Step-by-Step Guide on How To Borrow Data From MTN

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Borrow Data From MTN

Sometimes your mobile data gets exhausted unexpectedly, and you will need more data. This can be more frustrating if it happens in the middle of the night and your other options to get new data are unavailable at that moment. 

To prevent scenarios like this and ensure all customers have access to emergency data, MTN has provided the data borrowing service known as XtraTime. With the MTN XtraByte service, you may borrow data when you run out and repay it when you recharge. All eligible MTN Prepaid users can use the MTN XtraByte service.

With the introduction of this new function, MTN Nigeria hopes to assist customers who urgently need data. If you require immediate access to your mobile banking app or other important things that require an internet connection but are out of data, you don’t need to worry, thanks to the MTN data borrow.

Who Is Eligible For MTN XtraTime?

All MTN Prepaid customers who have registered their number and have used the MTN network for more than three months may use the MTN XtraByte service. Customers must also reload N200 monthly for three months. To qualify for the XtraByte service, you must. 

  • Be a Prepaid customer.
  • Have successfully registered your number
  • Have more than three months of MTN network usage.
  • Had spent three months with at least N200 per month.
  • Have N0 to N75 in your account balance

How To Borrow Data From MTN?

Borrowing data from MTN is simple. You can borrow data from MTN by following the instructions below once you have determined your eligibility for the service.

  • Select XtraByte by pressing *303#.
  • After that, the system will show you every data bundle you can borrow.
  • Your preferred data plan can then be chosen from the list.
  • The system will notify you of the amount and relevant service fee after you’ve chosen your preferred data plan so you can complete the transaction.
  • Your main account will be debited for the bundle fee and any applicable service charges on your subsequent recharge.

Remember that only 85% of the borrowed data will be credited to your MTN XtraByte account; the other 15% will be deducted as a service fee.


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How Much Can I Borrow From MTN?

Your monthly recharge and cell network credit history influence how much data you can borrow. This implies that the amount of data you can borrow increases as you recharge and utilize the borrowing service more frequently.

You can borrow 25MB at the most from MTN. Other loans are available in amounts of 50MB, 100MB, 500MB, 1.5GB, 2GB, and more.

What Is The Duration Of The MTN Data Loan?

There are due dates for the data loan. Loan options are always displayed with their expiration dates. Some loans are only good for one day, while others are good for two, three, five, or thirty days.

Using the loan will no longer be possible if you don’t use it all up before the expiration date, but you’ll still have to pay your network provider the full amount of the loan.


How To Check My MTN Borrowed Data Balance

To check your XtraTime balance, dial *606# once more, and then select Check XtraTime balance. This approach can be used to check both XtraTime and ExtraByte balances.

What Is The Transaction Fee Involved In Borrowing MTN Data?

These loans are not provided at no cost to you by your mobile network operator. Each loan comes with a service charge. In Nigeria, the networks charge the same service fee: 15% of the airtime value of the data bundle. This implies that your network operator will remove the airtime worth of the data and a 15% service fee when it comes time to pay back.

How To Repay My Borrowed Data

The data loans each have a specific amount of airtime value. This amount of airtime will be removed from your airtime balance when you want to reimburse your network provider for the loan. Loan payments are always made automatically. Upon your subsequent recharge, your network provider will remove the airtime amount of your data loan.

If the amount of your subsequent recharge falls short of what you owe, the entire top-up will be charged to your network provider, and the outstanding balance will be immediately subtracted from your subsequent recharge.  You have the option of paying back your debt in installments, but doing so will prevent you from qualifying for larger amounts the next time.


You can initially be prohibited from using your line to borrow a sizable chunk of money. It’s the same as owing the owners of actual stores. When the time comes for you to pay back, they need to be confident that you’ll be willing to do so. Your eligibility for extra time will eventually improve if you continue to use the MTN services regularly.

Your line’s history and the frequency of your past recharges are other factors that affect how much you can borrow. Your ability to borrow more money will increase as it rises.

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