How much is DSTV decoder? (Updated May 2023/2024)

How Much Is The Cheapest Dstv Decoder?

Today, you hardly come by a Nigerian home without a DSTV. It’s one of the things you see in Nigerian homes regardless of class, literacy, or age. Cable TV is now the way of television broadcasting in the present time, and the prices of cable TV vary.

Before was terrestrial where you see aerial at the top of roofs in Nigeria. However, now antenna and dish are the way with which you can access local as well as international channels on both radio & television.

There are various brands and makers of cable TV selling in Nigeria, which include DStv, GOtv, Startimes, MyTV, TStv, and many more. All these cable TVs come with different features and packages. Also their prices, as well as subscriptions, also vary.

If you are looking for where to get prices of cable TV, you are definitely at the right place. We give you the full list of cable TV in Nigeria as well as guidelines to follow when buying.

Different Cable TVs in Nigeria

There are many cable TVs available in the country. So when choosing, go for the one that suits your choice, pocket, and need.

How much is the DSTV decoder?

DStv is a product of Multichoice, and it is the first when it comes to ranking in Nigeria. It is the most popular cable TV in the country today. The cable TV packs engaging channels and stations, both local & international.

DStv cares so much about its viewers as they have many channels to suit different types of audiences. For sports lovers, there are over 15 channels for sports. Almost seven channels are available for music, and over 12 channels are set aside for news.

Children have more than ten channels, while for documentaries there are more than five channels.

The entertainment on DStv is for the Old & young as well as Literate and Semi-illiterate. DStv has over 40 channels & stations for entertainment which come in various languages. It is genuinely a Multi-Choice.

Prices of DStv Decoder Packages

A basic DStv decoder ranges between the cost of ₦10,000 and ₦30,000 without installation.

HD with dish kit and 1-month DStv Compact subscription goes for ₦15,00 – ₦18,000. Also, the HD with dish kit and 1-month Compact Plus subscription sells for ₦16,600. HD with dish kit and 1-month Premium subscription goes for ₦18,000 – ₦20,000.

However, there are some DSTV decoders at a higher price as they possess special features and these are :

Explora with dish kit, smart LNB, and 1-month DStv Compact subscription goes for ₦20,000 – ₦30,000. Also, the cable TV with dish kit, smart LNBH, and 1-month Compact Plus subscription sells for around ₦25,000 – ₦35,000.

Explora with dish kit, smart LNBH, and 1-month Premium subscription goes for ₦30,000 – ₦45,000. However, that Explora decoder is to come with installation, the price is about ₦30, 000 – ₦50,000. But without installation is ₦19,000 – ₦25,000.


Subscription Packages & Bouquet Available on DStv

DStv has various packages which determine the access to channels and their prices. The table below shows multiple packages available on DStv.

PackagePrice (NGN)
DStv Premium₦24,500
DStv Compact Plus₦16,600
DStv Compact₦10,500
DStv Confam₦6,200
DStv Yanga₦3,500
DStv Padi₦2,500
French Plus₦11,600
French Touch₦3,300
Great Wall₦2,050

You can also check their website for more information.

Price of GOtv in Nigeria

GOtv is another child of multichoice, and it also comes with a fantastic viewing experience. This is another mind-blowing cable TV that loads viewers with lots of news, sports, entertainment, documentaries, and movies, among others.

GOtv also has a local and international channel. It is like a mini DStv as it gives half of the channels on DStv yet it is less expensive. GOtv also has the advantage of a stress-free installation, unlike DStv.

It also has the cheapest subscription, and you can get over 75 channels on GOtv. A GOtv decoder costs between ₦6,500 – ₦8,000.

Subscription Packages Available on GOtv

PackagesPrice (NGN)
GOtv SUPA+₦10,500
Gotv SUPA₦6,400
GOtv Max₦4,850
GOtv Jolli₦3,300
GOtv Jinja₦2,250
GOtv Smallie₦1,100
GOtv Lite (Quarterly)₦1,050

You can also check out their website for more information on the decoder and the subscription plans.

Startimes Decoders Price in Nigeria

A Chinese-based company Startimes Media owns Startimes. Cable TV, unlike others, uses Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Technology.

Startimes gives access to over 80 channels, both local and international. At first, the cable TV used an antenna, but now the decoder comes without an antenna. It is available all over the country.

Cable TV comes cheap, yet it gives a fantastic and engaging viewing experience to its audience. The decoder sells within the range of ₦10,000 – ₦15,000 depending on the type.

Prices of Startimes Decoders

SD Decoder₦10,000 – ₦115,000
HD Decoder₦10,000 – ₦18,000
2 in 1 Combo Decoder₦13,000 – ₦14,000

Subscription Bouquet Available on Startimes

BouquetPrice (NGN)

Price of TStv Decoders in Nigeria

TStv is another common decoder in Nigeria. It is a cable TV that is available all over the country. TStv offers a subscription of about ₦4,000.


TStv is a Nigerian product that enables the viewer to pay as they use it. It offers both local and international channels as well as stations.

Viewers have access to over 15 sports channels, 20 news channels, seven children’s channels, 25 movie channels, 6 religious channels, 5 music channels, and much more.

It is so exciting to know that a subscription on TStv comes with a data bundle. The cost of a TStv decoder is ₦5,000 – ₦7,000, while installation will cause additional charges.

Subscription Packages on TStv

BouquetPrice(NGN)Data Bonus
3 Days₦5001GB
1 Week₦7502GB
10 Days₦1,0003GB
2 Weeks₦1,5005GB

You can check their website for channels and other relevant information on the decoder.

MyTV Price in Nigeria

MyTV has been around for some time now, although it’s not so popular. The cable TV is also known as Strong TV, and it is such that provides High Definition digital satellite TV service. MyTV gives access to many channels. The decoder sells for ₦7,000 – ₦10,000

Price of Kwese TV in Nigeria

Kwese TV is another pay-as-use cable TV in Nigeria that has been around since 2017. This cable TV also operates in other African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, and many more.

It offers a new Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV) service where access to over 75 channels is possible. These also allow users to connect five devices on the same subscription package. Sports lovers can also connect automatically to Kwese free sports on FTA TV

Although this cable TV is just coming up in Nigeria, it still provides a fantastic viewing experience for the viewer.

Kwese TV decoder costs ₦5,000 – ₦6,000, while the starter’s pack goes for ₦10,000 – ₦11,000. However, this starter’s pack entails a decoder, satellite dish, installation plus 30 days of free access to all Kwese channels.

[update ] Kwese TV has been discontinued

Subscription Packages on Kwese TV

PackagePrice (NGN)
3 Days₦990


Now you know the Prices of Cable TV in Nigeria, their decoders as well as packages. All the cable TV mentioned above is available across the country. You can get them from their offices, major dealers, and online stores in Nigeria.

For discounts and promo, check out the websites of various cable TV and to avoid buying fake get from major dealers or visit their offices in Nigeria.

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