How To Check 9mobile Account Balance

Most people use their 9mobile without knowing how or ways to check their 9mobile account balance. Checking your 9mobile account balance is very easy. There are multiple ways of checking your 9mobile balance.

This article will teach you different ways to check your 9mobile account balance.

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How To Check 9mobile Account Balance

There are different ways to check your 9mobile account balance. You can check it through your USSD or the 9mobile mobile app ig9ite app.


The USSD code for checking your 9mobile account balance is *232#. This is one of the easiest ways to check your account balance. You must dial *232#, click send, and wait for the network to pop up your 9mobile account balance. 

How To Check 9mobile Account Balance With The 9mobile App

Using the 9mobile app is another way of checking your account balance. However, unlike the USSD method, you need an internet connection and a data subscription. The name of the app is called ig9ite app.

Here’s how to check your account balance with the 9mobile app:

  • Download the ig9ite mobile app through the google play store or the app store.
  • Install and launch the app.
  • Sign up for the app with your 9mobile phone number.
  • After signing up, they’ll send an OTP to verify the number.
  • After signing in, you’ll see your 9mobile account balance on the dashboard. 

How To Check Your Data Balance On 9mobile

Checking your data balance is almost as important as checking your account balance. There are two methods you can use to check your 9mobile data balance. You can check it through USSD or check it by sending an SMS

1. Using USSD

Using USSD to check data balance works on every device. Whether you’re using an android, iPhone, or even windows, the USSD works perfectly. You must dial *228#, and it will easily pop up your data balance.

This same code can also be used to check your data plan status and expiry date.

2. Sending SMS

Sending an SMS to check your data balance is another way of checking if the USSD isn’t working for you. All you have to do is send “INFO” to 228. After sending the message, you’ll receive a message that contains your data balance and its expiration date. 

How To Transfer Data On 9mobile

9mobile, just like other networks in Nigeria, allows users to share or transfer data to other users. 9mobile has different types of data-sharing options.

1. 9mobile Data Transfer

This option allows you to transfer part of your data to another user. You are allowed to transfer 200MB per transfer. However, you have a daily limit of 1000MB. For instance, you can send 200MB to a user 5 times daily.

All you have to do to transfer data to another is simply dial *229*pin*volume of data*recepient’s number# (*229*0000*200*08090399708#).

2. 9mobile Multi-divide Data Plan

This option allows you to share a single data subscription across four 9mobile sim cards. It allows you to share your data with your friend and family. Unlike data transfer, this allows the person you share your data with to access the same amount of data the owner has. 

To activate this option, all you have to do is dial *215*pin*1*new number*new PUK#. Please note that you’ll change the number “1” with “2” when adding another number. Your PUK number is usually at the back of your sim pack.


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How To Recharge 9mobile Recharge Card

There are different ways to recharge your 9mobile sim card with airtime. You can do it via the conventional way of buying a recharge card; you can also do it online or go to an atm point and recharge. 

Whichever way you choose, we’ll be teaching you step-by-step how to use any of the methods.

How To Recharge 9mobile With Recharge Card

To recharge your 9mobile sim card, follow the step-by-step procedure listed below.

  • The first step is getting a recharge card. The minimum amount you can buy is ₦100. They sell 9mobile recharge cards at most shops or go to any 9mobile vendor around you.
  • After purchasing the recharge card, proceed to the call on your phone and dial the USSD *222*Recharge Pin# (For example *222*4673890234567#), and click send. 
  • After clicking send, your sim card will automatically be credited the amount equivalent to the amount you recharged.
  • To confirm if you’ve been credited, dial *232# to check your account balance.

How To Recharge Your 9mobile Online

As I said earlier, using the USSD code is not the only way to recharge your 9mobile account. You can also recharge your account balance via the 9mobile website. 

  • Go to 9mobile official website or just type
  • The website has three options to click on. But click on “Buy/Send Airtime” on the website.
  • After clicking on “Buy/Send Airtime,” it will pop out another “Buy Now” option. Click on it.
  • After clicking the “buy now” option will ask you to fill in your phone number, email address, and the amount, you’d like to recharge.
  • After filling in your details, click on the “Buy Airtime” button. It will redirect you to a fluttering wave checkout page where you can pay with your ATM card.
  • Once the card details and payment is verified, your 9mobile will be credited with the purchased airtime.

How To Recharge Your 9mobile Sim Card With ATM

If you are with your Atm card and you’re close to a machine, you can use it to recharge your 9mobile sim card. Here’s how to recharge your 9mobile sim card via ATM

  • Go to any ATM point and insert your ATM debit card
  • Input your four-digit pin
  • Tap on the “Airtime Recharge” on the ATM
  • Select the network (9mobile) from the list of networks listed
  • Input the amount you’d like to recharge
  • Input your 9mobile mobile number and confirm the transaction by clicking “continue” on the ATM.
  • Your 9mobile sim card will be credited immediately.


There are different ways to check your 9mobile account balance; you can check it via USSD or simply download the 9mobile mobile app to check your account balance. Also included in this article are different ways how to recharge your account balance and also ways how to share data with friends and family.

Following the instructions in this guide, you should be able to check your account balance with ease and also multiple ways of recharging your account balance.    


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