How To Cook Nsala Soup [White Soup]

How To Cook Nsala Soup [White Soup]

Would you like to learn how to cook Ofe Nsala? Then stay close we will be teaching you all about that in this post. You’ll also get to see cool pictures of Ofe Nsala Soup, Health benefits of Ofe Nsala, different White Soup Recipes and More.

What is Ofe Nsala?

Nsala soup also known as Ofe Nsala or White soup is a popular spicy cuisine in Nigeria. Nsala soup is made yam, Utazi leaves, flavored with Ogiri or Iru, seasoning, stockfish and dry fish and catfish which is a major ingredient of Nsala Soup and also gives the soup a unique taste.

This is the only Nigerian soup that is prepared without palm oil, which makes it a nice meal for those on a diet. Nsala soup is popular in the Eastern parts of Nigeria, it’s spicy, tasty and very easy to prepare. This is one soup that will leave your taste buds begging for more. It doesn’t just satisfy your stomach, Nsala soup is low in fat, starch and fiber, and rich in protein, calcium, iron, Vitamin A and sodium. So, Let’s get down to it, how to prepare a yummy pot of Nsala Soup.

Nutritional Benefits of Nsala Soup

Ofe Nsala have a lot of health benefits but some of the most notable are the:

  • Protein Source: Nsala soup often contains meat or fish, providing a good source of high-quality protein essential for muscle development and overall health.
  • Rich in Vitamins: The soup typically includes a variety of vegetables and herbs like uziza leaves and utazi, which are rich in vitamins, particularly vitamin C and vitamin A, promoting immune function and healthy vision.
  • Mineral Content: Ingredients like crayfish and stockfish contribute minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, which are vital for bone health, blood clotting, and energy metabolism.
  • Healthy Fats: The use of palm oil in Nsala soup provides healthy fats, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are beneficial for heart health and nutrient absorption.
  • Antioxidants: Some of the herbs and spices used in Nsala soup, like uziza, contain antioxidants that help protect cells from oxidative damage and support overall well-being

Ingredients For Nsala Soup

Here is a list of ingredient needed to prepare a Yummy pot of Nsala Soup
1 Catfish
2 tablespoon of Uziza seeds (Habanero peppers)
2 medium-sized chilly pepper
6 medium-size slices of yam
1 cooking spoon of chopped Utazi leaf
1 cooking spoon of grounded crayfish
2 chopped onions
3 stock cubes
1 tablespoon of Ogiri (local seasoning)
1 tablespoon of Okpei (local seasoning)
500g of Assorted Meat (cow liver, tongue, skin (Kompo), tribe (Shaki), chicken, turkey)
1 Medium size Stock Fish and Dried Fish

Nsala Soup Cooking Instructions

In order to cook a Yummy pot Nsala soup, you’ll have to
1. Wash the Uziza seeds and chili pepper, pound/blend them and set aside.
2. On a different pot, boil the yam and pound/blend until it becomes firm. Then set aside.
3. Wash your catfish, assorted meat, stockfish, and dried fish. add one 2 stock cube, 1 onion, a pinch of salt then precook.
4. Once it is almost ready, pour the blended Uziza seed and pepper mixture into the pot, the pounded yam, onions, crayfish, Okpei, and Ogiri and salt. Cook for 10 minutes.
5. Add your Uziza leaves, leave to simmer for 5 minutes. Then you can enjoy a delicious pot of Nsala soup.
And just like that, you’ve prepared a yummy pot of Nsala soup.

Nsala Soup Cooking Time: 30 Mins

Nsala soup usually takes 30 to 50 minutes to prepare. It is best served hot with Eba, yam, Fufu, Semolina, Amala, Tuwo Shinkafa, Abiding, Pounded Yam and any other swallow food. Enjoy.

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