5 Methods on How To Check MTN Data In 2023

5 Methods on How To Check MTN Data In 2023

You wouldn’t want a scenario whereby you run out of data right when you are in the middle of something important online. It could be the Livestream of a program or even a business meeting; running out of data at such an important time will be pretty terrible.

You might wonder how you should go about it if you run out of data. What possible ways to check your data balance to prevent such scenarios? We will be discussing all of these things below.

How to check MTN Data

There are different methods to check your MTN data balance online.  Below are possible methods to check MTN data balance

1. By Using USSD

This is the first possible method you can always use to check your data balance on MTN. It is a pretty fast and reliable method. You should know there are different methods to check your data using USSD. It largely depends on the type of data you purchase. The code for checking a direct data plan largely differs from the code for checking shared SME data. Here is the method on how to check your data via USSD.

  • Checking Direct Data Plans

You can easily check your data balance by dialing *310#. Once you do, a pop-up message should appear within seconds, showing your data balance. If you mistakenly close the message before viewing your data balance, you should wait for a few seconds as a text message will also enter your phone showing your data balance.

Apart from *310#, you can also check your data balance by dialing *312# >> select 1 (data bundles) >> select 11 (manage data) >> select (view active data bundle). You will get an instant pop-up message showing your data balance. You will also get a text message from MTN showing your data balance. 

  • Checking SME Data 

The USSD code for checking SME data largely differs from the code for checking a direct data plan. To check your SME data, dial *461#.  You will see different prompt messages. Type ‘4’, the data balance prompt message, 0and send. You will see a pop-up message showing your SME data balance.

2. Call Customer Care

If you do not want to check your data through the USSD code if the method is temporarily down, you can always call customer care to check how much data you are left with. However, this can be a pretty long process as you must choose your preferred language and much more.

Once you are done choosing, you can go ahead and follow the instructions. You should be able to access the data balance by clicking the enquire menu.


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3. By Using the Mobile App

If you have an Android or iOS phone, you can easily check your data balance using the mobile app. You can easily download the mobile app via MTN online or their official website. Once you have downloaded the app, link your MTN number to the app. You will be able to see your data balance when you open or log into the app.


The same thing applies to SME data. You can access the amount of SME data you have left by checking your mobile app. The mobile app is even much easier as you will be able to check your data within seconds. You can also buy your data from the mobile app once you notice you are running low on data.

4. By Using Zigi

If there is one beautiful feature MTN has brought lately, it is zigi. With this chatbot, you will not just be able to check your data balance. You will also be able to buy data, do your nin status, and much more. You will be able to do a host of things with this chatbot.

You do not need to register to perform basic tasks on this chatbot. You only need to register when you intend to buy data or airtime. You will need to fill out an OTP sent to you.

There are different methods you can use to chat with this chatbot. This chatbot is available on Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and the web. Using this chatbot is pretty easy. 

All you need to do is go to mtn.ng on your browser and click on the contact section. Go to the chatbot and choose any of the preferred methods available. Once you choose, you will be directed to the chatbot message category on your preferred chatting method. 

Type ‘ hello’ and input your phone number. Select from the list of options you see, click on ‘inquiry menu’, and click on ‘data balance.’ You will get instant access to the data balance on your sim.

Why Does my MTN Data Balance Finish Quickly?

There are many possible reasons why your data balance finishes quickly on MTN. Below are some reasons you should consider.

1. Hotspot Left On

If you leave your hotspot on and unprotected, your data might finish quickly because of too many people being connected to your hotspot. 

2. Background Updates

If you use your data on a system, there is a good chance many background updates will run. With these updates running, your data will drain a whole lot faster.

3. Unrestricted Apps Running

This is another thing that will make your data drain a lot quicker. This doesn’t just happen with MTN alone but with every other internet service provider. Your background app might be running, which will likely cause your data to drain.


What Are the Different MTN Data Bundle Plans?

If there is one thing MTN gives you, it is the freedom of choice regarding data subscription. You can always subscribe to different data plans from daily to weekly to biweekly, monthly, and much more. Each of them comes with varying prices.


Checking your MTN data plan is easy; all you need to do is follow any of the above steps, and you are good to go. You will be able to check your data plan in no time.

Different things can make your data finish much faster than you expect. Some of these things and more have been discussed in this article.

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