It’s funny how time flies, isn’t it? When I was young, I used to think that my father would never grow old. On this special occasion, I wish you a wonderful birthday, Dad!

82. I want to thank you for being my father. You are indeed very special and a gem. I wish you a healthy, cheerful, and long life. Happy Birthday, father!


83. If you are not my father, then I am not the luckiest child alive. No matter what I did in my life, I always found unconditional love and encouragement from you only. You are my hero and the best gift of God to me on this planet. Happy birthday, dad!

84. you have always been the most wonderful father I have perfectly seen. Your love, care, and inspiration have helped me become a successful person. On your special day, I wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come.

85. I’m not good with words. I never tried to express my feelings but today, I want to tell you how much you mean to me and make sure that you know how grateful I am for being my father. You’ve always been a great man; I am proud of you. This is the best way I can think of to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

86. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. You are the reason I have always wanted to be like you when I grew up. Happy Birthday, Dad!!

87. I am lucky to have a father like you! You have been in my life for most of my years and made me who I am today. Thank you for blessing me with so much love. As you enter a new journey, happy birthday to you and many others to come!

88. Dad, you are a well-respected and successful leader in your community. I feel proud to have such a loving father in my life. Your love and care have not gone unnoticed, dad. I pray that your dreams come true, and I hope to work with you someday! Happy birthday!

89. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me. I promise to make you proud of me by always being your guiding light as a son and your best friend as a friend. Happy birthday to you!

90. I’m so happy to have a chance to thank you, dad. You are always there for me no matter how tough times get. You are the best partner ever! You are always thoughtful and encouraging. And now that I am out of college, you do everything in your power to see a smile on my face all the time. Thanks for being such a great father and friend! Happy birthday, dad!

91. “Happy Birthday to the man who brought warmth to the December chill, my amazing father! May your special day be as bright and cheerful as you are.”

92. “Dad, your December birthday is a reminder that you are a gift to our family all year round. Wishing you a day filled with love, joy, and everything you desire. Happy Birthday!”

93. “To the man who lights up December with his presence, Happy Birthday, Dad! May your day be filled with laughter and surrounded by the love of family and friends.”

94. “December brought us winter’s charm and your birthday, Dad. Your love and wisdom warm our hearts every day. Wishing you a Happy Birthday filled with blessings.”

95. “As December brings snowflakes and holiday cheer, it also brings your special day, Dad. May your birthday be as wonderful as you’ve made our lives. Happy Birthday!”

96. “Dad, your December birthday is a shining star in this festive season. Wishing you a day that’s as bright and cheerful as your presence in our lives. Happy Birthday!”

97. “In the season of giving, it’s your turn to receive love and warmth, Dad. Happy Birthday! May your December birthday be as special as you are to us.”

98. “December may be cold, but your love warms our hearts, Dad. On your birthday, may you feel the warmth of our love and the joy of the season. Happy Birthday!”

99. “To the man who’s the December gem of our family, Happy Birthday, Dad! May your day be as precious as the moments we’ve shared together.”

100. “Dad, your December birthday adds an extra sparkle to this festive month. Here’s to a day filled with love, laughter, and the happiest of memories. Happy Birthday!”

Happy Birthday Wishes To Brothers Born In December

101. Brother, money is not a problem! I don’t care if you give me two pennies for my birthday, I am happy that you thought about me. I hope your day is special and memorable.

102. Hi Bro, I hope you are doing well. I just want to wish you a very happy birthday. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being there for me always. May you have many more wonderful years to come!

103. My dear brother, I just want you to know that I have always been proud of you. You are one of the people I look up to and would like to be like. Thank you for being there for me in a time I could not be there for myself. Today is your day, so have fun and enjoy it.

104. You mean so much to me. I have never seen such a beautiful, resilient, and positive attitude. My brother is my role model and I just love you for who you are. On your day, I pray that God blesses you with all things eternal in this world.

105. I hope you have a lot of fun while celebrating this special day. I am so proud and amazed to call you my brother.

106. In my heart, there is a special place for you… a place where I want you to always live! Have many happy returns of the day!

