2 Methods on How To Check Airtel Night Plan Balance

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Airtel is one of the biggest network providers in Nigeria. They offer cheap, fast, and affordable data bundles. One of the data bundles they offer is the night plan data bundle. Most people use Airtel for the affordable night browsing plans it offers. 

However, most people do not know how or ways to check their Airtel night plan balance. Checking your Airtel night plan balance is very easy. There are multiple ways of checking your Airtel balance. This article will teach you how to check your Airtel night plan balance.

How To Check Airtel Night Plan Balance

There are two types of Airtel night plan data bundles. They have 500MB for N50 and 250MB for N25 night plan data. Both night plan data bundles require the same USSD code to check the night plan balance. 

There are two methods to check your night plan balance on Airtel. You can also use the USSD code or check your phone’s data usage. 


Here’s how to check your night plan balance on Airtel

1. Through USSD Code

This is the simplest way to check your Airtel night plan balance. All you have to do is dial *323#. After dialing the code, you’ll see a screen display showing your night plan data balance. 

Furthermore, you can also check your Airtel night plan by dialing *412#. After dialing the code, you’ll select “3 – Night Browsing”. After that, press “3” to view your night plan balance.

2. Through Phone Data Usage

You can also use your smartphone’s data usage settings to check your night plan data. However, this method might not accurately give you how much data is remaining or how much you’ve used. 

However, to know how much data you’ve used. Set your phone data limit to 100MB less than your purchase’s night plan data. For instance, if you purchase 500MB night plan data, set your data limit to 400 MB. Your phone will then notify you once you reach or cross that limit.

This method will notify you about how much data you have left and if you need to buy more.

How To Activate Airtel Night Plan Data

Airtel’s night plan differs from other networks’ night plans in Nigeria. They have two types of night plans. They have one of N25 for 250MB and one of N50 for 500MB. Also, unlike other networks, their night plan starts at 12 AM and ends at 5 AM. Interesting right?

Here’s how to activate the night plan on Airtel

  • Open the dialer app on your phone
  • Dial *412#
  • Select “3 – Night Browsing”
  • You’ll then see the two options for the night plan
  • Select “1” for 250MB and “2” for 500MB
  • Click “1” or “2” to confirm, and you’ll be credited the amount of data you selected.

How Many Times Can I Do Airtel Night Plan?

You can only buy 2GB of night data per night.

For instance, you can only buy 500MB 4 times per night, while 250MB 8 times per night. Unlike other networks that allow you to purchase night plan data continuously, you only have a limit of 2GB per night on Airtel.


How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On Airtel Night Plan

Airtel automatically activates auto-renewal once you purchase any night plan bundle. To deactivate it, send “STOP AUTO-RENEWAL” to 141.

Can I Use the Airtel Night Plan During The Day?

No, you cannot use it during the day. As the name implies, you can only use your night plan balance during the night. It can only be used from 12 AM to 5 AM.

If you want to use the internet during the day, Airtel offers numerous data plans that you can choose from.

Can I Use Airtel Night Data During The Day?

No, you cannot use your Airtel night plan during the day. The plan can only be used between 12 AM and 5 AM.

Can I Rollover My Airtel Night Plan?

No, you cannot roll over any unused night plan data on Airtel. However, you can set auto-renewal to renew the data once it’s exhausted.

What Should I Do If My Airtel Night Plan Is Not Working?

The first thing you should do if the night plan is not working is to check the network connection. If it’s the network, put it on your phone’s airplane mode and turn it off, this should rectify the issue.

However, if the issue persists, you can try checking your night plan balance to see if it’s exhausted or reboot your smartphone. This should rectify the problem.

How To Check Your YouTube Night Plan

You can check your YouTube night plan by dialing *323# on your phone. You’ll see a pop-up message containing your YouTube night data balance alongside other data balances.

List Of Airtel Data Plans And Activation Codes

This section contains different Airtel data plans, prices, activation codes, and validity periods. And towards the end of the blog post are every other thing you need to know.

1. Daily And Weekly Data Plans

Data planPrice Activation codeValidity 
40MB₦50*312*50#1 day
100MB₦100*312*100#1 day
200MB₦200*312*200#3 days 
1GB₦300*312*354#1 day
750MB + 1GB youtube Night + 200MB Spotify streaming₦500*312*500#14 days
1GB + 1GB Youtube night + 200MB Spotify streaming ₦500*3121*502#7 days 
2GB₦500*312*504#2 days
6GB₦1,500*312*1504#7 days

2. Airtel Monthly Data Plans

Data planPrice Activation codeValidity 
1.5GB + 2GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming ₦1000*312*1000#30 days 
2GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦1,200*312*1200#30 days 
3GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦1,500*312*1500#30 days
4.5GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦2,000*312*2000#30 days 
6GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming ₦2,500*312*2500#30 days
10GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦3,000*312*3000#30 days
11GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦4,000*312*4000#30 days

3. Airtel Mega Data Plans

Data planPrice Activation codeValidity 
20GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦5,000*312*5000#30 days 
30GB₦8,000*312*8000#30 days
40GB₦10,000*312*10000#30 days
75GB₦15,000*312*15000#30 days
120GB₦20,000*3121*20000#30 days
240GB₦30,000*312*30000#30 days 
280GB₦36,000*312*36000#30 days
400GB₦50,000*312*50000#90 days
500GB₦60,000*312*60000#120 days
1TB₦100,000*312*100000#365 days

4. Airtel Everyday-ON Data Plans

Data planPrice Activation codesValidity 
15GB (500MB every day for 30 days)₦3,000*312*3002#30 days 
45GB (1.5GB every day for 30 days)₦6,000*312*6002#30 days 

5. Airtel Streaming Data Plans

Data plans Price Activation codes Validity 
500MB₦100*312*106#3 days 
7GB₦2000*312*2001#30 days 
15GB₦3,000*312*3001#30 days 
30GB₦5,000*312*5001#30 days 


There are different ways to check your Airtel night plan balance. You can check it by dialing *323#. If it still doesn’t work, you can check the other methods listed in this article. The instructions left in this article, if followed correctly, you should be able to check your night plan balance on Airtel with ease.


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