How To Buy Data On Glo Network Nigeria (Helpful Tips)

How To Buy Data On Glo Network Nigeria (Helpful Tips)

Glo Nigeria is now regarded as the finest supplier of data plans in Nigeria and other African nations. Glo data plans, fortunately, are divided into many categories. There are Glo daily data plans, Glo weekly data plans, Glo monthly data plans, Glo Flexi plans, and Glo Blackberry Plans.

Fortunately, Glo Data plans to provide far higher data usage for significantly lower costs. Additionally, they have offered a quick and easy procedure for signing up for their data plans which will be extensively discussed in this article. 

Glo Data Subscription Code

Customers of Glo can purchase a data bundle by dialing *312#.

For Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and other Android users, Glo provides a choice of data plans catered to specific demographics. The network recognized that consumers often purchase Glo data based on their requirements and budget.


Glo data plans are available for all platforms of devices, allowing you to quickly subscribe to a lucrative and inexpensive data plan for Android smartphones, PCs, tablets, iPods, iPhones, and even Windows Phones is another benefit of utilizing them.

Different Methods on How To Buy Glo Daily Plans

The Glo daily plans benefit casual users, subscribers, and those who wish to access the internet to verify or check anything. Glo Nigeria offers the majority of the most affordable mobile phone plans.

You can subscribe to the  Glo daily data plan shown below if you want to access the internet for a short period or check a few things online.

1. The Glo N50 Data Plan

This standard and less expensive Glo data plan provides 45MB for new customers and 32MB (27MB + 5MB) as your standard data amount and a bonus. Dial *312# after recharging your SIM with N50 to purchase the Glo N50 data plan. The plan is valid for one day.

2. The Glo N100 Data Plan

This Glo plan is one of the most affordable daily plans, as you might expect. A whopping 105MB (90MB + 15MB) of data is provided to you, and 160MB is provided for new customers.  Recharge your SIM card with N100 to activate the N100 plan, then call the USSD code *312#. It’ll last for a day.

3. The Glo N200 Data Plan

The N100 data plan, which provides you with a data capacity of 350MB (240MB + 110MB*), is available to Glo subscribers who truly want to take advantage of those great brief periods online. For new clients, 500MB (400MB + 100MB). Dial the *312# USSD code to activate the Glo N100 data plan after topping off your SIM with N200. It lasts for two days.

How To Buy Glo 14 Days Plan

This is the Glo data plan for 14 days, which, like the previously mentioned daily plans, enables you to browse more, surf the internet more, view a few seconds of video, and even download a few files, all for N500.

This is the Glo data plan for 14 days, which, like the previous daily plans, enables you to browse more, surf the internet more, view a few seconds of video, and even download a few files, all for N500.

How To Buy Glo Monthly Plans

Fortunately, Glo offers a variety of affordable monthly options for every customer. This is perhaps why they are regarded as Nigeria’s top data plan providers. Subscribers may activate the plan using a USSD code or an SMS, just like they can with the daily and 14-day data plans. 

1. The Glo N1,000 Data Plan

This is the least expensive option for monthly users or customers, and every Glo user seemed interested in it. In addition to the bonus data volume of 3.7GB (3.2GB + 500 MB) for new customers, Glo N1000 offers a data volume of 2.5GB (1.9GB + 600MB).


Use N1000 to top up your SIM card, then call *127*53# USSD code or send an SMS 53 to 127 to activate the Glo N1000 data plan. Assuming you have a rechargeable N1000 card. The validity lasts for 30 days.

2. The Glo N1,500 Data Plan

The 4.1GB data for N1500 consists of 3.5GB during the day and 600MB for the night. Consumers will, however, receive 6.75GB (6.25GB + 500 MB ) for N1,500/30 days. You can dial *312# to purchase this plan.

3. The Glo N2,000 Data Plan

The N2000 Glo data package comes next; it offers additional online video streaming and downloading options than the typical N1000 plan. You will get a data amount of 5.8GB with the Glo N2000 data plan, which is made up of 5.2GB + 600MB.

However, brand-new clients receive 9.5GB (9GB + 500 MB). The Glo N2000 plan may be started by topping off your SIM with N2000, then dialing the USSD code *127*55#, or sending the SMS message “58 to 127” to activate the 30-day-long plan.


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4. The Glo N2,500 Data Plan

The Glo data bundles are unmatched by other Nigerian network plans, and of course, the N2500 is also included in the long list. With the Glo N2500 bundle plan, you receive a data volume bonus of 7.2GB, or 6.8GB + 900MB, for a total data volume of 7.7GB. New users will receive 12.75GB (12GB + 750 MB).

Recharge your SIM card with N2500, then use the USSD code *127*58# or SMS number 58 to 127 to activate the Glo N2500 data package. It will be activated in seconds or minutes and will only be useful for 30 days.


5. The Glo N3,000 Data Plan

The incredible N3000 data plan provides a data volume of 10GB (9GB + 1GB), while new users receive 12.75GB (12GB + 750 MB). Dial *127*54# USSD code or send an SMS to 54 to 127 to activate the Glo N3000 plan after topping off your SIM with N3000. The plan has a 30-day validity term; thus, starting on the activation date, you only have access to it for that time frame.