107. Finally, today you have become a man. Your youth has given way to maturity which I am sure will be a great asset for you. On this special day, may the time and tide bring out the best in you, in everything that you do. May the hands of time continue to guide you as they have done from childhood.

108. You make my day brighter with your presence. You are the best brother anyone could have asked for. I am grateful for your love and care. I will always remember you on your special day. I wish you a happy birthday!

109. Hey bro, how are you today? I am extremely fine. Our family is doing great-and you especially! You have brought so much laughter to our house and shed a positive light on every corner of this crazy world with your humor. Always remember that we all love you very much. Happy birthday!

110. Hello brother, you are my hero and I am proud to be called your little brother. You have always been there for me and stood by me through thick and thin. You taught me right from wrong and had a big part in molding me into the person I am today. I am proud to call you my big brother and, on your birthday, I wish you lots of happiness and success!

111. “Happy birthday to my December-born brother! Your birthday brings warmth and joy to the winter season. May your day be as special as you are!”

112. “Wishing my December brother a fantastic birthday filled with love, laughter, and endless happiness. Cheers to another year of amazing memories!”


113. “To my December-born brother, may your special day be filled with the magic of the holiday season and the warmth of family. Happy birthday!”

114. “Happy birthday to the coolest December brother ever! May your day be filled with love, surprises, and all the things that make you smile.”

115. “As you celebrate your birthday this December, may your life be as bright as the holiday lights, and your heart as warm as a cozy winter’s day. Have a wonderful day, brother!”

116. “Warmest birthday wishes to my December brother. May your day be merry and bright, just like you bring brightness to our lives all year long.”

117. “Happy birthday to my December-born brother. Your presence is the greatest gift to our family, and I hope your day is as amazing as you are.”

118. “On your special day, dear brother, I wish you a December filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Happy birthday!”

119. “To the brother who brings so much joy into our lives, happy birthday! May this December be the start of a fantastic year ahead.”

120. “Wishing my December-born brother a day that’s as wonderful as you. May your birthday be the beginning of a year filled with success, happiness, and all your heart desires.”

Happy Birthday Wishes To Sisters Born In December        

121. I love you and I want to wish you a very happy birthday! There is no one like you and there never will be. You are my sister and my friend, for all the good times that we have had and will continue to have. As an affectionate sister, I hope you know how much I love you! Happy birthday!

122. May your birthday is filled with joy, fun, and happiness. In your life, there have been ups and downs, but you have always managed to bounce back! You are my inspiration. I admire your courage and that is why I want to do the same. You are an incredible woman, sister! Always know how much I love you!

123. Dear sister, your birthday is a special occasion for you to look back and remember the beautiful moments that have always been with you. May God bless you with all the happiness you deserve!

124. Dear Tina, happy birthday to you today! You mean so much to me and have been a constant source of inspiration. The time spent with you is no time wasted. I wish for your success and happiness; I also wish we celebrate many more birthdays together. Lots of love, adorable sister!

125. A day of celebration and festivity and what better way to celebrate than with the people you love. I am glad to have a sister like you because this world can be so cruel and cold, but I know that with you around, I will always feel warm, safe, and protected. Have a happy birthday dear sister!

126. Happy Birthday, sis! This year you’ve made it even easier for me to stay away from home and not to miss you. Thanks for being such a great sister! I hope you have a wonderful present from your loving brother!

127. Thanks for always being supportive even when it seemed your heart was breaking. Here’s to another year of fun, joy, and awesomeness! You’re the best sister I could ever have! Happy birthday.

128. Dear Sister, I just wanted to say happy birthday on behalf of the whole family. Since I am no longer around, it is a big responsibility for you to take my place and continue in my footsteps. It would be nice if we can meet up before long. We’ll have a full-on reunion and lots of fun from every angle. Happy Birthday!

129. Dear sister, being your sister has taught me so much. Not only how to live my life, but also to appreciate the very essence of life itself. You always have believed in me and that inspires me to do better every day. You are my role model and I am truly grateful for having a friend like you.

130. You are truly one of the greatest sisters anyone could ask for! I feel great pride and respect for you. May your birthday bring all that you deserve, and may the rest of your life be as happy as your birthday wish will make you!

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