How To Borrow Data From Glo and Eligibility Requirements

How To Borrow Data From Glo and Eligibility Requirements

Before the introduction of VTU top-up, the typical method of recharging consisted primarily of buying visible recharge cards. Nevertheless, through time, things have drastically evolved.

Your bank accounts can now be used to top off your phone. But what if the network is down or your bank account is empty? Then taking out a loan and repaying it is the simplest course of action. You can now easily borrow from Glo if your airtime or data runs out and pay back later.

What Is Glo Borrow Me Data?

The Glo network offers a service called Glo Borrow Me Data that lets consumers borrow data and pay it back whenever it’s convenient for them. This means you can obtain data with Glo Borrow Me Data without making an initial payment and repay it whenever possible. 

Many Glo users have found it helpful to use this service to continue browsing when their membership has expired. So, you won’t need to rush out and get a recharge card and load it before signing up for your selected data plan.


What Are The Glo Borrow Me Data Eligibility Requirements?

You must have been a steady and devoted Glo subscriber for at least three months and have a strong usage history to utilize this service. Whether or not you are permitted access to the data borrowing package will depend on how consistently you pay your subscription. Additionally, you need to be a prepaid subscriber with an average monthly usage of at least N200.

In conclusion, the following determines your capacity to borrow data from Glo.

  • Being a Glo customer for a minimum of three to four months
  • Make sure your Glo account is valid and active
  • You must maintain an extremely good usage history with the Glo network.
  • You cannot utilize the service once more if you have unpaid loans.

If you dial the code to borrow data from Glo and are a new or inactive subscriber, you might be lucky enough to be qualified to borrow up to N100. As a new Glo user, you often won’t be able to borrow data.

Let’s look at the Glo borrow me data code and how to borrow data from the Glo network now that you are aware of the conditions for Glo data loans.

How To Borrow Data From Glo

Follow these simple steps to borrow airtime from Glo successfully. 

  • Access the dialer application on your smartphone.
  • Then you should proceed by dialing *303#
  • Select “Borrow Data”
  • Please respond with any loan amount you require.
  • That’s it. A notification will appear to confirm your loaned data subscription.

When dialing *303#, you may occasionally get no reply. Don’t be alarmed; it can occur due to the numerous requests to the server. To make your request, simply dial this number combination once more.

Glo Borrow Me Data Prices

The list of Glo data lending services and the amount of data you’ll be awarded is provided below in case you’re wondering how much data you’ll get for a given price.

  • 50 Naira – 40 MB with a one-day validity period
  • 100 Naira – You can borrow up to 130MB with a one-day validity term.
  • 200 Naira – It is possible to borrow up to 310MB with a 5-day validity period.
  • 500 Naira – You can borrow up to 1.2GB for a week.
  • 1000 Naira – Data loans of up to 2.6GB browsing data are available for 30 days if your limit is up to N1000.


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What Is The Glo Borrow Me Interest Rate?

Glo Borrow Me Data’s interest rate is merely 15% for any quantity borrowed. Therefore, if you borrow N100, you must pay back N115. The service fee or interest rate is that extra N15. Therefore, consider the amount of data that will be deposited into your account and the interest rate before attempting to borrow data on Glo.

How Can I Repay Borrowed Data On Glo?

Simply recharge your line to return Glo Borrow Me Data, and your borrowed amount will be debited from your account immediately.

After completing any of the steps above, GLO will notify you that they have just deducted (your borrowed amount) from your primary balance to pay back your loan.

Why Can’t I Borrow Data From Glo?

You cannot borrow data from Glo for two reasons in particular. Firstly, your ineligibility to use the Glo Borrow Me Data service. And secondly, your outstanding loan amount.

Can I Use Borrowed Airtime To Buy Data On Glo?

Yes! By dialing *312# after borrowing airtime, you can utilize borrowed airtime to purchase data on Glo.

How Can I Borrow Data On Glo Without Paying Back?

The only way to exploit Glo’s borrowing policy without paying back is to borrow data and then stop using the SIM when you’ve used it up. Since your SIM will be blocked if you don’t use it for a few months, I think you won’t want to go for that option. 

For this reason, the answer to whether it is possible to borrow data from Glo without paying it back is NO unless you want your SIM to be disabled.


Your low balance is no longer a cause for concern. The Glo subscription bundles may not activate promptly if your account is devoid of airtime, but you can easily borrow 30MB to 3200MB of data for one to thirty days for a fee of fifty naira to one thousand naira. The amount will be deducted from your account as soon as you add airtime to your mobile balance.

This article should have provided information on how to borrow data on Glo and how to repay, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions concerning Glo, Borrow Me Data.


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