How To Borrow Airtime from Airtel In Nigeria Easily

How To Borrow Airtime from Airtel In Nigeria Easily

We have all experienced running out of airtime without a way to recharge at some point. You might be unable to recharge from your bank because of a terrible network. On the other hand, it’s also possible that you are isolated without a way to get airtime. 

You don’t need to be alarmed; Airtel Nigeria has provided a definitive answer to such challenges. You can now borrow Airtel airtime as a customer. This service is referred to as Extra Credit. Using the Airtel extra credit code, you can borrow airtime or data and pay it back when you recharge.

What Is Extra Credit?

With Airtel extra credit, Airtel users can borrow credit (airtime or data) from Airtel and repay it with their subsequent recharge. When your airtime runs out, you can use this option to buy more from Airtel. When you need airtime or data in an emergency, the Airtel additional credit function can come in handy.

Extra Credit Eligibility And Requirement

Your next recharge will be reduced for any borrowed airtime. Active AIRTEL prepaid customers who satisfy the requirements may borrow airtime using this service. The eligibility for AIRTEL Extra Credit is as follows:

  • You must possess an active Airtel SIM
  • Your SIM has to have been in use for three months or more.
  • A monthly minimum recharge of N250 is required. This is because they’ll consider how frequently you recharge each month.
  • You must not have any outstanding talk time loans to receive this lending offer.


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How Do I Borrow Airtime From Airtel?

To borrow airtime from Airtel, dial *303#, choose option 2, and follow the instructions. You can also call *303*amount#, for example, *303*25#, to borrow N25, or dial *303# and follow the instructions.

You’ll receive a message informing you of the transaction’s completion, but note that only 85% of the borrowed amount will be deposited into your AIRTEL Extra Credit account; the other 15% will be billed as a service fee.

Things To Consider Before Using Airtel Extra Credit

There are a few helpful tips to take note of when using the Airtel Extra Credit feature. Some of these tips include.

  • To utilize the AIRTEL Xtra credit service, you must be 18 or older.
  • You won’t be able to use AIRTEL Share and Sell to transfer airtime from your extra credit account.
  • All billable operations on the AIRTEL network are eligible to use AIRTEL Extra credit airtime.

Just 85% of the airtime you borrow will be credited to your AIRTEL account; the remaining 15% will be kept as a service charge. Various credit bands are available based on the customer’s profile (tenure on the network, spending frequency, etc.). The available credit ranges are as follows:

  • N25 Extra Credit
  • N50 Extra Credit
  • N100 Extra Credit
  • N200 Extra Credit
  • N500 Extra Credit
  • N1,000 Extra Credit
  • N2,000 Extra Credit

The remaining borrowed airtime will always be subtracted without the user’s knowledge before you recharge.

How Do I Check My Airtel Extra Credit Balance

How do you check the amount of your Extra Credit account now that you know how to borrow airtime on AIRTEL? If one follows the right instructions, it is quite easy. You can check your prepaid airtime account balance on your phone’s screen by dialing *310# on your mobile device, and then waiting for an immediate response from Airtel.


This method is one of the most well-liked, quickest, and most straightforward methods for getting the exact Airtel credit balance on your phone.


Since you now know how to obtain credit from Airtel, it’s important to keep in mind that there will be a fee associated with this process. The fee will be 15% of the total amount you requested from Airtel. 

You should also remember that this price is instantaneous, so if you dial the code *303*100#, you will only receive N85. It is a tiny expense to pay if you must make an urgent call and have no other way to top up your account.

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