6. The Glo N4,000 Data Plan

The Glo Nigeria 4000 plan is the next item on the list. But unlike others, it offers a massive 10GB of data capacity with bonuses of 13.25GB (12.25GB + 1GB) and 19GB (18.25GB + 750 MB) for new customers.

To activate this Glo N4000 data plan, recharge your SIM with N4000, then call *127*59# USSD code or SMS 59 to 127, and it will be confirmed in a few seconds. The validity duration of the plan is 30 days.

7. The Glo N5,000 Data Plan

The Glo N5000 plan will help you through the process of getting started with basic internet browsing. Glo has made internet usage reasonable compared to all other Nigerian networks.

You are given 18.25GB (17GB + 1.25GB) of data, while new customers are given 23GB (22GB + 1GB) of data. You may SMS 11 to 127 or use *127*2# USSD code to purchase the Glo N5000 data plan after you’ve recharged your SIM with N5000. The plan’s 30-day validity duration.

8. The Glo N8,000 Data Plan

You may get 29.5GB (27.5GB + 2GB) of data with the Glo N8000 data plan and 37GB (36GB + 1GB) for new customers. Users can SMS 12 to 127. However, you must first recharge your SIM with N8000 before activating this Glo N8000 data bundle package by dialing the USSD number *127*1#. The plan’s validity period is 30 days.

9. The Glo N10,000 Data Plan

consumers may utilize this N10,000 data plan on all their devices, starting with their preferred ones, such as PCs, Android phones, and iPhones. In addition, it offers 50GB (46GB + 4GB) of data to new customers.

If you have previously recharged your SIM card with N10,000, you may activate the Glo N10,000 data plan by using the USSD code *127*11# or by sending the text message 15 to 127. The plan is only good for 30 days.

10. The Glo N15,000 Data Plan

You may quickly get robust GB for your company with N15,000 of airtime, and you’ll instantly join the Glo world of affordable data plans as a premium member. You get 93GB (86GB + 7GB) of data with the Glo N15,000 data plan and 93GB (86GB + 7GB) for new customers.

You may call the USSD code *127*12# or send the number 16 to 127 to activate this Glo N15,000 data package. The plan’s 30-day validity period.

11. The Glo 18,000 Data Plan 

The  N18,000 data plan is yet another astounding statistic. This plan provides you with 119GB (109GB + 10GB), although new clients usually receive 119GB (109GB + 10GB). 

Recharge your SIM card with N18,000, then use the USSD code *127*13# or SMS 17 to 127 to activate the Glo N18,000 data bundle plan. The validity term is only 30 days and will be activated in seconds.

12. The Glo N20,000 Data Plan

With N20,000, you may activate this enormous data plan. You will receive 138GB (126 GB) of data in this package compared to new users, who receive 138GB (126GB + 12GB) of data plan under this package. 

Use N20,000 to top off your SIM card, then use the USSD code *127*33# or SMS 33 to 127 to activate the Glo N20,000 data plan. With this bundle plan, you may use the internet for an unlimited number of 30 days throughout the validity period.

Guide on How To Buy The Glo Flexi Plan

Flexi, often called hourly plans, are a few more Glo data bundle products. Thanks to these listings of plans, you may effortlessly sign up for any hourly and overnight plans offered by the network operator online.

1. The Glo N200 Night Plan

Everyone appears to like downloading files or using the internet late at night, and certainly, it is well worth the wait. You can receive 1GB of data with the Glo N200 night plan for just N200.

Dial *127*60# USSD code or send an SMS from 60 to 127 to activate this plan after topping off your SIM with N200. This plan has a 1-day maximum validity term (12 am – 5 am).

2. The Glo G-Work

The N6000 data plan has a 12GB data capacity. It is active between the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM. Send an SMS to 31 to 127 or enter the USSD code *127*6# to activate this plan.

Guide on How To Buy Glo YouTube Data Offer

The Glo Youtube data offer is another fantastic data plan for watching YouTube, allowing users and customers to quickly sign up for a new complete bundle plan that also includes YouTube perks.

Customers may now instantly access YouTube for free on the Glo Youtube Data Offer with any data plan acquisition of N500 or more. No matter whatever client device technology—4G LTE, 3G, or 2G—is used, the 2.5GB value is obtained for all data over N500.


How Can I Check My Glo Data Balance?

Do the following to view the remaining data on your Glo data plan.

  •  Dial *312#
  • Choose your current subscription option.
  • Then select “Manage data.”
  • Choose the “data balance” option.
  • Await the network’s response message.

How To Borrow Data From Glo

Here is how borrowing mobile data on your Glo subscription account functions.

  • You can use the Glo Self-Care app to borrow data. Once you have confirmed that you are qualified to use this service, you must input your Glo mobile number and choose “Request OTP” to get the funds into your account.
  • You can also borrow data by dialing *303# and following the prompt.


In a nutshell, buying data on the Glo network in Nigeria is a breeze. Navigate through their options, choose a plan that suits your data needs, and follow the simple steps to stay connected seamlessly. With a variety of packages available, finding the perfect fit for your internet usage has never been easier.

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