How To Do Night Plan On Airtel and Activation Codes

How To Do Night Plan On Airtel and Activation Codes

Airtel Nigeria has a night plan that offers unlimited data for a fixed price. This plan is ideal for those who want to stay connected with friends and family or for those who want to stay connected to work. The Airtel Nigeria night plan is a great way to save money on your phone bill and is a great option for those who need to stay connected.

If you’re an Airtel subscriber in Nigeria and you’re looking for how to do a night plan, this post is for you. Night plans on Airtel usually offer more data for less money, making them a great way to get the most out of your data allowance. Here’s a step-by-step guide to a night plan on Airtel in Nigeria.

How To Do Night Plan On Airtel

The USSD code to subscribe to the Airtel night plan is *412#. However, it would be best if you migrated to Airtel smart tribe tariff plan before enjoying Airtel night plan data bundles. 

Here’s how to buy Airtel night plan data

  • Open your dialer app and dial *412#
  • If you are not on the smart tribe tariff plan, click “1” to migrate to the tariff plan. The plan is free and doesn’t incur any charges.
  • After migrating to the tariff plan, dial *412# again and click on “3 – to buy night browsing.”
  • Airtel only offers a 250MB night plan. And the amount needed to buy it is ₦25. However, please note that you can only buy night browsing 4 times per night.

What Are The Benefits Of Migrating To Airtel Smart Trybe Tariff Plan?

Airtel smart trybe is mainly for users who consume a lot of data. It also provides call benefits and good deals on data and calls tariff. 

Here are some benefits of joining Smart Trybe:

  • You’ll be awarded 15MB worth of data on every recharge you make weekly.
  • You are eligible to buy Airtel night plan data bundles
  • You have the same call rates for 0n-net and off-net calls
  • You get 30% additional data when you buy data bundles above ₦500

Please note that only users on the smart trybe plan can enjoy the night plan data bundles 

How To Check Your Night Plan Balance On Airtel

Unlike other network providers, airtel does not have any way of checking for your night plan balance. There’s no method to check it on the Airtel network. However, there’s another method you can use to check your night plan data usage.

This method tracks the night plan data through the phone’s data usage. Here’s how to check your night plan balance using phone usage

  • Go to your phone’s menu and open “settings.” You can also pull down your notification bar and click on settings.
  • Click on “connections.”
  • After clicking on “connections,” you’ll see “data usage” click on it.
  • The phone will show you how much data it has consumed.

Additionally, this method might not accurately tell you how much data it has left if you do not set the following settings. Before using the data, set your limit to the amount of night plan data you purchase.

For instance, if you purchased 1GB of night plan data, you can set your data limit to 700 or 800MB. Once your data usage reaches that limit, your phone will notify you, and you’ll know how much data you have left.


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How To Do Night Plan On MTN With USSD Codes

List Of Airtel Data Plans And Activation Codes

In this section are not only different Airtel data plans but also the price, activation code, and validity period. And towards the end of the blog post is the conclusion, where you have a general summary of everything so far.

1. Daily And Weekly Data Plans

Data planPrice Activation codeValidity 
40MB₦50*312*50#1 day
100MB₦100*312*100#1 day
200MB₦200*312*200#3 days 
1GB₦300*312*354#1 day
750MB + 1GB youtube Night + 200MB Spotify streaming₦500*312*500#14 days
1GB + 1GB Youtube night + 200MB Spotify streaming ₦500*312*502#7 days 
2GB₦500*312*504#2 days
6GB₦1,500*312*1504#7 days

2. Airtel Monthly Data Plans

Data planPrice Activation codeValidity 
1.5GB + 2GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming ₦1000*312*1000#30 days 
2GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦1,200*312*1200#30 days 
3GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦1,500*312*1500#30 days
4.5GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦2,000*312*2000#30 days 
6GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming ₦2,500*312*2500#30 days
10GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦3,000*312*3000#30 days
11GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦4,000*312*4000#30 days

3. Airtel Mega Data Plans

Data planPrice Activation codeValidity 
20GB + 4GB Youtube Night + 450MB Spotify Streaming₦5,000*312*5000#30 days 
30GB₦8,000*312*8000#30 days
40GB₦10,000*312*10000#30 days
75GB₦15,000*312*15000#30 days
120GB₦20,000*312*20000#30 days
240GB₦30,000*312*30000#30 days 
280GB₦36,000*312*36000#30 days
400GB₦50,000*312*50000#90 days
500GB₦60,000*312*60000#120 days
1TB₦100,000*312*100000#365 days

4. Airtel Everyday-ON Data Plans

Data planPrice Activation codesValidity 
15GB (500MB every day for 30 days)₦3,000*312*3002#30 days 
45GB (1.5GB every day for 30 days)₦6,000*312*6002#30 days 

5. Airtel Streaming Data Plans

Data plans Price Activation codes Validity 
500MB₦100*312*106#3 days 
7GB₦2000*312*2001#30 days 
15GB₦3,000*312*3001#30 days 
30GB₦5,000*312*5001#30 days 


Night plan subscriptions on Airtel Nigeria are very cheap and affordable. The codes to subscribe to any night plan of your choice are listed in this article. Additionally, we’ve given codes to Airtel data plans for those who don’t like the 9mobile night plan subscription.

Finally, we’ve highlighted how to check your Airtel night plan balance. Following the instructions left in this article, you should be able to purchase your Airtel night plan with ease.   

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