How To Buy Data On 9mobile and USSD Code

How To Buy Data On 9mobile and USSD Code

Nobody likes to run out of data, as data is often seen as the life of every phone. If you are using a smartphone, the phone becomes half useless when you cannot access the internet. You wouldn’t want a scenario where the internet connection stops working because there is no data on your sim.

People often complain about the medium they use to buy data being blocked. When this happens, they become stuck without an internet connection on their smartphone or computer. Well, we will discuss different ways you can buy data on 9mobile. We will also discuss the various data plans and a lot more.

What Are the Requirements to Buy Data on 9mobile?

When it comes to buying data on 9mobile, there are a couple of things you must do. Below are some of the things you must do.

1. Have an Active 9mobile Sim in your Smartphone

This is the first and most important thing you must do if you want to buy data on 9mobile. You must have an active 9mobile sim in your smartphone. You cannot buy 9mobile data on your MTN sim. Also, if your sim isn’t active, you will not be able to buy data on 9mobile. Ensuring your sim is active on your smartphone before you decide to buy data.


2. Ensure there Is Network Reception on your Smartphone

Once you have an active 9mobile sim on your phone, the next thing you must do is ensure there is a reception on your 9mobile sim. Sometimes, you might not get any reception because there is no coverage in your current location. When this happens, you will not be able to buy data on 9mobile.

Also, if your phone has network issues, you will find getting reception on your 9mobile sim difficult. Ensure you have network reception; otherwise, all your efforts to buy the sim will prove abortive.

Once you have done the 2 listed above, you can get set to buy data on 9mobile using any of the methods listed below.

How To Buy Data On 9mobile

There are different ways you can buy data on 9mobile. This network has made it easy by allowing you to choose your preferred method when buying data on 9mobile. Below are methods you can use to buy data.

1. USSD Code

This is the first method you can always use to buy data on your 9mobile. With a USSD code, you will be able to buy data easily. There is nothing complicated in buying data via USSD code, all you need to do is type the right codes, and your data will be set within seconds.

It would help if you had a few things before buying data on 9mobile using the USSD code. The first and most important thing is to use a 9mobile sim. If you type the USSD code on another sim that isn’t 9mobile, the code will not work. Also, ensure you have enough airtime on your phone before typing, as airtime is required to buy data.

There are different USSD codes you can use to buy data on 9mobile. However, the most common ones are dial *312#. With this code, you can buy any standard data of your choice. There is also *200#. Once you dial this, you can follow the options or instruction menu and buy your data within seconds.  There are also other USSD data codes such as *229*3*11# for 1 gig night plan and much more.

2. SMS Code

If you don’t want to make use of USSD, you can always make use of SMS codes. The SMS codes don’t come with any SMS charges; however, you will be charged for the data you want to buy on this network.

For the SMS codes to work, you must have a good network and the required amount of airtime to purchase the data. Your message will likely not go through if you do not have the network. At the same time, your request or code will not be processed if you don’t have the required amount of airtime on your phone.

The code varies from data plan to data plan. You can buy the 1.5gig data plan by simply texting AND11 to 229. There are also other SMS codes to buy other data plans.


3. 9mobile App

You can use the mobile app to buy data. With this app, you can easily recharge your phone and buy data for your 9mobile sim. You can easily download the app on the play store and ios store.

When you download the app, ensure you register with your 9mobile number. Launch the app and click on data offers. You will see various data offers you can buy. Select the one that suits you and choose your preferred billing method. Follow the instructions with the billing method, enter an OTP, and you are good to go. You will get your data within seconds.

4. Online

9mobile has made it possible for you to buy your data through different means, and buying it online is one of those methods. You can simply go to and choose your preferred buying data plan. Enter your email and phone number and click on proceed.

You will be taken to a portal to fill in your debit cats details to buy data. Once you do this, you are good to go. You will see the data within seconds once the transaction goes through.

5. Through various Bank Apps

You can always buy your data directly through various balance apps you have at your disposal. If you use FirstBank or other banks in Nigeria, you can buy your 9mobile data from the bank apps.

Simply select the data bundle you like and input your phone number. The transaction should go through within minutes as long as you have enough money in your account.

What Are the Data Plans, Prices, and Validity on 9mobile?

There are a lot of data plans, prices, and codes you can use to buy data on 9mobile. Below is a table showing all the details you need.

Data plansPrices (#)Validity period
500MB 50030

How Do I Check My Data on 9mobile?

It is very easy t check your data on 9mobile. Simply dial *228# to see your data balance. You can also check your data balance from your 9mobile app.


There are different ways you can buy data on 9mobile, from USSD to the 9mobile app, and a lot more have been discussed above. We have also discussed the data plans, and how to check your balance so you never run out of data again.

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