How To Borrow Data From 9mobile and Requirements

How To Borrow Data From 9mobile and Requirements

Some things happen that might necessitate you borrowing airtime or data from 9mobile. When this happens, you might be a little lost on how to go about borrowing data on this network.

You should know a couple of things if you would like to borrow data or airtime on 9mboile. All these things, including how to borrow data, the interest rate, the requirements to brow data, and a lot more, will be addressed below.

What Are the Requirements to Borrow Data or Airtime from 9mobile?

You must meet certain requirements before you can borrow data or airtime from 9mobile. Here are the requirements below.

1. You must Have Used 9mobile for 3 Months

This is one of the basic requirements to be eligible to borrow anything from 9mobile. You must have used the sim for at least three months. If you are new to 9mobile and haven’t used it for up to 3 months, you will not be able to borrow data on this network.


2. You must Have Recharged a Minimum of N1000 Monthly on your Sim

There has to be a minimum requirement for you to be able to borrow data or airtime on 9mobile easily. If you recharge less than N1000 monthly, you will find it completely impossible to be able to borrow airtime or data on 9mobile.

3. Your SIM must be Linked and Registered to NIN

This is another requirement you must fulfill to be able to borrow data or airtime on 9mobile. Your sim must be successfully registered and linked with nin. Once you have done this, you can borrow airtime or data from 9mobile.


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How to Borrow Data on 9mobile?

While it wasn’t possible to borrow data directly from 9mobile before, you can now go ahead and do this easily. Borrowing data from 9mobile can be done within seconds as long as you meet the requirements stated in the previous subsection. Once you meet those requirements, you can follow the steps listed below.

  • Dial 303# on your smartphone
  • Click on borrow data. You will see a display of the amount of data you can borrow and their validity period.
  • Select anyone you prefer. 
  • Confirm the request to borrow data

You will get your data in advance once you follow the steps mentioned above. The amount of data or airtime you can borrow largely depends on how much you recharge monthly. The more you recharge, the larger the amount of airtime and data you can borrow.

How Do I Pay for the Data I Borrowed?

You do not need to worry much about paying for your borrowed data. Payment for borrowed data and airtime is always automatic. All you need is to recharge your account simply. The cost of the data will be deducted from your 9mobile account balance.

Remember that there is always a 15% transaction fee when you borrow airtime or data.


What Should I Know about 9mobile More Credit?

There are a lot of things you should know about 9mobile more credit. Here are some things you might find useful.

1. Always check your eligibility for More credit by dialing *303*3#.  You can also text status to 665 to confirm.

2. Always dial *303*amount# to borrow airtime. 

9mobile More credit is the platform or feature you can use to borrow airtime and data from 9mobile. 

How to Check Data Balance on 9mobile

There are easy ways to check your data balance on 9mobile. You can easily check your data balance by dialing *323#. Once you do, you should see your data balance immediately. Also, you can check your data balance from the 9mobile app.

Simply login and scroll to your data balance section. You will see your data balance and your airtime balance on your dashboard.


Borrowing airtime from 9mobile is easy as long as you meet the requirements. All the requirements have been mentioned above.

We have also mentioned everything you should know when borrowing data on 9mobile. With a read-through, you will get all the details you need.

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